Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

March 2020 Horoscope (Part – 2/2) – For all 12 signs

Use these predictions as a general guideline for the month. Planetary placements in your individual horoscopes and your current Mahadasha, Antardasha periods will modify the results and the intensity of the results.
These predictions are based on your Vedic Moon sign.

If you want a personalised prediction contact me through email mohanaastrology@gmail.com


Your sign lord is placed in the ninth house along with Ketu and Jupiter till 21 March. You will get ample support of your luck. There may be foreign travels or a visit to a holy place for some. Presence of Venus in your ascendant with Jupiter’s aspect on it will bring a feeling of happiness in the air. You would like to improve your appearance. People will get attracted to you. This will also bring marriage proposals for unmarried people. You may feel being controlled by women. You may also meet past friends. Mars, your sign lord, will be joining Saturn in Capricorn on 22 March. This may create some delay and frustration in achieving professional goals. This is the time to discipline the action oriented raw energy of Mars and channelize it to lay foundation for the next level of your professional goal. Discipline and hard work will give good results. Try to avoid any clashes with your senior at work place. If you are Aries ascendant your authority in your workplace will increase after 21 March. Job seekers may get a good break after 21 March. For business people the month shows good inflow of money. In general there may be some communication related errors or losses particularly till 09 March. Health needs attention after 21 March. Stay away from sharp objects and evil persons. Do not take investment related decisions till 9 March.


You will see rise in luck and progress in work. Inflow of money will be there. You may go abroad for work or for entertainment. This month you need to take caution in all other aspects of your life. There may be rise in expenses due to entertainment, lifestyle matters, vehicle or health. Finances will improve in the second half. You need to be careful of women. Enemies or competitors may try to tarnish your reputation and social image. Disputes with the relatives and with the extended family members will continue this month too. You need to be extra careful about what you say, particularly to your in-laws and to women. There can be sudden health issues and you may have to visit the hospital as well. Take care of your father’s health after 21 March. There may be differences of opinions with him too. If you are single and looking for a life partner, you may start a romantic relation but it is best to wait till next month. For married people there may be trouble and disputes with your spouse. Workwise, you may need to re-evaluate your plans for a project that you have been working on. You will get appreciation and recognition in work in the second half of the month for your innovative ideas. If you are pursuing spiritual life and in the field of occult and astrology this month is one of the best months of the year. You may meet your spiritual Guru or a mentor this month. Job seekers may not get favourable response this month; however, the situation will change next month onward. Do not take any rash decision regarding anything this month, you may regret it later. You will see a positive turn around in the last few days of the month and this will go on for next few months.


Your sign lord Mercury is retrograde in 9th house till 9 March and thereafter it turns direct. There may be communication errors and rescheduling of travel arrangements. This month you may feel that the luck is not shinning on you. Overall planetary transitions for you show that there may be rise in unnecessary expenses, reduction in income and financial loss. There may be difference in opinion with your parents; understanding with your spouse may also deteriorate. This will improve after 11 March. There will be mental stress. You need to stay away from any kind of illegal or immoral activities. Work atmosphere may remain disturbed till 14 March, thereafter you will see improvement. You may get recognised at your workplace. You will gain respect from your social and professional circle. After 21 March there may be sudden health issues related to stress, digestive system, chest, eyes and blood. Chances of hospitalisation or surgery could be there for some of you. There will be emotional turmoil too. Take care while driving or handling any sharp objects after 21 March. There may be new partnership opportunities for business people. At the same time you need to be careful about betrayal in business partnership. Venus is in good position for you. Singles may get opportunities to get romantically involved with someone. There may be marriage prospects for unmarried persons. There will be good earnings as well. A travel with the family or a visit to the father or Guru can be beneficial. There may be a long distance travel by the end of the month.


