Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

May 2021 Monthly Horoscope

May starts with Venus and Sun in Aries, Mercury and Rahu in Taurus, Mars in Gemini, Saturn remains in Capricorn, Jupiter in Aquarius and Ketu in Scorpio.
The main focus of May is the sign Taurus. Rahu is already posited there, on 1 May Mercury moves to Taurus, on 4 May Venus moves there. Sun moves to Taurus on 14 May. Taurus is crowded with 4 planets in May.
Mercury then moves on to Gemini on 26 May. Venus joins Mercury and Mars in Gemini on 29 May. Venus will come out of combustion from 4 May and Mercury will come out of combustion after 1 May, both are good news.
Two retrogressions are beginning in May, Saturn retrogrades on 23 May in Capricorn and Mercury retrogrades on 30 May.
Lunar eclipse will take place on 26 May in Scorpio. This lunar eclipse is partially visible from some parts of eastern India and it is penumbral for the rest of India.

Let us now find out what to expect in April for 12 ascendants. Use these predictions as a general guideline for the month. As always your current Mahadasha, Antardasha and your karmic footprint are the most important factors in getting results from the planets in transit. So please keep this in mind when you are going through the sign wise results.

If you prefer to see the video of May 2021 Horoscope Predictions, here is the link to the video: https://youtu.be/pl3yMyXkg5A

Your ascendant lord Mars is placed in the house of self-effort and initiatives and Mars is aspected by Jupiter. Networking, skill development, new initiatives, communication are the main focus areas for you in May. However, try to avoid aggression in communication. You need to take care of cordiality with your siblings and neighbours. Siblings’ health may also cause concern.
You will feel very confident in the first half of the month. Your will power is also high. You will do well in your work area this month. After the third week of the month you may re-evaluate your professional strategy and how to take you career forward. Finances and family looks good this month. You will have sharp eyes on finance, no minute detail related to finance can escape your eyes this month, and you will be able to acquire wealth and increase your savings this month. There will be gains from various sources. Your spouse and professional network will help in building financial stability for you. For some of you there may be change of residence. You will enjoy good relation with your spouse. Take good care of your health.

Your sign lord Venus is placed in your sign with Rahu and Mercury in the beginning of the month. After 14 May Sun will also come in your ascendant. Venus is powerful and out of combustion. You will feel highly confident and ambitious. High progress and improvement in all areas of life particularly in profession is evident in May. There can be a larger than life projection of self this month as well and you need to be a bit careful of this. It would be a good idea to enjoy the wonderful benefits of these planets this month and yet stay humble. When your Yogakaraka Saturn turns retrograde by the last week of the month, it would be a time for taking a stock of what has been achieved in your profession and in higher education and what needs to be done in future for further progress.
Professionally this month is good, the promise of progress and expansion in the work area. There can be expenditure for family. Mental peace can be low in the first half of the month. Be careful about what advices you are getting after the third week of the month. Try to avoid harshness in your communication. Health may need attention.

Your sign lord Mercury is out of combustion and placed in your house of expenses, foreign relocation and spirituality. Mercury is with Rahu and Venus till the mid of the month and thereafter Sun will also join. Mars is placed in your sign. The first half of this month is good for networking. You need to be careful about your health. It will be best not to ignore any health issues. You may feel agitated and aggressive.
Career-wise this is a good month. Luck will support you in your business and profession and there will be professional elevation. Your own efforts will give you recognition at work place. Any dealings will foreign clients will bring you positivity. This is also a good month for higher studies. There are possibilities that you may sign up for a course with a foreign institute. You will get blessings of your guru or mentors. Relation with your spouse will be good. Passion runs high in romantic relations. Foreign relocation or long distance travel is foreseen, however, under current circumstances, depending on which country you are living in, this may or may not happen.

Your Yogakaraka planet Mars is placed in your house of expenditure, isolation and loss. Jupiter being the lord of father, guru, luck, diseases and conflicts is placed in the house of unexpected events. Your sign lord Moon is getting eclipsed this month. On the positive side there will be good amount of earnings and gain this month, particularly if your work is connected to foreign clients. Income will come from different sources. Property deals may also give you gain. Your initiatives or any skill that you developed will pay off now. If you are employed, you may face some obstacles. If you are in research, audit, taxation or astrology this month will be good for you. Your professional status will increase. There may be promotions for some of you. Business people will do well and there will be multiple opportunities coming up. Your ambitions will get fulfilled. This is the month for building your professional network as well. People who are looking for romantic relations or partners may meet someone special this month. The chances are high that this person will be from a different culture. Married people will need to keep peace and cordiality with the spouse.
Over all this is not a great time for your father or guru’s health. You may also feel that luck is not helping you. Mental worry can cause sleeplessness. There can be some emotional distress at the end part of the month. Take care of your eyes. Children’s health may need attention. However, this is a very auspicious month for deep spirituality.

Your ascendant lord Sun is in the house of fortune and prosperity till mid-month. Then Sun moves to your house of profession and status. May is indeed a month of professional progress and increase in social and professional status. For some of you there may be promoted as well. Money, status and multiple professional opportunities all will be there in May for you. Foreign connections will be highly beneficial in your profession. Gains in investments and speculation are foreseen. Your network circle will increase and they will be beneficial for your professional progress too. The first half also promises opportunities for higher studies for those who want to pursue it.
On the personal front if you are looking to get married, this month can bring suitable contacts for you. If you are already married, your spouse may have some health issues. Take care to maintain cordiality with the spouse as well. Travel opportunities will come, however, it is best to use prudence in these trying times. There may be some worry related to your children.

