Transits of Planets in 2021: Venus Transit Dates 2021

ScorpioAt the beginning of 2021
Sagittarius04 Jan 2021, Monday
Capricorn28 Jan 2021, Thursday
Aquarius21 Feb 2021, Sunday
Pisces (Exalted)17 Mar 2021, Wednesday
Aries10 April 2021, Saturday
Taurus (Own sign)04 May 2021, Tuesday
Gemini29 May 2021, Saturday
Cancer22 Jun 2021, Tuesday
Leo17 Jul 2021, Saturday
Virgo (Debilitated)11 Aug 2021, Wednesday
Libra (Mooltrikon)06 Sep 2021, Monday
Scorpio02 Oct 2021, Saturday
Sagittarius30 Oct 2021, Saturday
Capricorn08 Dec 2021, Wednesday
Sagittarius30 Dec 2021, Thursday

Venus Retrograde Transit Dates 2021

Retrograde in Capricorn19 Dec 2021, Sunday
Retrograde in Sagittarius30 Dec 2021, Thursday
Progressive in Sagittarius29 Jan 2022, Saturday

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