Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are Stationary in September 2020 – Intense karmic Energy

September is a month when 3 planets, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are changing direction and before changing their direction, they seem to stop for a few days. This is called stationary or Sthambhit or Vikala phase which means having no movement in reference to the earth.

This phase can last for a few hours, like for Mercury, or can go on for days like for Jupiter or Saturn.
There are two kinds of stationing of planets, one is when the planet is stationing to internalise the energy before retrogression and the other one is before going direct from retrogression. Here the planet is getting ready to manifest its internalised potential that it has gained during retrogression.

I had written a post about stationary planets in the face book page of Mohana Astrology a couple of months ago, you can read that as well. If you prefer to listen to the video on my YouTube channel, here is the Video Link: Stationary Planets In the Birth Chart and In Transit

I always check the speed of the planets in the birth chart to check if any of my clients got a stationary planet in it. Why is this so important? Let’s discuss this.

Sometimes it is seen that the chart has a lot of potential, its planetary placements promise good outcome, but in reality none of those could manifest in the native’s life. This particularly happens with Jupiter and Saturn. In those cases I have found that the planet is in stationary or very close to stationary state.
Stationary state is a very powerful state of a planet. It is like the planet is focusing all his energy in the particular house where he is stationing. Therefore the significations related to that house and the stationary planet’s own significations become very pronounced or heavy in the native’s life. The stationary planet’s energy, particularly if it is Jupiter or Saturn, becomes the predominant factor in one’s life and it controls every sphere of the life. Normally a stationary planet denotes stagnancy or deep frustration in those significations, as if they have come to a halt and you are struggling to make it work in this life.

Let’s take an example to understand this. Say for example you are born with the stationary Saturn placed in your 2nd house in the sign of Taurus. I am taking the natural kundali where the ascendant is Aries. Stationary Saturn here will make sure, like a very strict exam hall invigilator, that you complete your karmic give and take in this life. The traits and activities related to the 2nd house and the houses that he aspects will be put under severe testing. Therefore the share of success and fulfilment related to family, savings, comfort, mental peace, home, inheritance, married life, social and professional network everything goes through severe testing throughout one’s life. These areas require serious introspection and one cannot escape from the impact of it. It is said that when a soul prays really hard to the Almightly for release from the burden of karma, in one of the births he gets stationary Saturn to settle all karma in that lifetime so he can then move towards salvation. If Saturn is Yogakaraka for you, i.e. if you have Taurus or Libra ascendant, Saturn adds more perseverance and stability in one’s life.

Similarly a stationary Jupiter hinders the materialistic progress, creates frustrations related to the houses that are in trine to this stationary Jupiter. However, Jupiter is the most benevolent planet, therefore, ever when he is strict, he evolves the person towards spirituality, divine knowledge, and humanitarian aspects.

When Mars is stationary in a birth chart, again the house where he is sitting and the houses he is aspecting come under scrutiny. There will be a simmering, bottled up aggression in the person’s character. It becomes difficult to channelize this energy in a safe and sound way unless they are in a profession or activity where aggression is required.

Jupiter Stationary (D) – 10 September 2020 – 17 September 2020
Mars Stationary (R) – 09 September 2020 – 10 September 2020
Saturn Stationary (D) – 23 September 2020 – 04 Oct 2020

When a planet becomes stationary in transit, people with the same stationary planet in the birth chart will experience the impact more than the others. When Mars, Jupiter and Saturn become stationary, they exert a lot of impact on a large scale, rather globally. Mars stationary period can trigger unrest, natural disasters particularly related to fire, volcanic activities, accidents or bloodshed. Jupiter stationary period can be heavy on the overall financial situation and general well-being. Saturn’s stationary period can bring out issues related to mass scale justice, public discipline etc.

It is best to utilise this time for spiritual practices, meditation etc. to calm the intense energy






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