Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

The Secret of Venus’ Debilitation in Virgo

Venus gets debilitated at 27 degree of Virgo. Virgo is owned by Mercury, and therefore Virgo is Venus’ friendly sign, then why does Venus get debilitated here?

We all know Venus is all about beauty, physical pleasure, material enjoyment. However, in deeper terms of Vedic Astrology, Venus is actually Daitya Guru Shukracharya. Shukracharya was not only enlightened, but also possessed the rare knowledge of healing thorough Mrit Sanjeevani Mantra which literally means the mantra for bringing the dead alive. Therefore beneath all the glamour and glitter of materialistic promise, Venus is actually about deep spirituality. Without Venus’ blessing, you cannot really progress in spiritual life.

Now if we consider Virgo, it shows calculating, analytical mind and perfectionist mentality. Venus loses its natural, soft significations of pure love and beauty here and finds unnecessary fault in the way these attributes are expressed. That is the reason people with debilitated Venus feel somewhat insecure about their appearance, love, and general happiness and peace. Their critical mind is always trying to perfect the way they look, criticising the way others look and somewhat dissatisfied with the love and happiness they have in life. Women with debilitated Venus are normally very beautiful looking people, but the irony is they themselves are never satisfied with their appearance. This kind of insecurity and a constant effort to improve in the matters related to Venus comes with debilitation. Virgo sign belongs to the natural sixth house of six sins of human life. Here the deep spiritual aspect of Venus cannot flourish. Here only the superficial materialistic aspect of Venus finds its way through our six sins or Shada Ripus. Therefore a debilitated Venus gives increased passion and longing for materialistic possessions.

This is the reason why Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces, the most spiritual sign, and debilitated in Virgo where the Sada Ripus prevail. One thing we need to know here that we associate Venus with passion, but Venus is not about passion at all. Mars is passion. Venus is about the purest form of universal love. However, when it is not expressed in the pure form due to unfavourable placement or malefic aspects, the same love takes the tinge of passion.

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So what happens in practical life when Venus is debilitated in the birth chart. It depends on which houses Venus owns in your chart. If it is the owner of the good houses, it cannot produce the benefic results to their best. The benefit of any debilitated planet is that, if it is the lord of the malefic houses, the bad results of those houses also reduce. For example, if Venus is your 6th lord and is debilitated, it actually is better for you. Over indulgence in the matters of sensuality is a major sign of debilitated Venus. In general debilitated Venus has a tendency to over compensate for all the Venus related attributes, not only sensuality and physical love. After all debilitation is a state of the planet, a person with debilitated Venus will have to put in way more effort than a person with strong Venus in the matters of love, money, relationships, comfort and luxuries. Debilitated Venus in your birth chart shows issues in your love and relationships but that does not necessarily mean that you will not get married or will have separation or divorce. For these there are other planetary influences that should be checked. Before we judge debilitated Venus, it is also very important to check the Navamsha position and if there is any cancellation of the debilitation in the chart.

What are the results of debilitated Venus in different houses? I shall give only key features for each house, however, if you have debilitated Venus in the birth chart, do not judge your own horoscope just based on these placements of Venus, it is important to check the horoscope holistically to know the actual promise.

In the 1st house – there will be insecurities about the appearance and personality. There can be low self-confidence and lack of spiritual inclinations.
2nd house – one has to work really hard to earn even modest amount of money. Here the person may be too materialistic in his or her approach towards life. The value system takes a back seat.
3rd – Lack of comforts and conveyance. The person may want to get happiness and peace through fulfilment of materialistic desires which leads to inner dissatisfaction.
4th – fear of isolation and romantic relations get a set back. Here the loss and expenses reduce, but so does bed pleasures.
5th – set back in romance and speculative earning. Here Venus promises less obstacles, but at the same time the person lacks moral character and tactfulness.
6th – There will be a tendency to find fault in the partner. Spiritual life remains underdeveloped.
7th – creates issues in partnerships and with the spouse due to lustful nature, laziness is another vice of this placement.
8th – difficulty in the domestic life and lack of contentment, spirituality gets a set back and there is indulgence in sensual pleasure.
9th – shows problems with the children, love relations may suffer due to critical nature, there is a lot of emphasis on the materialistic achievement.
10th – lack of ambition, co-workers, particularly females may cause problems or for females one need to take care of the dignity at workplace
11th – inability to create a social circle, contracts or large deals may cause issues, makes one lazy too.
12th – ups and downs in health, lack of warmth in physical relations.



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