Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

August 2021 Horoscope for 12 Moon signs

Let us first see the positions of the planets in the sky in August. All dates are as per Indian Standard Time.

Slow moving planets are in the same status and placed in the same signs as in July; i.e. Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde are in Aquarius and Capricorn respectively. Rahu and Ketu are in Taurus and Scorpio.
In the first half of the month Sun remains in Cancer and is in weak state. Sun is in opposition with a super powerful Saturn since July and forms the exact opposition on 2nd August. The first week of the month will be unsettling and stressful for all of us in some aspects of our lives or the other. As I mentioned in my July forecast, this is also not a great time for the people in power and authorities. Sun then moves to his own sign Leo on 17th August and gains full strength and also gets Jupiter’s aspect. This indicates restoration of power and authority. However, with retrograde Jupiter, the best of the advice may not come to the people in authority.
Mars remains in Leo for the entire August. From 17 August onward Mars will get combust. Mars in Leo is a very strong placement for Mars, but combustion lower’s Mars’ strength. The good part is here Mars is also getting Jupiter’s aspect.
Mercury is in Cancer, will move to Leo on 9th August and then to Virgo on 26th August. Leo is a friendly sign and Virgo is the sign of Mercury’s exaltation. On 16 August Mercury will come out of the combustion. Mercury coming out of combustion and being exalted is good news for business, trade and stock market.
Venus remains in Leo till 11 August and on 11th he moves to his debilitation sign, Virgo. Both the placements are not good for Venus. For quite some time Venus has been closely moving with Mars from sign to sign, on 11th Venus will separate from Mars, which is a relief in itself. Debilitation of Venus will indicate relationship troubles or insecurities in relationships for many. It can also increase the cravings for materialistic assets, comfort and luxury. Things will improve a bit when Mercury comes to Virgo by end of the month creating Neech Bhanga or cancellation of debilitation.

In August the sign Leo is highly active. Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus all will come to Leo and all of them will also get aspect from Jupiter. Except for Venus, all other planets are strong at least during some part of the month and this is happening after a long time.

If you want to watch the video on August 2021 horoscope for 12 Moon signs, here is the link to the video:https://youtu.be/JttDbCRvtjY

Let us now find out what to expect in August for 12 moon signs. Use these predictions as a general guideline for the month. As always your current Mahadasha, Antardasha and your karmic footprint are the most important factors in getting results from the planets in transit.

Aries moon sign:
In August your sign lord Mars placed in your house of children and romance. This month will be good for people who are studying and appearing in competitive examinations. This month can be a bit stressful as far as profession is concerned, work load will also increase. If you are working independently there will be multiple opportunities or projects coming your way. Income prospects look good as well. You will earn from more than one source, but your expenses will also go up; therefore you need to spend wisely. There can be delay or obstacles in gain as well. Although first ten days look good for investments, you need to be cautious about it later on. There will be happiness from children. Some health issues may bother your children or differences with the children can be there too, however, there is nothing to worry about, things will be under control. It will be a good idea to maintain cordiality with your spouse, close family members and friends. Try to avoid arguments with the spouse. Mother’s health will need care. Your own health will also need attention. Some restlessness may be felt. Try to avoid long distance travel.

Taurus moon sign:
Till 11 August your sign lord Venus is placed in your house of domestic peace and property and will receive Jupiter’s aspect. From 11th to the rest of the month Venus will be in Virgo in your house of intelligence, romance and children. And it is debilitated there. Venus receives obstructions or vedha from giving full positive results this month. However, some amount of positivity related to property, wealth, vehicles will definitely be there. Due to Mars’ impact worry will be there too. At work place there may be a promotion or increment for you in the first half of the month. Work pressure and more responsibility will be there. Try to avoid any arguments with the seniors or colleagues. Your initiatives on the new ventures or skill development may face delays. Financially some speculative gain or profit from investments can be seen till 11th, but after that it would be better to be careful in these matters. After 11th August some worries related to children can pop up. Your romantic life and relation with your spouse needs care and attention in August. Domestic conflicts or differences with the spouse may disturb your peace of mind, but things will not go out of the hands. Try to keep cordiality with the siblings and friends. If you are a heart patient, take good care of your health. The mid-two weeks of August will be good for competitive exams and property matters.

