Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Only the blessed ones get to experience Saturn’s teachings

It is said that Saturn’s teachings in life either makes you or breaks you. From my personal experience I have found that only the ‘blessed ones’ experience Saturn’s teachings in their lifetime. Saturn liberates us from worldly possessions, purifies our soul for the next journey in our life. Saturn’s phase shatters all illusions about the people who we think cares about us and crushes our ego so that the reflection of the Almighty can form more clearly in us. All the sufferings, all the humiliation and all that inner turmoil that one goes through during Saturn’s phase, have only one purpose – rebirth of one’s self, and a better self this time with more compassion, more respect for the good things in life and more importantly with less self-centeredness and arrogance.

Saturn’s phase is truly an eye-opening phase of one’s life. All the might and wealth that you gained in the previous phase of Jupiter, slowly and surely make way for an extremely valuable asset, realization of one’s true worth. Take those who are contributing in the process as your greatest friends. They may seem to be working against you to pull you down, but in the larger scheme of things, they are just doing their bit to create a better you, be it not intentionally.






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