Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Life-changing Retrograde Transits of May 2020

Analysis of Planetary Energy of May 2020 and Predictions for 12 Signs

May 2020 is marked by a number of very significant transits of planets.
Retrogression movement of three major planets, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn within a span of four days in the second week of May is one unique and quite rare transit. This is the most important planetary event in the month of May.

Planetary Transits of May 2020

Although Rahu is not changing sign, its move from stormy Ardra to gentle Mrigashira is a big shift towards much easier energy to handle. As per mean node calculations it is moving on 21 May 2020. As per true node calculations Rahu Has already moved to Mrigashira on 22 April 2020.
Thirdly very important transit is Mercury’s move to its own sign of Gemini on 25 May. Degree-wise Mercury will permanently break the Kaal-Sarpa yoga that has been in place since end of March 2020 on 29 May (mean node calculation). As per true node calculations, Kaal-Sarpa is breaking on 28 May 2020.

Mars leaves its exaltation sign Capricorn on 4 May itself.

Sun leaves its exaltation sign on 14 May and goes to Taurus.

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Let is now see the impact of planetary energies on us in the month of May.

The triple planet retrogression will leave its impact on a large scale and on everyone. This event as per the Kaal Purush chart will supersede anything that is promised in your individual birth chart. The intensity of the results will differ from person to person depending on the strength of these three heavy weights in the chart, but there is no escaping from the combined energy that they will exude.

Retrograde planets are extremely powerful but they often create a distorted perception of their true significations. Saturn, Jupiter and Venus, the three planets that signify masses, sufferings, hard work, discipline, wisdom, higher belief, higher learning, tradition, partnership and relations are going retrograde at the same time denotes the starting of a very intense period where there will be uncertainty, instability, lack of peace and distorted view of what these planets mean in our lives.

People who were obeying all instructions may begin to think differently. The overall thought process of the masses will suddenly turn adverse. There will be build- up of frustrations in people. It is said in the classic texts that when three planets go retrograde at the same time, it poses threat to world peace and here we are talking about three heavy weight planets like Saturn, Jupiter and Venus. A retrograde Saturn may create a more congenial atmosphere for the diseases and struggle. Sun’s movement to Taurus in the middle of the month also supports increase in the intensity and spread of the disease. Wide spread sufferings may prompt many to question religious ideas and beliefs. With both Gurus (Jupiter and Venus) retrograde at the same time, general wisdom and prudence will take a beating. People will not take the right kind of advice. There will be rise in advisors or mentors with pseudo-knowledge and pseudo-wisdom. One needs to be careful in existing partnerships and relationships, both personal and professional, since they will go through a re-assessment. Financially this is not the best time for spending on comfort and luxury. If you are still not careful with spending, you may see some serious adversity by July 2020. With Jupiter gaining strength during retrogression there will be efforts in reviving the economy and in wealth generation.

Mars breaking away from Saturn is a positive sign this month. This removes the overall ‘Sangharsh Yoga’ and will definitely reduce struggles in people’s lives. However, Mars’s aspect falls on Mercury till 25 May causing some aggression in communication. People will want a solution immediately and therefore will act impulsively. After 25 May Mercury moves to its own sign of Gemini and joins Rahu. This Mercury becomes highly communicative and transformative. Sun’s movement in the sign of Taurus by mid-May will weaken the immunity. There may be a steep increase in infectious diseases after mid-May. Sun will also be aspected by Mars till 4 May and again from 14 May till the end of the month. Therefore with this transit challenges in life will increase and the authorities will actively make sure that the implementation of rules and regulations are met to the T, whether the public likes it or not.

Rahu’s transit to Mrigashira will bring some relief to the intense energy that it created so far. This will particularly be relieving for people with a depressive mind who were feeling confined due to the situations beyond their control. Permanent break in the Kaal-Sarpa yoga by Mercury on 29 May (mean node calculation) will relieve the world from the feeling of being trapped, mental anguish and unrest.

May is the beginning of the period when you should utilise the energy of the ‘3 planet retrogression’ with ‘3 R’sReflect, Re-evaluate, Re-organise your ideas, work, decisions and relations.