Gemini moon sign:
The month starts with combust Mercury transiting through your house of wealth and family. It shows monetary gain for you, but at the same time there can be some delay as well. You will get help from your colleagues at work. Your speaking ability and communication will generate more income for you. On 9th August when Mercury moves to your house of self-effort, communication and siblings you may feel rise in competition at work. Try to avoid any misunderstandings in the workplace and also with friends and relatives. However, it is likely that with your own wisdom you will overcome these issues. This will be a good time to make new friends. When Mercury comes out of combustion on 16 August, you will start getting the results more prominently. Then Mercury goes to your house of happiness and property in Virgo on 26 August. Here Mercury gets exalted. Though there are obstructions or Vedha, Mercury will try his best to bring new opportunities of financial progress and success in work. Property related matters look positive. There are chances of winning in competitions or success in competitive examinations. This month is very good for higher education and travel.
Be careful of temper flare up in the first half of the month. Some disturbances in the financial and family matters will be felt in the first week of the month. Overall this month you will feel a new wave of energy and positivity. Support of luck, all round progress and prosperity will be there. Health will be good after 8 August, however it is best to remain careful since Saturn is retrograde in your 8th house and Rahu is transiting through your 12th house.

Cancer Moon sign:
At the beginning of August Moon is placed in your house of profession and Sun and Mercury are transiting through your own sign. Your health needs focus this month. Do not ignore blood pressure, head or heart related issues. Financially this month looks stressful, but you are likely to overcome it. Some gain can be expected in the middle two weeks of the month. Do not go for any kind of speculation or share market related investments. It would be best not to take loans or give loans. Curb your expenses as well. In August you will also get opportunities for spending good time with the family and friends provided you can keep cordiality with them. You also need to keep a check on your temper and the words that you speak. These may land you in disgraceful situation. Be careful of people with malicious intent or just bad company. You may indulge in enjoyments and luxuries. Try to avoid travel plans. Your inclinations towards music or musical skills may increase. Overall the planetary energies are not great for Cancer moon signs in August. Think twice before you take any important decision this month.

Leo moon sign:
Your sign lord Sun is placed in your house of expenses in the first half of the month. In the second half he is going to be in your own sign i.e. in Leo. In August Jupiter and Saturn are providing good support to you. There are quite a few planets which are not really favouring you. However, with Jupiter and Saturn’s favourable position, you are likely to pass the month without too much damage. Now let us see the areas of life where you need to be careful. First and foremost, you need to be careful about your health. Chances of injury or surgery cannot be ruled out as well. Mental stress can disturb sleep. Try to avoid altercation with your spouse. Some unsettling development in your workplace can impact your professional life. Home atmosphere can also be turbulent. Financially this is not the best month for investments. Try to curb unnecessary expenses to bring stability to your finances. The last week of the month can bring some respite in financial matters. Your ability to connect and effectively communicate with others will bring earnings for you. Do not let temper and ego get the better of you this month.

Virgo moon sign:
August begins with combust Mercury transiting through your house of gain. It has Veda as well. On 9th August Mercury moves to your house of expenses. Then Mercury goes to your own sign i.e. in Virgo on 26 August. Mercury gets exalted here. Overall till mid-August you will have a neutral to moderately good time, nothing greatly auspicious or awfully bad is going to take place. Sun in the first half can bring unexpected gains, social and professional elevation for you. Financially the first half is positive as well. Your investments will give you profit. In the second half of the month does not look that great. Some unnecessary heavy expenses can disturb your finances. There can be hurdles in your professional life. Health would need attention in the second half of the month. Mental anxiety and worry can also affect your health. There is a possibility of going abroad for some of you; the first half of the month is more congenial for travel. You are likely to enjoy intimacy with your spouse or romantic partner. However, try to avoid conflicts with your spouse. There can be some worry related to your children or their education as well.

Libra moon sign:
Till 11 August your sign lord Venus is placed in your house of gain and will receive Jupiter’s aspect. From 11th to the rest of the month Venus will be in Virgo in your house of expenses. This is Venus’ debilitation sign. When Mercury joins Venus at the end of the month, Venus gets some boost. This month is good for all aspects of your life. There will be gain of wealth, name and fame. Finances look good as well. There may be excellent gains from investments. There may be a foreign trip and some unnecessary expenses. Professionally this month is very good. Your work will get recognition and appreciation; promotions may be on the cards. However, you need to be careful that you do not get into conflict or any misunderstandings with the seniors and co-workers. You are going to enjoy a lot of sensual pleasures, socialisation like entertainment, fine dining etc. Your relationship with your spouse will be good, but fights will be there too. Health wise, you will be alright this month. If you are a heart patient, it would be better to be cautious. Mentally you may feel anxious and restless. Mother’s health will need attention. Try to avoid conflicts with your mother and spouse both. Some worry related to children’s matters will be there.

