Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Ardra heading for non-existance?

Ardra is the nakshatra that forms the eastern shoulder of the ‘Kaalpurush’ or Orion. It ranges from 6:40 degrees to 20 degrees of Gemini sign. As per the latest astronomical news, Saturn is losing its signature rings and Betelgeuse (Ardra nakshatra) is dimming pretty fast and is heading for a Supernova explosion that will eventually delete Ardra from the night sky.
It takes about 650 years to see from Earth what actually happened with Ardra. Therefore if we are noticing the dimmimg effect now, this must have happened 650 years ago. We do not even know if the big Supernova explosion has already happened and Ardra has already ceased to exist. We will only get to know 650 years later than the actual event. Hypothetically if we see the blast today, it actually happened 650 years ago.

Now coming to the astrology context, does this event mean we have lost or soon going to lose the impact of Ardra in our lives? Does it mean we need to rearrange the Nakshatra system to assess a horoscope? I do not have an answer. I wait for the highly experienced and learned Vedic astrologers to come up with a suitable answer. So all respected astrologers, please share your views on this.

You can check what the astronomers say about Ardra (Betelgeuse) here. It is the NBC News website.

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Photo: Daily Express UK






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