Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Exalted Sun and Exalted Mars – Intense energy

Today Sun has entered Aries and it will remain in Aries till 13 May 2020.
14 April is celebrated as New Year in many parts of India. For Bengalis it is the first day of Bengali New Year.

What is so special about today? Sun gets exalted in Aries. This year Mars, the lord of Aries sign is also currently exalted in Capricorn. Therefore the entire second half of April will have Sun, the King and Mars, the Commander of the zodiac both having their strongest powers. What is the effect of this intense energy? What changes will it bring in for us?

Let us first understand what Sun is in Jyotish. Sun is the significator of our soul, immunity, self-esteem, ego, respect, name, fame and authority and father. When Sun gets exalted it means the authority figures, the Government will gain strength. There will be a feeling of hope and inner strength in people. Sun in Agnitatwa sign of Aries has the ability to destroy diseases and purify the soul. In natural zodiac Sun owns the sign Leo and owns the 5th house of intelligence, education, Innovation, creativity, execution of plans, romance, children and feeling good. When Sun is exalted all these areas in life get prominence. People will find creative and innovative ways to express themselves while staying at home during the lock down period.

There may be a chance of some innovation in the field of medicine which may bring hope and optimism in this grim situation. Considering the fact that Mars is also exalted now and Venus is in its own sign of Taurus, an innovation in medical field is very much possible. Innovative ways of education, schooling, romancing will also come out during this time of isolation.

Exalted Mars along with exalted Sun will definitely improve the vitality and inner strength to fight any disease. This combined energy will also impose rules and regulations on people and will try to get things done with authority and careful and systematic execution of plans, thanks to presence of Saturn in Capricorn.

The presence of powerful Saturn in the same sign with Mars will bring in a lot of discipline and restrictions for people imposed by the authorities. Mars and Saturn combination is not great in any form. However, in Capricorn, it creates a lot of hard work, imposes discipline, brings in practicality, ability to endure the harshest condition and eventually succeed. This is exactly what we are witnessing now all over. Mars breaks away from Saturn on 4th of May, no wonder, the lock down is being released from 4th May itself.

So let is keep our hopes and our spirits high, let us pray every day to bring inner discipline, be cautious and responsible and leave the rest to the Almighty. May God bless us all!

View the You Tube video on Exalted Sun and Mars:



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