Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

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  • June 2023 Horoscope Predictions

    June 2023 Horoscope Predictions

    Aries Your sign lord Mars will be debilitated in Cancer in your 4th house, but let’s first talk about what is positive for you in the month of June. Mars and Venus are looking at your profession house in June and the lord of profession and income Saturn getting retrograde in his mooltrikon sign Aquarius…

  • May 2023 Astrology: What to Expect

    May 2023 Astrology: What to Expect

    In May the focus is on Jupiter and Rahu conjunction. From 27 May to 30 May both will be in 8 degrees. The whole month needs caution and the last week need more caution. Jupiter not only represents knowledge and optimism, it also represents prosperity, finance. So Jupiter getting eclipsed by Rahu is not good…

  • Guru-Chandal Yoga in the Birth Chart

    Guru-Chandal Yoga in the Birth Chart

    Jupiter and Rahu conjunction is called Guru-Chandal Yoga in Vedic Astrology. Jupiter represents the Guru or the epitome of Satwa Guna, purity and Rahu represents the Tamasic Guna and is the outcast. If you are interested to know what happens when these two conflicting energies come together in your birth chart I have two videos…

  • Ketu Mahadasha Results

    Ketu Mahadasha Results

    In our classics Ketu is described as ‘Kabandhah’ which means the headless body. This perfectly depicts what we feel like in Ketu Mahadasha. Ketu Mahadasha is one of the most dreaded mahadashas. It lasts for 7 years. It is a very short mahadasha but it is so eventful that people go through a roller coaster…

  • April 2023 Horoscope Predictions

    April 2023 Horoscope Predictions

    April begins with the energy shift that has happened with Saturn’s move to Shatabhisha nakshatra in mid-March 2023. From mid April more major shifts will happen. Sun and Jupiter both will enter Aries. Rahu is already there and Rahu is neither a friend of Sun nor of Jupiter. Saturn’s aspect remains there on them too.…

  • Jupiter’s Transit in Aries 22 Apr 2023 : Results of Jupiter-Rahu Conjunction

    Jupiter’s Transit in Aries 22 Apr 2023 : Results of Jupiter-Rahu Conjunction

    Let is start with a situation. Put yourself in Jupiter’s position, and imagine that you are going to your friends house in a happy mood, willing to begin something new and fresh in life, but then the moment you enter the house, you see your greatest nemesis Rahu is standing there and Saturn from behind…

  • Rahu Mahadasha Results

    Rahu Mahadasha Results

    Here I am going to discuss what I found from my experience about Rahu Mahadasha, not just what is written in the books.Rahu represents radical thinking, out of the box thinking, being away from tradition, all foreign matters, diplomacy, deception, and extremely sharp intelligence, it can be positive or negative. People running Rahu mahadasha gains…

  • Saturn Transit in Shatabhisha : Opportunities and Challenges

    Saturn Transit in Shatabhisha : Opportunities and Challenges

    Saturn will move to Rahu Nakshatra Shatabhisha on 15 March 2023. Aquarius is the natural house of desire fulfilment and gains. It is co-owned by Saturn and Rahu. The way I see this transit is one karmic malefic planet Saturn moving to another karmic malefic’s nakshatra and it is no doubt a big deal, more…

  • March 2023 Horoscope and Planetary Energy

    March 2023 Horoscope and Planetary Energy

    The noteworthy events of March 2023 are Venus’ entry to Aries and meeting Rahu there. It is good for money and materialistic growth, but marriage and relationships will suffer. Mars will be finally out of Taurus on 13 March. This will bring much needed relief to Taurus people. Sun will move to Pisces and join…

  • Jupiter’s Transit in Revati Nakshatra

    Jupiter’s Transit in Revati Nakshatra

    Jupiter will enter the last Nakshatra of Pisces, i.e Revati on 24th February and will be there till 22 April 2023. Jupiter completes his cycle of the entire zodiac in Revati before he begin a new one in Revati in Aries. Revati Nakshatra, governed by the planetary deity Pushan which represents nourishment and protection. It…

  • February 2023 Horoscope

    February 2023 Horoscope

    February 2023 horoscope is out on YouTube now. Here is the link to watch it : https://youtu.be/BrYYaucgEZU

  • Saturn Transit in Aquarius 17 January 2023: Moon Sign-wise Predictions

    Saturn Transit in Aquarius 17 January 2023: Moon Sign-wise Predictions

    If you prefer to watch the video on Moon sign-wise results of Saturn’s transit in Aquarius 2023, here is the link: https://youtu.be/aWmBiSXmWJ0 Aries: Saturn will move to your 11th house on 17th January and will stay there till 29 March 2025.For Aries Moon signs this transit of Saturn is a much-awaited positive transit. The focus of…

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