Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Saturn in the third house of the birth chart

Today’s topic is Saturn in the 3rd house of the birth chart and how it impacts your life if you have it. Please note that here I am only discussing the result of Saturn’s position in the 3rd house from the ascendant, not what happens when other planets are conjunct with this Saturn or what aspect Saturn is receiving from other planets. That’s a different topic altogether.

If you want to listen to the video on the same topic, here if the link: https://youtu.be/9QBfV0Ri6jo

The 3rd house of the horoscope or Kundli is the house of effort, hard work, short travel, siblings and communication. When Saturn is placed in the 3rd house at the time of your birth, it shows that you are a hard working person. Saturn is the significator of hard work, discipline and responsibility. Although Saturn is a malefic planet, as per Vedic astrology, 3rd house placement is a good placement for Saturn. Let’s see what good traits Saturn brings here. To bring the good traits, Saturn needs to be well placed and un-afflicted by other malefic planets. Saturn should also be a friend of the ascendant lord.

Saturn in the 3rd house from the ascendant can make you a good counsellor or advisor. Your mind is calm, you have great focus of mind and you have a philosophical attitude. You probably come from a traditional and affluent parental family. You will have inherent interest in subjects like occult sciences and astrology. We all know that Saturn detaches and restricts. When Saturn is placed in the house of communication, you are not likely to be a talkative person, but you are a prudent and knowledgeable person. Saturn here gives expertise related to use of tools and weapons. You may be involved in a sport like javelin throwing, wresting or similar other sports. You are also likely to be quite liberal in your outlook and take care of others. With your hard work and with time you will earn wealth, recognition and reputation. You may even gain honour from the authorities or the government. Our ancient Vedic Jyotish texts state that ‘one may be recognized by the state, will possess an excellent vehicle and may be the head of a village’. Now in the modern day context this means in short you will be well established in life and gain high status in society. You are a highly skilled worker particularly where use of hands is required. 3rd house is the first of the desire houses, Saturn normally signifies lack of desire or detachment, but in the 3rd house, Saturn can give you fulfilment of material desires and you will be loved by the opposite gender. You may have many siblings. Saturn here can make you eat less or not have great appetite. Now I want to rehash that all these or some of these are seen when you have un-afflicted and strong Saturn in the 3rd house.

When Saturn is not well placed in the third house, say for example placed in the enemy sign or is conjoined or aspected by malefics, the results will of course change. The result will be laziness and unhappiness. Instead of having focused mind, one will have restless mental state. One can be ungrateful towards others who have done good to them or deserve respect. The amount of hard work and struggle also increases to achieve success in work. Here Saturn can also bring troubles during travel. These people are quite harsh in their communications. You may not have siblings or if you have the relation with the siblings will not be cordial. You may not be in touch with them for whatever reason. Relation with the friends and neighbours can also be cold. It is not a great idea to start your own venture if you have an afflicted Saturn sitting in the 3rd house from your ascendant.

Let us now come to the aspects of Saturn from the 3rd house. One thing we need to remember that wherever Saturn sits, he protects that house and wherever he looks, he causes harms to those houses.
So Saturn’s third aspect falls on the 5th house. It can give worries related to education, children and love. You may not be very lucky with speculative investments as well. It also harms high level of intelligence.

Next is Saturn’s 7th aspect which falls on the 9th house. This can cause differences with the father, with mentors. You may feel that luck and fortune does not support you as much. It can also cause trouble in higher education and long journeys. It makes you a traditional and spiritual person but not someone who is very fond of religious rituals.

Lastly Saturn’s 10th aspect falls on the 12th house. As far as expenses are concerned, this is actually not that bad; it shows that you are not a spendthrift. However, expenses will be there. Foreign journeys may cause monetary loss and health issues.



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