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Venus Exalted in Pisces – How to read exalted Venus in transit and in the birth chart

We all know that Venus has moved to its exaltation sign of Pisces on 17 March 2021 and will be there till 10 April 2021. It is also combust and being aspected by Saturn during the entire stretch. Here I am not only going to discuss about this specific transit, but will also discuss what happens when you are born with exalted Venus in your birth chart.

Venus gets exalted in the 27 degree of Pisces. We all know that Pisces is a Jupiter sign and Jupiter is an enemy of Venus. So why suddenly Venus gets exalted in a Jupiter’s sign?

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The reason being beneath all the glamour and glitter of materialistic promise, luxury Venus is actually about deep spirituality. Venus in Vedic astrology is actually Daitya Guru Shukracharya who possessed the rare knowledge of healing thorough Mrit Sanjeevani Mantra which literally means the mantra for bringing the dead alive. I do not want to get into the deep spiritual meanings of what is dead and what is being brought alive by Shukracharya, because that will be a long write up bringing Vedantic concepts to explain it.

For the purpose of this article, in short, it is bringing our dead true self alive through spirituality; and what can be a better sign than Pisces to experience that exaltation of spirituality and sense of oneness with all and the Almighty? That is what Pisces is and without Venus’ blessings, you cannot really progress in spiritual life. Therefore two universal Gurus, Jupiter and Venus join hands in the most powerful house of Moksha or liberation, in the most spiritual sign of the Zodiac to create this energy of self-realisation and liberation of soul from the materialistic world. This is the true meaning of Venus’ exaltation.

Now, can all who may have exalted Venus in the birth chart, harness this wonderful energy in a spiritual way? Does this mean that all the people with exalted Venus are self-realised and always stay in the exalted state of spirituality? Not really, rather, a lot of people with exalted Venus are in substance abuse and having multiple relations. So what happened to the divine potentials? Only a few souls are pure enough to be that divine, the rest of us are struggling to go there. So to check how the exalted Venus’s energy is working for you if you have it in the birth chart, we need to check several things.

Firstly in which house this exaltation is taking place and how close Venus is to its exaltation degree in the chart. The rest of the chart also has to support as well.

Similarly we also need to check if any other planet is conjunct with this Venus or aspecting Venus. If a benefic is conjunct or aspecting an exalted Venus, it is wonderful, however, with malefic conjunction or malefic aspect, Venus’ potential gets severely hampered. For example in the current transit of Venus in Pisces, Venus is exalted, but it is also combust because of close conjunction with the Sun. Combustion means it is unable to manifest its energy, so the promise of the exalted Venus is going down. At the same time it is being aspected by Saturn and this means further restrictions are being imposed on Venus to yield any positive result. It is a severely afflicted Venus which is under severe stress but also exalted. A debilitated Mercury is going to join this Venus from 1 April. It is like a doctor works best in a hospital, but the doctor himself or herself is sick and is being joined by a colleague who is also sick. Although he wants to do good for others, can he actually do it? So we cannot really expect positive results from the exalted Venus in the current transit.

Then if we want to go deeper, we need to check in which nakshatra the exalted Venus is sitting, where the lord of that nakshatra is placed, how Venus is placed in the Navamsha chart, if it is Vargottama. An exalted Vargottama Venus has the potential to give great results. It is actually far better to have an exalted Venus in the Navamsha than having it exalted in the birth chart and not so well placed in D9. So the true potential of an exalted Venus will manifest if all these are positive or most of these are positive.

Now after checking all these in the birth chart, check if you are at all getting the Mahadasha of this exalted Venus because all the good things will manifest then. However, if you do not get the Mahadasha, you can still get some of the effects in the Venus antardashas, but the results will largely depend on the Mahadasha lord, if the Mahadasha lord is allowing Venus to perform.

So you can see there are so many conditions, levels and ifs and buts for ascertaining the result of the exalted Venus , for that matter for any planet in the birth chart and also in the transit.

During this transit of Venus, the eye patients should be careful. Try to avoid any auspicious events. It would be better not to begin any romantic relation during this time. Lastly and very importantly, take good care of your finance and marriage.



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