Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

June 2021 Monthly Horoscope

Let us first see the transits of planets in June. Three planets are retrograde in June. Saturn and Mercury are already retrograde; Jupiter turns retrograde on 20 June in Aquarius. Therefore between 20 June and 23 June all three planets, i.e. Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter will be retrograde.

Solar eclipse will take place on 10 June in Taurus and Sun will be in Mrigashira Nakshatra. The eclipse will be caused by Rahu. Retrograde Mercury will be a part of the eclipse.
Sun will move to Gemini on 15 June.
Mars will move to his debilitation sign Cancer on 2 June and will form opposition with retrograde Saturn.
Retrograde Mercury is going back to Taurus on 3 June.
Venus remains in Gemini most of the month and on 22 June will move to Cancer and form opposition with Saturn.
Mercury and Venus are in Parivartana or sign exchange between 3 June and 22 June. After Sun, Mercury is the most afflicted planet in June. Retrograde Mercury takes part in the solar eclipse and remains combust between 01-21 June. Mercury also forms trine with retrograde Saturn after 3 June when he moves to Taurus. A heavily afflicted Mercury in company with exalted Rahu is a combination for highly mischievous ideas and misrepresentation of facts.

June is going to be an eventful and complicated month. With three retrograde planets, solar eclipse, June is not a month for progress and achievements; it is rather a month of introspection and re-strategizing our course of action. Overall June will be the month when we need to take great care about what we do, what we think and decide, what we communicate, what advice we are giving or receiving. Finances, business, well-being and higher education will get heavily impacted. Travel will be obstructed. People’s fundamental beliefs about society and social fabric are going to see a change; rather I should say this will be the beginning of the change which will slowly unfold till October 2021. Mars and Saturn opposition shows agitation and frustration among people. Patience may run thin and emotions may run high. Three planets going retrograde is not really a great sign. There are quite a few dates throughout the month when things can go out of hands if we are not careful. Maintaining calm and having patience are the best remedies for this month. June will be a great month for spiritual seekers.

If you prefer to see the video of June 2021 Horoscope Predictions, here is the link to the video: https://youtu.be/uKoB4H_N-0U

June 2021 Prediction for all moon signs

Let us now find out what to expect in June for 12 moon signs. Use these predictions as a general guideline for the month. As always your current Mahadasha, Antardasha and your karmic footprint are the most important factors in getting results from the planets in transit. So please keep this in mind when you are going through the sign wise results.

Aries moon sign:
Your sign lord Mars is moving to your house of domestic peace, mother and property on 2 June. Cancer is the debilitation sign for Mars. Mars will be in opposition with the extremely powerful retrograde Saturn. Venus will join Mars in the third week of the month. The solar eclipse will take place in your house of family and wealth.
This month you wish to move ahead, you want to achieve, but your circumstances and immediate environment are not helping you and this will cause a great deal of frustration in you. Finance, wealth, property and family matters become very important this month. Financial gains and prosperity will be there for you in June. Be very careful about what you communicate and how you communicate. Hold the new ideas and new initiatives till the third week of the month. Professionally whether you are in employment or in self-employment or having a business, you will do well with hard work and in the second half of the month. General health looks fine but do not ignore any issues related to eyes, heart, blood pressure and the chest area. There will be some worry related to your children in the first half. Your parents’ health will need attention. You also need to take good care to maintain domestic and marital peace in June. There is a possibility of rise in competition or conflict with friends and close relatives.

Taurus moon sign:
For the first three weeks your sign lord Venus is placed in your house of wealth and family and is aspected by Jupiter. The solar eclipse on 10 June is taking place in your sign. Retrograde Mercury is forming Parivartana with your sign lord Venus.
This month can give you emotional turmoil and can increase stress level. Health wise you should be careful too. You may not be able to assert yourself effectively in your thoughts, communication and initiatives. You need to be careful about your friends. Professionally there will be some challenges, but you will succeed in what you do with you own effort. This will boost your confidence level. Competition or adversity at work place will go down as well. However, do not get into any arguments with your seniors at workplace. You also need to reassess what you actually want to do in career. Financially June shows mixed results for you. It is best not to do any speculative investments this month. Try to curb your expenses as well. You need to be extra careful when you are communicating with others, as any bitterness in speech can create enmity. There will be chances of long distance travel, however, plan it carefully or just avoid it this month. Be extra careful to keep peace with your spouse. Parent’s health may need attention. Spiritual practices and meditation will help you in June.