Scorpio moon sign:
August begins with your sign lord Mars is placed in your house of profession. From 17 August onwards Mars will get combust. Overall the second half of the month is looking better for you. In the first half you may feel some lack of dynamism in career front and in financial matters; expenses will also shoot up, however Jupiter’s aspect is not going to let things turn too negative for you. There will be progress in profession in the second half. You will overcome all competition and obstructions. Recognition of work will also be there. Last seven days of August is particularly good in profession and finance matters. Saturn is providing wonderful support to you if you are an entrepreneur. However, there may be some delays in materialising the plans. Try to maintain cordiality with the close relations, particularly with your father in the first couple of weeks of the month. Your relation with the spouse will be pleasant. You should take care of your health in August. Do not ignore any troubles related to chest, throat or spine. Be careful about injuries too.

Sagittarius moon sign:
Your sign lord Jupiter is retrograde and placed in your house of self-effort, new initiatives, siblings and hard work. You are at the final phase of your Sadesati, therefore some troubles are still there but at the same time new hopes are also there. In August planets in the sky are indicating some obstructions and less positivity for you. The first thing that draws attention is you should be careful of injuries this month. On the positive side there will be happiness from arrival of a new family member if it applies to you. There can be sudden gain of money as well. You need to work harder to achieve success in profession, and you are likely to apply your wits and wisdom to overcome the hurdles. The mid part of the month can bring tension related to work and finances. You also need to keep cordiality with relatives and spouse. It will be a good idea to curb expenses and spend wisely. You are likely to take part in some spiritual or virtuous activity in August and this is going to give you a lot of mental peace.

Capricorn moon sign:
Your moon sign lord Saturn is transiting though your sign and is retrograde. You are going through peak of sadesati. August is not a great month Capricorn moon signs. The saving grace is good transit of Jupiter which is going to give positivity in terms of wealth and gains. However, since Jupiter is retrograde, expect some delay as well. Professional and health worries are the two most important factors for you this month. Be careful of injuries and accidents too. Mental anxiety can affect your health too. It is also very important to maintain good relation with your spouse and keep peace in marital life. Try to maintain a cordial relation with all in the workplace. Some positivity in money matters and career front can be seen in the middle two weeks of the month. Try to cut down on expenditure. There are indications of gain of property. If you are thinking of buying a property I suggest, wait for a slightly better time because Venus in your 8th house has Vedha, will also be debilitated for most of the month and other planets are not really supporting you. There is a possibility of a happy journey with the family and friends.

Aquarius moon sign:
Your sign lord Saturn is retrograde in your house of expenditure, spirituality and foreign connections. You are going through the first phase of sadesati. Retrograde Jupiter is placed in your sign.
Your health remains good in the first half of the month, though the first few days may not be that great. There may be stomach related issues or trouble in the reproductive system. At work you will overcome all obstacles and there will be good flow of money for you. At the same time sudden expenses will also be there. The second half throws more challenges related to the profession. Try to avoid conflict with the spouse and business partners. Emotionally you will be quite vulnerable. Some happiness is seen in the last few days of the month. Be careful of argument or differences with the female members of the family. Property matters will be active this month; you may also buy a property or some expenditure will happen on property. This month think twice before you take any decisions. Some kind of recognition from the authorities or the government is possible. Spiritually this is a good month.

Pisces moon signs:
Your sign lord Jupiter is retrograde and is transiting through your house of expenditure, foreign travel and spirituality. Planets in August may throw some challenges your way. Expenses and health worries may bother you. Mental stress, professional worry can be there in the first half of the month. Financial gains and losses both are foreseen. There may be delays or interruptions in income due to Saturn’s retrogression. The second half looks slightly better though. Job prospects look good. You will overcome competition and opposition at work. Health will also improve. You need to be very cautious about your relation with your spouse this entire month. Saturn and Rahu are providing good support to you. You will win in competitions. With hard work you will succeed in your profession. Therefore I would call this month a mixed bag for Pisces moon signs.






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