Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Saturn in the 6th house of the birth chart

As we know Saturn represents discipline, delay, hard work, justice, duty, responsibility, practicality, and detachment.
6th house represents our daily routine work, diseases, competition, enmity with others, dispute, litigation and pets. 6th house is also the house of celibacy and our six primal sins both.

If you prefer to watch the video on this topic on my YouTube channel, here is the video link: SATURN IN 6TH HOUSE of the birth chart – Vedic Astrology

Saturn’s nature is to restrict and delay. When Saturn sits here, it actually reduces your competition, diseases, and disputes. It is even better, if a powerful Saturn sits in the 6th house ‘alone’ and not aspected by any other malefic planets. A powerful Saturn means when your 6th house sign is Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius. It also works well if the signs are Saturn’s friendly sign like Taurus, Gemini and Virgo. In general, 6th house Saturn ensures success and wins even if there is some struggle in the beginning. This is because 6th house is one of the Upachhya houses which means with time and age the malefic planets placed here give better results. Instead of avoiding the issues, more you deal with them, better it gets over time.

Does this mean that a malefic like Saturn suddenly turns benevolent by virtue of sitting in the 6th house? Not at all, however, the qualities of 6th house and Saturn gel really well, therefore, you are by nature very well prepared to handle this energy and convert it to your karmic advantage without complaining about the hardships, and that is exactly what Saturn expects us to do. Saturn in the 6th house can also mean that a court case or a dispute once started may go on for a really long time before it gets resolved. A disease may also require longer healing.

If you have Saturn in the 6th house you are extremely hard working and disciplined in life. Organised is your middle name. You are a very diligent and ethical employee. If you are trying to clear competitive examinations, you have clear edge over others to make it happen. If you are a politician, this Saturn can make you win elections. Well, for politicians position of Rahu needs to be checked as well.
Saturn in the 6th house shows some karmic relation with pets or small animals. It is normally found that pets come in your life to serve you in some form, may be to protect you from danger or to increase your happiness. It is very important that you take good care of animals whether they are your pets or not because it will strengthen your Saturn and give better results.

Sixth house is the house of celibacy; it is also the breeding ground of our SadRipu or 6 primal sins. Saturn is a brahmachari. When Saturn sits in the house of celibacy, you will have good control over your primal sins. This is very useful for people who want to progress in the spiritual path.

Saturn in the 6th house looks at all other difficult houses of your birth chart like 8th house of death and sudden difficulties, 12th house of expenses and hidden enemies and 3rd house of siblings, courage and new initiatives.

When Saturn looks at the 8th house, it supresses sudden difficulties. You will experience less of unexpected events in your life. It can reduce the chance of accidents. On the flip side it also reduces the chance of getting a sudden inheritance or a lottery. You have a lot of interest in the hidden secrets of life, occult, astrology. You can be a good detective or can work in secret services. It is very difficult to hide anything from you. You can be a good lawyer or surgeon if other aspects of the chart support that.

From 6th, Saturn aspects your 12th house. It curbs your expenditure. You are a thrifty person. Your secret enemies cannot work against you, they get revealed easily. On the flip side, you may face difficulties in immigration or if you are going to a foreign country for work or for travel, there may be trouble waiting for you.

Next Saturn aspects your third house. Here Saturn may create delay in getting a sibling and you will have some karmic duties towards your siblings. It can cause life-long sibling rivalry too. It can also cause delay and obstruction in acquiring a new skill or initiating a new venture. You may have some kind of trouble with your communications too. It can be harsh or there may be stuttering or you may mean something whereas others understand it differently. You can be a journalist or a marketing and media person. Being a journalist who can unearth the truth is a big possibility.

Overall with this position, Saturn is a blessing for you. Even if you face troubles initially, with your hard work and with time you will overcome all adversities.






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