Gemini moon sign:
Your sign lord Mercury is not in a great shape in June. I discussed it a bit earlier in the overall analysis of the planetary energy. The solar eclipse of 10 June is taking place in your house of expenses and spirituality. Your house of expenses and house of transformation are highly activated this month. It will be a good idea to be careful about health and high expenses. Do not ignore fever, eye or stomach related issues. Drive carefully as well. Your aggression and temper can increase this month and this may impact your married life as well. Be careful in your communications. Do not get involved in any debates or unpleasant situation, particularly at work place. Monetary gain will be there for you and you will also get support of luck. However, at the same time high expenditure will bother you. You may take part in a religious or auspicious event. In general it will be better if you can lay low and let this month pass. With Venus and Jupiter’s blessings on your sign, you can mitigate difficulties to great extent if you are cautious.

Cancer Moon sign:
Your sign lord Moon has gone through an eclipse a week ago and will take part in the upcoming solar eclipse on 10 June. Mars will be debilitated in your sign and is forming opposition with a very powerful Saturn. June is not a very conducive month for Cancer moon sign people. You need to take care in all respects this month. Matters related to finance, health, spouse, business partners will be of paramount importance this month. Your temper will rise. You need to make extra efforts to keep cordiality with the spouse or the partners. Tax, joint finance related matters can resurface. There may be sudden gains, but be careful about the source of it. There will be some unforeseen and high expenditure. Professional progress and business can slow down. You need to put in more effort to see success. Be cautious about people from your network circle, particularly if they are from the foreign countries or from a foreign culture. Mental anxiety and sleeplessness because of worries may be there. Be very careful about your communication. Take care of mother’s health.

Leo moon sign:
Your sign lord Sun is getting eclipsed in your house of profession and status. The first half of the month is not really great for you, but the second half shows good improvement in health and profession. You will get back your confidence and will achieve as well. Whether employed or self-employed or in business, you are likely to re-evaluate strategies related to your profession. There will professional elevation as well. If in business, over all June will open up several opportunities, but in the last ten days you may have difference of opinions with the partners or associates. Income prospects will increase; there can be sudden financial gain as well. Your relation with the spouse will be good, but the last ten days may create some trouble. It is important to keep your calm to maintain good relation with the spouse and other relatives. There may be marriage alliances for some of you. There can be mental anxiety for some reason and your sleep may get disturbed. Expenditure will also shoot up in June. Chances of long distance travel or foreign travel will come, however, weigh the current situation before taking a decision.

Virgo moon sign:
Your sign lord Mercury is retrograde and is going back to your house of luck, fortune and higher education on 3 June. The solar eclipse will take place in this house and Mercury gets involved in the solar eclipse. Mercury is also forming exchange with Venus.
The first half of the month may not be great for you, but you will see excellent professional improvement and rise in authority in the second half of the month. There may be a promotion as well if that applies to you. However, you will need to work harder to retain the high position. There will increase in competitors at work place. Overall June will bring possibilities of foreign travel, better prospects for income and rise in social status. There may be some worries related to your children or their progress. It will be better not to invest in shares or speculative investments this month no matter how lucrative they look now. Earlier investments may also not give desired results. It will be good idea to stay away from legalities and loans. Try to maintain peace with your spouse. Avoid any tussles with the authorities in the first half of the month.

Libra moon sign:
Your sign lord Venus is in your house of luck and fortune in June. The solar eclipse is taking place in your house of transformation and sudden events. Since it is happening in Taurus, and Venus is exchanging signs with retrograde Mercury, your moon sign lord Venus gets involved in the eclipse. Venus is well placed till 22 June.
You need to take good care of your finances and savings. Matters related to joint finances with the spouse may come to the forefront in June. There is a good chance of sudden money gain from insurance or inheritance. Parents’ health needs attention. There will be progress in education. Be very careful of health issues, injuries and mental depression. There are indications of travel for education or for religious reasons. Try to keep peace with the spouse.

