Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Saturn in the 2nd house of the birth chart

When we talk about Saturn, the first couple of things that comes to our mind are delay and restrictions. Saturn represents discipline, hard work, justice, duty, responsibility, practicality, less emotion and detachment; basically everything that we are not comfortable with in our lives. Comfort and Saturn do not go hand in hand.

Second house represents your accumulated wealth, food that you like, your face and the way you speak. It also shows the family environment in which you had grown up and your relatives.

Let us first understand which houses or bhavas of the Kaal purush chart or the Natural Zodiac, Saturn rules. That will help to understand the impact of Saturn in the 2nd house.
Saturn rules the 10th house of karma, your social status, and 11th house of social circle, gain and your desires. As you can see Saturn by its lordship in the natural zodiac indicates that you need to be absolutely disciplined and hard working in your Karma which also includes your profession; and you need to have control over your desires to live a balanced and meaningful life.

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Video link : SATURN IN 2ND HOUSE of the birth chart – Vedic Astrology

Now coming back to the 2nd house and let us see how Saturn’s energy works in this house. If you have Saturn in the 2nd house, as a child you must have grown up in a very conservative family. You probably did not get the chance to be a child, you had lots of restrictions around you. As a result you may have a detached feeling towards your family.

As a child you have had a serious, mature look. You will have a very reserved nature, you do not like to speak much, but when you do, it is always to the point, down to earth and with proper reasoning. There is no place for fluff in your speech. Sometimes it may come out in a bit harsh manner which becomes slightly difficult for other people to digest.
You may not be very fond of eating. You do not live to eat, rather eat to live. You like to have a fuss free, minimalistic approach towards food. Fine dining and extravagant lifestyle are not your forte at all.

Saturn in second house delays accumulation of wealth, but it does not deny it. You will have to work really hard and for longer to have some savings. Your family may have faced financial issues in some point in time during your growing up years and this has made you understand the true value of money. For you having financial security and savings are the two most important things in life. This trait of yours makes you a workaholic too. You work hard to make money but you do not like to spend money, particularly on yourself and on luxury items. One note of caution here is you may have the tendency to save money for the rainy day so much that you forget to enjoy life today. The good news is once you have crossed your mid-thirties, you become financially much better off, particularly is benefics like Jupiter or Venus is influencing this 2nd house Saturn. You can then become extremely wealthy. 2nd house Saturn indicates fluctuating income. That means, at one point in time you may earn a lot followed by a lull period and again a good period of earning.

Saturn in the 2nd house can give you a career related to building construction, architecture, Vastu and astrology.

A person with Saturn in 2nd house has a spiritual approach towards life. This placement has one peculiarity related to money and worldly possessions; you may be spending your life trying to accumulate money because that’s your karma, but at the same time you do not have any attachment to your worldly possessions.

When Saturn is placed in the 2nd house, it aspects the 4th house, the 8th house and the 11th house of the chart.

Its aspect on the 4th house indicates that you may have had a very strict mother or your bonding with your mother is not very close. It can also indicate that your mother might have suffered a lot in her life. You also have to put in a lot of effort in maintain happiness and harmony at your home.

Saturn from second house looks at the 8th house. You may have a long life. You may have multiple upheavals or ups and downs in your life. With each upheaval you will rediscover yourself and find the true purpose of your life. You also have interest to know the occult, astrology, and the unknown secrets.

Saturn also aspects your 11th house. It shows that you will have a small social circle. Other people may not be able to connect with you at an emotional level. It also shows that you need to let go of your desires and materialistic gain to have a happy life.

The result of Saturn in the 2nd house will vary with which sign or Rashi is falling in the 2nd house; i.e. which planet rules the second house in your birth chart and where it is placed; whether it is a friendly sign or enemy sign or neutral sign for Saturn.






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