Cancerians will see a rise in luck after 14 March. You need to focus your energy on your professional life this month to get the best of the planetary positions. You will get professionally benefited by your friends and professional circle, particularly by a woman. If you are in the profession or business of design, fashion, or anything related to females, you will benefit this month. This is a good month for people in employment. You may get help of luck and financial gain too. However, be careful about being framed in work area till 21 March. After 21 March, the business people need to be careful about a new partnership, or a new project. Both of these may create troubles going forward. You public image may also suffer. Monetary issues will continue in March too. If you are single and looking for a spouse, this month is not very promising. If you are married, you need to prepare yourself to accept the fact that due to presence of Saturn in your 7th house the dullness and distance in marriage will be there for quite some time now. You need to take extra care after 21 March. There may be temper flare-up on both sides. Take care not to get involved in any extra-marital affairs. Do not take any risk in business or invest money to expand business. If you are looking for external investment or loan you may get it before 21 March. There can be sudden large amount of expenditure on account of elders’ health and due to some pious reasons. You may have difference in opinion with the elders of the family in the first half of the month. Travel may cause trouble and inconvenience.


Your sign lord Sun is in the 7th house till 14 March 2020 and thereafter in your 8th house for rest of the month. The problems in your work place will aggravate after 14 March. There may be sudden financial loss and legal issues. This is not a great month health wise; there may be stomach related problems, hypertension, and piles. Be careful of accidents till 21 March. There may be ego clash and discord with the spouse and till 14 March. There may be mental stress, fear and temper flare-up till 21 March. Your children may also experience trouble. After 21 March the situation improves a lot. There will be chances of profits in business and promotion in employment. You will prevail over enemies and opposition. However, with presence of both Mars and Saturn in your 6th house, there will be struggle in work place and you may feel frustrated. Due to Mercury’s placement some past negotiations related to business and partnership may come back to take forefront. You will take wise decisions related to investments, money and career in the later part of the month. Be careful about signing any business related papers this month. It is best not to initiate any new project or partnership this month. This is also not the best time to travel. If you are travelling, take care of your belongings and be doubly sure about the time schedule. Take care of your social status and public image. Your spiritual inclination also increases.


Your sign lord Mercury is retrograde in your 6th house till 9 March. Thereafter it will get direct in the same house. There will be progress in work area after 9 March. You will win over competition and enemies. The misunderstandings and the miscommunications that you have been facing in the work area will also clear up. Just take care to read any documents carefully before signing and be transparent with your communications with your co-workers. Due to Mars’ effects you will have to be careful about health and work related issues till 21 March. There can be aggression and differences with the authorities. Home atmosphere can remain disturbed. There may be property related troubles. Take care of your mother’s health. After 21 March you may feel stressed. There can be build-up of frustrations related to children, love and education. There can be sudden issues related to children, in-laws, friends and siblings. Expenditure may rise as well. You may want to take some initiatives but will feel restricted by circumstances. However, transit of Venus in your 8th house looks positive. There will be financial gains. You may decide to buy your own property or house. If you are a single male and are looking for a romantic partner, you may come in contact with a beautiful and graceful woman.


Your sign lord Venus is posited in your 7th house till 27 March. You will be socialising, making new friends and evaluating new business prospects. You may face some problems in travel. There can be distress to your spouse or your relation with him / her may not be cordial. If you are in business there may be some hurdles. Be careful about business partners or co-workers, particularly females, who may be doing something behind your back. Your efforts may get recognised by the authority this month. Work-wise the time is better after 14 March. Financially not a great month; rise in expenditure is foreseen as well. Health wise, you may suffer from issues related to the heart, stomach and reproductive parts. There may be chances of an accident too. Your professional network and friends may create some trouble in your path of success, but you will win over them after 14 March. You may meet some friends from the past or your past love interest. There may be some clashes with your children till 14 March. You may go on a pilgrimage this month. You will feel spiritual and philosophical.