Scorpio moon sign:
Your sign lord Mars is in the house of luck and fortune, but debilitated. The solar eclipse of 10 June is taking place in your house of spouse, partnership and business.
This month will have several troubles popping up for you, but at the same time you will be able to mitigate those. There are chances of procuring a property in June. You will have several new ideas, however, third week of the month will bring more clarity about what you should pursue. It will not be a bad idea to re-skill yourself this month. At work, try to do things correctly, your flaws may draw your seniors attention. Work related stress will be there. There are a few things that you should be careful about this month, like your health, your close family members’ health and your relation with your spouse. However, there are indications that you may gain through your spouse. The last week of the month will give prosperity and peace. You will feel inclined towards religious and benevolent deeds.

Sagittarius moon sign:
Your sign lord Jupiter is placed in your house of self-effort, new initiatives, siblings and hard work and it is going retrograde from 20 June. Solar eclipse of 10 June is happening in your house of services, diseases and competition. You are in the last phase of sadesati and Saturn has turned retrograde in your 2nd house.
Conflict with people may increase but you will topple your opposition and do well in your work. In the second half of the month try to avoid arguments and harsh communication particularly at work because these may backfire on you. Be careful of unscrupulous colleagues. Married life may see conflicts with the spouse and spouse’s health will also cause concern. A property related matter may come in your favour or you may buy a property. There are indications of relocation, residence change. Take very good care of your health, be cautious about injuries, fevers, and blood related problems. Be a bit more careful after 20 June. There can be a short travel with the family for religious reasons.

Capricorn Moon sign:
Your moon sign lord Saturn is retrograde in your sign. You are anyway going through peak sadesati. The solar eclipse is taking place in the house of your intelligence, planning and children.
This month is not really beneficial for Capricorn moon signs. Throughout the month you need to take good care of your domestic peace. Spouse’s health may create tension as well. Overall you should be careful of health, mental peace and conflict with people. It would be better to acknowledge and accept that the planetary energies are not working in your favour this month and develop patience. Keep your temper under check. Just keep in mind that this is a passing phase and will change soon. Try to pray and meditate to overcome your anxiety.

Your sign lord Saturn is retrograde in your house of expenditure, spirituality and foreign connections. You are going through the first phase of sadesati. Jupiter is in your sign and will turn retrograde on 20 June. The solar eclipse is taking place in the house of domestic peace, mother, and property.
June is actually a good month for you as far as your career and profession are concerned. However, chances of misunderstandings or communication gap with colleagues and seniors cannot be ruled out. Business people will do better in the second half of the month. You will do well in competitive exams if you are appearing in one. Court cases may come in your favour as well. Your income will be good and at the same time there will be large amount of expenditure as well. Your spouse will do well. However, domestic atmosphere can become tense and mental peace will be less. Take care of eye, feet, heart and stomach related issues. Love is in the air for the right people. Your spiritual inclinations will be high.

Your sign lord Jupiter is transiting through your house of expenditure, foreign travel and spirituality. Jupiter will turn retrograde on 20 June. The solar eclipse of 10 June will take place in your house of self-effort and initiatives.
You will be enjoying solitude and spiritual practices will give you a lot of peace in June. Chances of long distance travel and relocation exists. Avoid travel after 20 June. You will feel happy and contented internally. Good amount of income will be there, at the same time high expenditure can destabilise your finances too. You may also want to have a re- look at the sources of your income and how you can maximise it. June is a good month for home re-decoration, buying new vehicles. At home, there will be happy and cheerful atmosphere. You will entertain friends and relatives. There are chances of birth of a child if it applies to you. There can be some professional worries. Try to avoid any altercation with your seniors and colleagues at work. Do not ignore any health issues related to fever. There may be chances of hospitalisation if your personal chart also shows that. There will be some worries related to children. Try to maintain cordiality with the spouse, close friends and relatives. Try to stay calm and meditate to overcome mental anxiety.


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