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Mars-Rahu conjunction in Taurus 22 Feb to 14 April 2021 – Angarak Yoga

After a long stay in his own sign of Aries, Mars will be moving to the next sign Taurus on 22 February 2021 and will join Rahu there. Mars will remain in Taurus with Rahu till 14 April 2021.

We all know that Taurus is an earth sign and is ruled by Venus which is a watery planet and has feminine energy. Mars is the firey planet with masculine energy. When Mars moves to Taurus it stabilises Mars’ impulsiveness and also creates some outbursts of passionate energy. It is a practical, yet headstrong Mars which appreciates nice things in life and likes to accumulate wealth.

As Mars progresses through Taurus, it gets closer and closer to Rahu. On 28 March 2021 Rahu and Mars are forming the exact conjunction at 20 degree of Taurus in the nakshatra of Rohini which is ruled by Moon. This conjunction is forming in the Cancer Navamsha.

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Rahu – Mars conjunction is known as Angarak Yoga because of its outburst of intense energy and potential destructive impacts. In one hand Mars is the warrior, the aggressive and adamant planet on the other hand Rahu is the master of deception and capable of blowing things out of proportion. Together they create this great aggressive and dominating energy that can potentially cause a lot of harm to the world in general. Venus, the lord of Taurus is combust during this entire period, and therefore not able to provide pacifying support. We need to be careful about natural and man-made disasters that can get triggered by Mars-Rahu conjunction between 22 February and 14 April. This has the potential to trigger volcanic activities, earthquakes, fire related accidents, bloodshed, tension with the foreign countries and parasitic or viral diseases.

Now the good news; firstly, Jupiter is aspecting this conjunction till 5 April 2021 and secondly, Venus stays in its exaltation sign Pisces from 17 March and it wins over Sun at the planetary war on 28 March. This gives Venus some power back even though it is combust. Jupiter is now quite powerful, not combust, no nasty conjunction, maintaining a graceful distance from Saturn and yet backed by Saturn creating Neech Bhanga Raj Yoga.

So aspect of this Jupiter over Rahu and Mars will also be strong. The effect will bring down the potential destructive energy of Angarak Yoga to some extent. We may see prudence, wisdom and right advice pacifying the possibility of violent happenings. However, as a caution, one should be careful seven days before and after this conjunction.

Who needs to be extra careful during this time?
In general formation of Angarak Yoga in transit creates some trouble or the other for all. These troubles are related to the activities and significations of the house where this yoga is forming. It also impacts the houses where Mars is aspecting. The impact in general is quite disturbing and mostly unfavourable. Since it is aspected by Jupiter, some good results related to profession and recognition can be felt as well. I am just mentioning in brief who will get more impacted by Mars-Rahu conjunction between 22 February and 14 April.
If you have Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio ascendant or moon sign
If your Moon or ascendant is placed in Moon, Rahu or Mars nakshatras
If you are running Mahadasha or Antardasha of Rahu, Mars, Moon and Venus.
If you have Rahu-Mars conjunction in your birth chart
If you have Rahu and Mars opposition in the birth chart.

Let me conclude with this. If we are careful and cautious about the fact that this is a disruptive phase and act sensibly, I am sure we will pass through this transit without too much of disturbance.


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  1. Abhik Barua Avatar
    Abhik Barua

    Very nice analysis. Am going through moon mahadasha. My moon sign and lagna, both, vrischika. For last 11 years am passing through a very tough period. Hope coming time will be good for me.


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