Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn: 20 June 2021 – 18 October 2021

Jupiter will turn retrograde on Sunday, 20 June 2021 in the sign of Aquarius and will become direct on Monday, 18 October 2021 in the sign Capricorn. The retrogression will stay for about 120 days. From 20 June to 14 September Jupiter will retrograde in Aquarius and then Jupiter goes back to Capricorn on 14 September and the rest of the retrogression will happen there. Shatabhisha and Dhanishta nakshatras are involved in the retrogression of Jupiter; first one month will be in Shatabhisha and rest of the retrogression is happening in Dhanishta.
Jupiter will become stationary from 17 June 2021 late evening to late evening of 23 June 2021 at 8 degree 01 minutes in Aquarius and again from 15 October 2021 to 20 October 2021 remains stationed at 28 degree 10 minutes in Capricorn.

If you prefer to see the video in Jupiter retrogression 2021 click on this link:https://youtu.be/NVyG4fCHWFw

There are a few important points of this retrogression is Jupiter.

  • Jupiter will go back to the previous sign Capricorn which is his debilitation sign. However, due to retrogression he will be more powerful. Jupiter will try harder to accomplish his mission during this retrogression.
  • Saturn is the dispositor of Jupiter and Saturn himself is retrograde and very powerful.
  • Although both Jupiter and Saturn will be in Capricorn, they are not too close to each other, so Jupiter will not really be afflicted by Saturn this time.

Having said all the above points, it still will be retrograde motion, and therefore, whatever mission Jupiter will try to achieve here, will not be his regular standard path of knowledge and wisdom. We know that Jupiter is the natural significator of higher knowledge, optimism, positivity, finance and wisdom. So what can we expect during this retrogression?

The impact of this retrogression while Jupiter remains in Aquarius, will be an increase in ambition and desires, but delay in fulfilment of such ambitions. Finances will be unstable. It will not be a great idea to invest money in speculation during this time. Some social change will initiate and manifest during this time. This phase will be excellent time for internalising the energy for spiritual growth.

During the rest of the retrogression in Capricorn, Jupiter would like to complete some of his unfinished jobs and that is the reason he will go back to Capricorn. This is more likely to be related to finances, and social systems. There can be more restrictions during this time.

Some phases are more crucial during this retrogression. These are:

  • 20 June 2021 – 23 June 2021 : Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury all three planets will be retrograde and Mars will aspect retrograde Jupiter. These may be a few days when we need to be careful about distorted ideas, confusing communications, wrong advices and increase in aggression. It is essential to keep calm during these few days for all.
  • 27 September 2021 – 10 October 2021 when Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury all three again will be retrograde and placed in the trine with Rahu. Again this will be a phase to be careful about finances and trade. Conflict and aggression will again rise during this time.

During the entire retrogression period we should carefully evaluate and re-evaluate the advice that will come our way or we give to others. Like all retrogressions, Jupiter’s retrogression will also have an element of unexpectedness or surprise in it which we will have to deal with. Jupiter is the significator of optimism and growth, therefore, a quick fix idea that seems great during retrogression, may turn out to be a complete waste of time, energy and resources once Jupiter goes direct. On the other hand, a well thought out plan of action during retrogression can actually give good results when Jupiter’s direct motion starts. This retrogression will bring out a different approach, an unconventional path that can help to recover from the social and financial setbacks that we have been facing so long.

If you have retrograde Jupiter in your birth chart, you are a person with distinctly different philosophy about life and you are also constantly reviewing you’re your own aspirations internally. During this retrogression, you will see a window of opportunity when your stuck-up work or ideas can materialise. However, we need to see where your natal Jupiter is placed and which two houses he owns. If the transit Jupiter is transiting through the supportive houses from your natal Jupiter, this will be good for you.

If you are born with a stationary Jupiter in your chart, depending on where Jupiter is placed in the birth chart, you are likely to face obstacles in those areas of life on the dates when Jupiter will station during this transit.
Now let us see what may be the effect moon sign wise. These are general predictions based on the transit, and only Jupiter’s transit has been considered here. One thing know for sure that results of this transit of Jupiter will be highly influenced by retrograde Saturn’s results, because Saturn is the most powerful planet in the sky now. For more precise results, you need to check where your Jupiter is placed in your birth chart, his strength, whether he is the most influencing graha for you or you are running the Mahadasha or Antardasha of Jupiter.

Jupiter is turning retrograde in your house of income and gain. Till 14 September this retrograde transit of Jupiter is not going to bring any major difference in your current situation. It will be a status quo situation. Some of you may feel that your ambitions and desires are quite high but fulfilment of your ambitions is getting delayed and income is causing some concern. However, you need to be careful after Jupiter goes back to Capricorn. This phase can give mental worries and conflicts. You may have to deal with some property matters during this last one month.