Some important dates:

Do not plan or initiate anything new between 9 May and 16 May 2020. This is the time when the effects of the retrograde energy are at their peak. Therefore avoid taking any new decision related to career, finance and relationships.

However, if there is any work that has been left pending or unsolved for a long time, this is a good time to re-start those.

Suggested remedies:

In this troubled times I would encourage all to chant Mahamrityunjay mantra and Hanuman Chalisha to negate the ill effects of Rahu and Saturn and to develop positivity and calmness within ourselves.

Visit or reach out to your spiritual Guru and seek blessings.

Stick to the rules and regulations and righteous path. Do not do anything that is harmful to other people, to animals and to the environment. Retrograde Saturn will not wait to see how far you can go; it will yield immediate karmic retribution.

May 2020 Prediction for all signs

These predictions are based on your Vedic Moon sign. Use these predictions as a general guideline for the month.

One thing to note here and I have mentioned this earlier while explaining the overall planetary energy of May 2020, is that the combined effect of the retrogression of Saturn, Jupiter and Venus will impact all Rashis. No matter what is promised in your individual chart, there is no escaping from this energy. However, it does not mean that your individual chart gets nullified now. It is just that this is a period when Kaal Purush chart has more say than the individual charts. However, the intensity will differ as per your natal planetary placements, your Karmic footprint and your Dasha, Antardasha.


Your sign lord Mars is moving out of its exaltation sign on 4 May and moving to Aquarius. This is a good transit indeed after a prolonged period of frustrations, home related issues and obstacles. However, with Saturn’s retrogression there will be a lot of pressure and obstacles in the work area; You will find yourself intellectually very sound and enriching others’ lives with your humanitarian instincts. Your leadership abilities and status in the society will increase. Children will bring happiness. Health wise there may be troubles with eyes, stress, high blood pressure, heart and chest issues. You need to keep a check on your aggressive behaviour, temper and words you speak. Although your sign lord’s placement promises a boost in income, Saturn and Venus retrogression will have overall adverse effect. Earlier investments may not give good returns. High expenditure may also cause a dent to your financial stability. Workwise, there will be obstacles in career growth. However, Jupiter retrogression is looking better for you. You may re-visit and complete a work that you had to leave mid-way. With Venus retrograde, your relations will go through a re-assessment. Stay away from any conflicts or arguments with your spouse and other family members.


Your sign lord is strongly placed in your own sign and will be going retrograde on 13 May. From 5 May Venus will be aspected by Mars causing some health issues and discord in relationships. After mid-May your sign will be crowded with presence of retrograde Venus, Sun and Mercury and all will be aspected by Mars and Jupiter. In general this month will see rise in sharpness and dynamism in your personality. There will be a flurry of activity for you this month. However, it is best not to make any change in the way life is going on for you. It is also not the best time for changing jobs or bringing up old issues related to your relationships and partnerships. Try to settle those after June. Financially this month will see rise in expenditure, particularly after mid-month. Any investment done earlier may not yield promised result. With Saturn going retrograde, you will feel rise in profession and luck. Be diligent and do not leave work for later. There may be some sudden change in the financial and family situation. Take care of your father’s health. Take care not to say anything hurtful and do not make promises that you cannot keep. Health-wise there is a possibility of relapse of some ailment that you had in the past. There may be troubles related to eyes, blood pressure, headache, stress and anxiety. Reach out to your Guru and seek blessings.


Your sign lord Mercury will come out of Aries on 9 May and enter Taurus, your 12th house. From 10 may Mercury comes out of combustion and gains strength. Sun will join Mercury on 14 May in Taurus. Mercury will again move from Taurus to your own sign on 25 May and will be conjunct Rahu there. There may be increase in anxiety and stress. Try not to lose your cool and do not use abusive languages, both of these may land you in trouble. There may be obstruction in education. Mars will come out of your 8th house on 4 May and move to your house of luck. You may find stability, infusion of luck and gain in your work area. However, due to Mars’ aspect on the 12th house your hidden enemies may become active. Venus’ retrogression will create differences with your spouse. There may be an old flame popping up in your life. You may also have difficulty in getting restful sleep. Retrograde Jupiter and Saturn in your 8th house does not look good. This will hinder growth in several areas of life. Some past issues related to business may come up. Health-wise you need to be extra careful, particularly about your eye, fever, stomach issues.


