Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

7 point analysis on retrograde planets – Retrograde Planets in the Birth Chart

There is a lot of confusion about how to understand the impacts of retrograde planets when they sit in the birth chart. We all know that during retrogression planets do not actually go backwards on their orbit, but due to planet’s and earth’s relative movement while they are orbiting the Sun, they just appear to be going backwards for some time. During retrogression, the planets come very close to the earth and therefore their impact is stronger than the direct planet. Now let us analyse retrogression point by point.

If you prefer to see the video on my YouTube channel, here is the link: 7 point analysis on retrograde planets

First of all we need to understand that a retrograde planet is not a bad planet, but it works differently from its natural ways. Say for example, Saturn always delays results, but when retrograde, it will give you results of your karma, be it good or bad, pretty fast. Similarly a direct Jupiter signifies one’s inclination towards religious tradition, but a person with retrograde Jupiter will have questions about the tradition, they do not just follow it blindly.

Secondly, as I mentioned earlier, a retrograde planet’s effects are stronger than the direct planet. It strengthens the houses it rules but creates trouble for the house where it is sitting; but why so? Since it physically comes closer to the earth during retrogression, it is able to exert more impact on us. So the houses it rules become stronger. While calculating Shadbal, a retrograde planet has more ‘Chesthabal’ than a direct planet. If we translate that to the practical life, it means the planet is trying its best to give maximum results for the houses it rules but at the same time you will have to put in more effort in the activities of the house where it is sitting. It shows some karmic connections or setbacks in the matters of that house. E.g. if Saturn is the lord of the 10th and the 11th house in your chart and is sitting in the 7th house being retrograde, it increases the potency of 10th and 11th house, but there would be some Karmic connections, more responsibility or setbacks in the matters of the 7th house. Therefore, if a planet is benefic in your birth chart and is also retrograde, good results for the houses it owns increases, but not for the house where it is sitting. The same rule applies to the malefic planets in the birth chart, a malefic retrograde planet increases the maleficence.

Thirdly, if during retrogression the planet is not moving back to the previous house, and staying in one house during the entire retrogression period, it will give results of that house only in the birth chart, and not of the previous house. There is a lot of debate and misconception regarding this, but unless the planet is moving back to earlier house, the results of two houses are not seen.

Fourth point is, the placement and aspect of the retrograde planet is judged exactly in the same way we do for direct planets. Any benefic or malefic aspect on the retrograde planet also works as much as it works for a direct planet. Let me clarify this further; let’s say Mars is retrograde in a birth chart. First determine whether Mars is a functional benefic or malefic planet for the ascendant. Whether a retrograde Mars will give good or bad results will depend on if Mars is the ascendant lord’s friend or enemy, just like the way it happens for the direct Mars. If any benevolent planet is aspecting Mars, a friendly Mars will give better results. However, it never happens that Mars is your enemy planet and because it is retrograde in the chart it starts giving good results.

Fifth point, if a debilitated planet is also retrograde, due to Cheshtabal, it gains some strength in the chart and performs better than being just debilitated. However, it does not become as good as an exalted planet.

Sixth, here is something very beautiful about retrograde planets. If a retrograde planet is sitting in the Dagdha or Shunya Rashi in your chart or the retrograde planet is the lord of the Dagdha Rashi in the chart, it removes the bad effects of the rashi and the house and makes them benevolent for you. If you are not aware of Dagdha Rashis let me know in the comment box, I shall discuss about it in another article.

Lastly, retrogression internalises the energy of the planet. Say for example, if Mars is direct, you are a person with fiery temper who can vanquish the opponents. If Mars is retrograde in your chart, the anger will simmer in you, it will burn you from inside but you will not express it outwardly.





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