For Taurus Moon sign the profession needs more attention till 14 September. You may want to rethink about some aspects of your career. However, for the first one month, i.e. till the time Jupiter is in Shatabhisha, you may not feel the impact on the profession. Some property related issue or domestic issue may crop up. Try to keep your thoughts positive and have patience. It would be better to go with the flow without resisting much. After 14 September, things are going be much better for you. This is the phase when you will make the positive changes related to finance and career and that is going to help your progress when Jupiter goes direct. Spiritually this is a very good time for you. Internalised energy will help a lot in meditation.

For Gemini moon sign Jupiter is turning retrograde in your house of luck and fortune. Till 14 September you will put in extra-efforts to progress in higher studies. If you are planning a travel, you need to be a bit careful. The advices coming your way may not be the best advices. Try to maintain a respectful relation with the teachers and mentors. It will be a good idea to take extra care about your health and well-being after 14 September. Things will not be easy for you then; but there is a possibility that after this retrogression when Jupiter turns direct, you will come out as a new person with much deeper understanding about the life and its nuances.

Jupiter is turning retrograde in your house of transformation and then move back to the house of spouse and business partners. You would feel like sorting out the issues related to joint finance, married life and business partnerships once and for all. This will be a good window for that too. However, since these are sensitive issues, so be very careful. Try to avoid any unnecessary risks in these matters. After 14 September, Jupiter will be placed favourably, but will have Veda. Therefore, there will be slight improvement in the situation; new opportunities in business, better relation with the spouse and new marriage proposals may come, but it is advised that you use your fair judgement. Take good care of your health and spouse’s health.

Jupiter is going retrograde in your house of spouse and business and then going back in your house of job, diseases, loans and competition. You are actually much better placed during this retrogression than most of the signs. Try to utilise the time before 14 September for progressing your career, building better understanding with the spouse and finding out what needs to be worked on in these areas. After 14 September, you will need to pay more attention to your health. Conflict with people may go up. At the workplace you may find hidden opposition and competition during this time.

Jupiter is going retrograde in your house of conflict and diseases and then he will go back to the house of romance, children, intelligence and planning. It will be better to be careful about health and general well-being; do not ignore any health issues. After 14 September, earlier investments can give good returns, but it is not recommended to do fresh investment during this time. Romantic relations will need some reassessment. There may be some worries related to your children.

Jupiter is going retrograde in your house of romance, children, intelligence and planning and then will move back to your house of comfort, property, domestic bliss. Say no to any speculative investments. Finances will need some serious reconsideration. Avoid any romantic commitment during this time. Some worry may crop up related to your children. Property matters and domestic peace will be the focus area after 14 September. Mother’s health will also need attention. Do not ignore any heart related issues.

Jupiter will go retrograde in your house of comfort, property, domestic bliss and then further go back to your house of communication, self-effort, skills and short travels. Some property related matters can cause worries, it would be better not to invest in properties now. You will see some changes in the home front. Mother’s health will need attention too. After 14 September, there may be some challenges in the work front. You may need to put in higher efforts to get good results. Learning new skills is also a possibility. Take care of stress related health issues. Avoid travel.

Jupiter is your sign lord and will go retrograde in your house of communications and self-effort. On 14 September Jupiter twill retrograde back to your house of wealth and family. This will be a phase when some earlier initiatives will require thinking to evaluate if those are at all suiting you. Avoid starting new ventures or new projects during this time. You may think of learning new skill sets as well. You need to be careful about your health. Financially you should be careful. After 14 September you may have think about more effective ways of savings and wealth generation. Relation with friends and family will need some re-evaluation. Their health and your own health will need attention too.

For Capricorn moon sign Jupiter is turning retrograde in the house of wealth and family and will later go back to your moon sign. Well, this is not a great time finance and family wise. There can be some sudden large amount of expenses. Try to avoid investments during this time. Health concerns for family members can be there. Avoid travel. Professional worries will be there. You need to be more careful about your own health after 14 September. You are also going through peak of Sadesati, spiritual practices will help you to calm your mind.

Jupiter is going to be retrograde in your sign and then move back to the house of expenditure and spirituality. Some health issues may resurface during this time. Be careful of the guidance you are providing to others. At the same time weigh all the advices that you are getting to find out if those are actually beneficial for you. Some confusing or misleading thoughts may come as well and these may prompt you to doubt yourself. Be very careful with finances. Do not invest during this time. Be particularly careful after 14 September. Spirituality will give strength to you.

Jupiter is your sign lord and he will go retrograde in the house of expenditure and spirituality and will move to the house of gain and income. You must be enjoying a good time in relation with finances so long. However during the time of retrogression expenditure is something that will bother you. You need to be careful about your health too. Avoid long distance travel during this time. After 14 September past investments will give good returns, but avoid making fresh investments till Jupiter turns direct. If you are on the spiritual path, this will be a very productive time.


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