Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Terms of Consultation – Mohana Astrology

Accuracy of birth data:
Request you to please provide data in the format prescribed in the consultation page. This removes a lot of ambiguity related to the correctness of the birth data. If I still find that I need further clarity on the time or date or place, I shall contact you through email and wait for your confirmation. The report and analysis of your horoscope is done based on the data input by you. Mohana Astrology is not responsible for any discrepancy in the astrological report because of wrong data that you may have provided.

Mode of consultation:
I do email consultancy only. The report will be emailed to you. Therefore provide a valid email ID.

Report delivery timeline:
I take help of astrology software to create the calculations and the charts, but I myself analyse the horoscopes to give a complete and holistic report. Therefore I need 12 to 15 days to get back to you with the full report when you are opting for full horoscope readings. For other reports expect 7 to 10 days to get it.
I work closely with the clients and ask some questions based on the findings from the chart for better understanding of the planetary energies. I can prepare the report based on your response to these queries. Mohana Astrology will not be responsible for any delay in providing the astrological report because of delay in response or non-response from clients’ side. Mohana Astrology is not responsible for any delay that happens due to natural calamities, act of God, internet problems or health issues of the astrologer. I shall keep you updated on any such incidents at the earliest available opportunity.

Payments are accepted through bank transfer if you reside in India. Please use PayPal for international transfers. All details are given in the ‘Consultations’ page. Please share the screenshot of the payment once you pay. Once I receive your payment I shall send you an acknowledgement email within 24 hours. If you need GST invoice, please let me know your GSTIN, I shall issue the invoice.
Please note that when you pay for a consultation, you also agree to the terms of consultation.

Please note that due to the nature of the service, fees that you pay through PayPal or by any other mode are non-refundable. Astrological guidance is provided to you after in-depth analysis of your chart based on the data provided by you. Therefore, please consider this before you purchase a consultation.
Please note that I am / Mohana Astrology is not responsible for any unauthorised payment done on your behalf by anyone and not responsible for refunds.

Accuracy of the report:
Vedic Astrology is an observational science based on thousands of years of observations of planetary energies on human beings. More accurate your birth data are, more accurate the report will be. However, the astrological report is not the final verdict in human life and Karma. There are always other influencers that can alter the results, e.g. blessings of a true spiritual guru can wipe out karma, your own free will can play a big role, the influence of the KaalPurush chart ot the natural chart sometimes overpower the individual charts.
Therefore astrological predictions give an overall idea of what to expect in future so we can prepare ourselves accordingly. However, it is never 100% accurate just like any other predictive science or art. In my own experience I have found that to overcome adversities firm faith in God and surrendering to God’s wishes are the best remedy. It is also important to acknowledge God’s gifts and blessings during our good times. May God bless us all!

Rights to refuse consultation:
I have rights to refuse a consultation where it is appropriate. Minor’s charts should to be presented by their parents or legal guardians.

Education and research:
Your birth chart may be used as an example or for education and research purpose without revealing your name.

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