Your ascendant lord Mercury is placed in your house of luck and higher education till 25 May and then he goes to your house of profession and recognition which is his own sign. Mercury is also out of combustion. This is overall a very good month for you Virgo. After a long time you will get abundant support of your luck and your financial situation will also improve a lot. If you want to go for higher education, this time is highly favourable. Planets in May promises travel for you. This can happen because of education or for religious purposes. However, considering the turbulent time of pandemic spread, you need to plan your travel carefully, but the promise is definitely there, particularly in the second half of the month. There can be a rescheduling of travel plans in the last week of May.
For married people there are indications of physical distance or staying apart from your spouse either for professional reasons or for any other reason like health issues etc. Try to avoid any conflicts in the relationship. Unmarried people who are in romantic relations may feel like re-evaluating their relation or commitment in the last week of May. You may also reassess your strategy or education or higher education. At work be extra careful of communication, email exchange particularly with your senior. Make sure that the emails reach the intended persons. You will be spiritually inclined this month.

Your ascendant lord Venus is in your house of transformation and sudden events, but the good part is Venus is in own sign of Taurus and out of combustion. Rahu and Mercury’s presence with Venus can bring sudden gain of property, inheritance, and gain from tax related matters. The first half of the month gives possibility of forging new partnerships. However, when Sun joins this combination in the second half of the month, it can cause worries related to earnings and finance. Try to avoid travel this month. Some property related issues may resurface in the last week of the month.
Education wise this is a good month. Your creativity will be high. People in the fields of art and sports will do well. You may also consider developing some skills in these fields. With your enhanced intelligence you will do well in examinations. There may be some worries related your children. Take care of your children’s health. Try to keep peace at home and with your spouse. Try to appreciate other’s views as well.

Your sign lord Mars is in the house of transformation and sudden events. The lunar eclipse is taking place in your ascendant and this can cause some unexpected issues for you. There can be injuries or possibility of surgery if it applies to you. Take good care of health. The good part is Mars has Jupiter’s aspect. Whatever unexpected issues may come up this month, be it related to finance or health will not go out of hands. You may not be able to avoid it but the intensity of the issues will be much less. This is a very good time for spiritual growth as well.
You are feeling highly competitive in the first half of the month. New partnerships or collaborations with people particularly from abroad can open up multiple opportunities of earning. However, evaluate all possibilities carefully. There are possibilities of travel, but with the current situation you need to assess whether it is necessary at all. If you opted for any training but left it midway, you may wish to complete it after the last week of May. You may want to re-strategise any initiative that you took in the earlier months. Domestic atmosphere will be peaceful. You will also feel quite contented internally. If you are not married and looking for a committed relationship, there are possibilities of marriage proposals coming your way. If you are married, your spouse’s health will need attention.

Your ascendant lord Jupiter is placed in your house of self-effort, new initiatives, siblings and hard work. You are likely to put in a lot of hard work to increase your skill sets or to make sure that your venture succeeds. You will gain through your communication, networking and writing. Your problem solving skills will also improve. If you are in consulting this month is very good for you. You may plan to go for higher studies particularly in the first half of the month.
May is good for people in employment. You will be at your competitive best and instead of getting into direct conflict, you will win over your opponents using sweet communication and strategy. Some of the areas related to your finance and wealth will need reassessment after the last week of the month. There may be relocation for some of the Sagittarius people, either for personal or for professional reasons. Try to keep cordiality with your spouse. There will be rise in your temper. Spiritually this is a good month.

Your ascendant lord Saturn in your ascendant and will go retrograde from 23 May. Your Yogakaraka planet Venus is very powerful this month. In May you will see a rise in your creativity and artistic endeavours. You will feel that you need to re-assess some areas of your life from the last week of the month to understand where life is taking you. This reassessment can happen in your finance and work area as well.
There may be job or profession change for some of you and this will be a good change. If you are in education field or in creative field, you will do well. There may be speculative gains in large amounts.
You need to take good care of your domestic peace. There may be conflicts at home. Relation with your friends may also cause concerns. Some of your friends may turn into your competitors or may oppose you. Good time for your children, but their health will need attention. You may have some worry about your mother in the first half of the month. There can be high expenditure because of family reasons or for health or litigation.

Your ascendant lord Saturn is in your house of expenditure, spirituality and foreign connections. Saturn will turn retrograde on 23 May. Jupiter is in your ascendant. Your Yogakaraka planet Venus is strongly placed in your house of contentment. May for you is a month which will give you happiness from materialistic gains and spiritual progress both. There are chances of buying a car or acquiring a property. You may also think of re-decorating your home. You are going to feel peace and contentment in your heart and at home particularly in the first half. There is a chance of relocation as well if it applies to you. There will be good chance of networking and expanding your persona. Financially this month is promising. Income will be good. Profession-wise this is a good month. You will feel creatively inclined. Over all a very good month for you. If you have any pre-existing health issues, those may resurface after the last week of May. Expenses will be there. There may be some worries related to your children.

Your ascendant lord Jupiter is placed in your house of expenditure, foreign travel and spirituality. In general this may mean that you need to be careful about your health and there can be chances of hospitalisation as well. However, if you are involved in spiritual practices or are living in foreign countries this month will be good for you. You will be quite geared up to start something new or to enhance your skill sets. The focal point of this month is skill development, communication and using communication for marketing and advertisement. You will make new friends particularly from the fields of art and media.
Profession-wise if you may feel that you are not getting enough recognition for your efforts at workplace., but if your profession is related to foreign countries, media, advertisement or communication this month will be good for you. There may be possibility of getting a new work abroad as well. In your mind you may feel agitated and a bit aggressive. Therefore try to keep your usual calm when you are communicating with your spouse or business partners. There can be property related deals this month. You may also buy a vehicle. Relocation is foreseen for you. Take care of mother’s health.






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