After a long time Cancer people will see a good month in May 2020. You will see positive changes in your professional life, personal relations and in money matters. Sun transiting on your 10th house and 11th house will give good results for the entire month. You will get gain, money, social status and respect this month. Retrograde Venus in your house of gain will yield good fortune for you. Retrograde Saturn and Jupiter will also work in your favour. Your finances will definitely be in better shape in May. Mercury will also provide support between 9 May and 25 May. There will be income from multiple sources. Your relation with your spouse will turn better, but caution is needed not to sour it by harsh use of words. The only hic-up is Mars’ transit in 8th house. This may cause some health issues for you. There may be possibilities of cuts and wounds or surgeries. Mental stress will also be there. However, this month your beneficial planetary positions outweigh the negative one. Therefore, I do not see any reason to worry. You need to make use of this period fully till end of June and try to gain as much stability in life as possible. Pray to Lord Hanuman and listen to Hanuman Chalisa to ward off the negative effects of Mars and gain mental peace.


Your sign lord Sun is transiting your 9th house in the first half of the month and then transiting your 10th house in the sign of Taurus. Mars will have its aspect on Sun till 4 May and then again from 14 May onwards till the end of the month. The first half of the month is not that great for you. The prospects in the second half is much better related to work, finances, social reputation and health, but Sun being in the enemy sign of Taurus, these good promises may not manifest fully. However, with Mars and Mercury’s help you may see better results. Till 9 May Mercury will be combust. Thereafter it will give good results. There will be increase in fortunes, growth in career. Your enemies will retreat. Since Mars will be transiting your 7th house, it will create health trouble for your spouse. Your relation with your spouse may also get stressed. You need to take care of your own health too. Retrograde Jupiter in 6th house and retrograde Venus in 10th house both will create delay and frustration in work and will also affect family cordiality. You need to avoid conflicts in both the areas. Saturn’s placement and retrogression is actually good for your long term goals. The month of May will test your patience and your ability to remain calm by throwing obstacles and adversities in your life. Reach out to your Guru for blessings and listen to Hanuman Chalisa to gain peace.


Your sign lord Mercury will come out of Aries on 9 May and enter Taurus, your 9th house. From 10 may Mercury comes out of combustion and gains strength. Sun will join Mercury on 14 May in Taurus. Mercury will again move from Taurus to Gemini, your 10th house on 25 May and will be conjunct Rahu there. Mars’ movement to your sixth house, retrogression of Saturn, Jupiter and Venus all work beneficially for you. There will be rise in fortune. You will win over competition, litigation and opposition. There will be sudden rise in luck and opportunity in your work place. Your status in the society will increase. In the home front there may be some discord with the spouse or the health of the spouse may be of concern. You may like to resume a creative course that you left unfinished. Health wise issues related to high blood pressure, chest, throat, and spine may bother you. There may be some false allegations against you, particularly in the second half of the month. Financially the second half looks much better than the first half of May. Overall May is a month which promises fortune and growth in your profession and in your luck factor. Enjoy this month!


Your sign lord Venus is strongly placed in Taurus in your 8th house and will be going retrograde on 13 May. From 5 May Venus will be aspected by Mars. After mid-May your 8th house will be crowded with presence of retrograde Venus, Sun and Mercury and all will be aspected by Mars. Venus retrogression brings good results for you. If you are thinking of bringing about some positive change in your appearance and personality, the time supports you, but try not to go too overboard. There may be a permanent resolution to a property related matter that was bothering you for long. The family atmosphere will need attention. Suddenly an old issue with the spouse’s family may resurface. Your own home atmosphere and mother’s health may get a bit of relief due to Mars’ exit from your 4th house, but you need to remain cautious because of Saturn’s retrogression there. It may cause some bitterness and distance in at home. You may find restricted as far as your creativity is concerned. Your career will also take a positive turn due to Jupiter. Financial situation will also improve.