Your sign lord Mars is posited in the 2nd house with Jupiter and Ketu till 21 March. Your focus is earning money and savings. You may also feel rise in temper. You must take care of what you say and how you say, particularly to your father. This is a great month for employed people since your work will be going ahead effortlessly. If you have been contemplating initiating something for some time, you will get the impetus and courage to do that after 21 March. Your financial situation will get better then too. However, the relation with your friends and siblings may not be great. You may face some enmity from your friends. There will be unexpected expenditure on account of competition, enemy and health. There is a chance of theft or losing valuables this month. There will be lack of peaceful sleep at night. With retrograde Mercury in your 4th house, it is not a good time for buying vehicles and deal in property matters. Mother’s health may suffer. You need to take extra care of your children this month. There may be health issues to them. You need to take care while travelling after 21 March. There may be some disturbances there.


Your sign is crowded with Ketu, Jupiter and Mars till 21 March. It is a lot of fiery energy to handle. Your sign lord Jupiter is placed in your sign till end of this month. Lack of mental peace and hurdles in life persists this month too. You are high on confidence but Ketu and Mars conjunction in your sign creates anger and health problems for you till 21 March. It is best to steer clear of any arguments. This is an excellent period for spiritually inclined people. Health may not be great in March. Relationship with the spouse will remain strained. Time till 14 March looks better than the second half of the month in the career front. Work pressure and stress both may increase. Take care to be transparent in communication at work place. There may be family discord, particularly with the mother. If you are in a family business, there may be some problems and tension there after 21 March. Financially this may not be a rewarding month. There may be inconveniences in travel.


Capricorn moon signs are going through peak of Sadesati. You may feel a bit low emotionally and there may be health issues. You will feel a lack of interest in taking initiatives. After 21 March you may want to act upon your plans, but may face some hurdles and slow rate of achievements. Do not lose heart; this is a great time to be organised and disciplined. There is a cluster of fiery planets in your 12th house till 21 March. The trend of lack of peace and sleep will continue this month too. Once Mars moves to your sign your interest in religious matters and spirituality will increase. However, Mars and Saturn in your sign is a difficult energy. Try to keep your anger under check particularly after 21 March. Be careful about accidents. The relation with the spouse may remain strained. Financial situation remains unstable in the first half of the month, thereafter it will improve. There would be a lot of expenditure on account of travel, home improvement, religious rites and due to the siblings. There will be happiness and joy in home atmosphere till 21 March. You would like to spend more time at home and may want to redecorate your home. Take care of your mother’s health after 21 March. There may be a chance of a job or career that requires you to work from home. There will be gain from spouse or in-laws. A love relation may blossom in March.


Your sign lord is posited in the 12th house. This is the onset of Sadesati for you. You may have started to face a slowdown in fortunes and finance. However, March 2020 is the month for you to party and enjoy with friends and siblings. Your local and short distance travel will be comfortable. With retrograde Mercury in your sign, you need to pay attention to what you say and what others are saying. Your 11th house is heavy with presence of Jupiter, Mars and Ketu. There will be opportunities for earning from friends and professional circle. If you are working in a large corporate or in foreign countries, you will gain from new projects. When Mars joins Saturn in the 12th house after 21 March, There may be sudden monetary loss. You may feel more agitated. There may be some discord with your spouse, try not to let it go out of hands. Your spiritual life may face some hindrances this month. Children’s health will improve after 21 March. Venus transit on the other hand promises growth in business and loss of enemies. There will be rise in luck and prosperity. You may also get good news. You may get favours from the government too. There may be health issues to your siblings after 21 March. Your authority increases and so does comforts in life. Your social status will increase this month.


Your sign lord Jupiter is in the 10th house with Mars and Ketu till 21 March. This is an excellent month for you related to work and earnings. There will be gains from profession and professional network. There can be some favours from the Government or you may get a Government job. Your luck, prosperity and financial situation will further improve after 21 March. Friends will be supportive. Your business will do well too. Your social status will increase. There may be financial instability and sudden losses due to younger siblings and in-laws. There may be gain from inheritance and insurance. This month may also give you some dissatisfaction and negative thinking. There may be some conflicts in the family and with the spouse. You may visit religious places. You will gain spiritually and benefits from father / Guru / mentors are foreseen. Your children may face health issues. Your own health also needs care and attention. Stay cautious of your enemies after 14 March. Stay away from any sharp objects. You may relocate to another city or country.





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