Your sign lord Mars is moving out of its exaltation sign on 4 May and moving to Aquarius, your 4th house. It is going to stay in Aquarius the whole month. Mars in 4th house will create tension and conflict at home. You also need to take care of your mother’s health. Retrograde Saturn in your 3rd house will create obstacles for new initiatives and new professional engagements. Do not start any new project after 9 May. Thing will get slowly better in June. Retrograde Jupiter and Venus will create some setbacks in finance; your relation with the spouse will also need some serious TLC. Mercury in your 7th house and Sun’s position after mid-May are also not helping the situation. You will achieve success with sheer hard work, do not depend on luck. Understanding with your friends will take a beating too. On the whole you need to tread this month with caution.


Your sign lord Jupiter is going retrograde in its sign of debilitation. Jupiter is gaining some strength from the mid of the month. Saturn going retrograde in your 2nd house may bring back some of the stress that you faced during the peak phase of your Sadesati. It is best to avoid any finance related decision in this month. You will come across some good opportunities even in this dire situation. This month and next month will give you chance to create stability in life. Mars in your 3rd house will help to improve your health and wealth situation. You will get clarity on what path in life you should take. Relationship with your spouse and business partners needs care. This is a good month to re-start a creative pursuit. You will see improvement in any health issues after mid-May. You will also win over your competitors and enemies. Take care of your relation with your spouse.


Your sign lord Saturn is going retrograde in your sign from mid-May. You are anyway going through peak of Sadesati. Both Jupiter and Saturn going retrograde in your sign will create not so good results for you. However, money-wise Saturn will be beneficial in the second half of the month. Workload remains very high and domestic turbulence is also present. In the second half you may feel like changing your job or the field of work altogether. However, have patience. There will be problems with your spouse and children. Take care of health issues related to heart and digestive system. Your temper will calm down a little once Mars goes out of your sign on 4 May. However, you need to take extra care about what you say in this month. Your words may hurt others’ feelings. Take care of your children’s health. Relationship with your in-laws may need care too. Your best planet Venus is going retrograde by mid-May. This retrogression along with conjunction of Mercury is actually good for your studies, creativity, romance, work, profession and social status.


Your sign lord Saturn is going retrograde in your 12th house along with Jupiter by mid- May. These two heavy weights going retrograde will be the cause of anxiety, tension and some sort of fear in you. You are in the first phase of Sadesati and this month the impact will be slightly more intense. You may feel obstructions in your career and finances. Mars is coming out of your 12th house on 4 may and coming to your sign. This will increase anger in you. There may be discord in the home atmosphere. You need to take care of your spouse’s health. There may be some conflict with the spouse too. Your own health also needs attention. There may be sudden health problems related to nerves and skin. Your best planet Venus is also going retrograde. Venus and Mercury together in your 4th house will help in career prospects and growth. There will be increase in luck too. You will be spiritually inclined as well.


Your sign lord Jupiter is going retrograde in the 11th house along with Saturn. 11th house is the house of gain, profit. You may experience very good amount of gain through your profession, from speculation (i.e. if your chart supports it). However, carefully weigh your plans related to finance and investment during the retrogression period. If you take any decision now, these may have to be reversed later. Sun’s transit in the second half will also help in professional progress. Your health will also improve. You may gain some weight too. However be careful about body ache, stomach, eyes and feet related issues. Mars in your 12th house will increase anger issues. You will feel agitated, particularly in the first half of the month. Keep a watch on your words. You may also have difficulty in sleeping. Venus retrograde in your 3rd house is showing good fortune for you. Mercury will give good results till 9 May and again from 25 May. It is good for wealth, winning over competition, happiness at home and benefit from mother. In between it may create issues in relationships, both personal and professional. With Venus being retrograde, take care to avoid conflicts with your spouse or partner. Over all this looks like a fruitful month for Pisces.



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