Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Saturn in the ninth (9th) house of the birth chart

Today’s article is about Saturn’s placement in the 9th house of the birth chart and how it impacts your life if you have it. Please note that these results are only of Saturn’s position in the 9th house from the ascendant, not about what happens when other planets are conjunct with this Saturn or what aspect Saturn is receiving from other planets.

If you want to see the video on Saturn’s placement in the 9th house of your birth chart, here is the link: https://youtu.be/c5nHL58Yd1Y

What is 9th house in our chart? 9th house is the house of our tradition, religious activities, higher education, luck and fortune. It is the house of father and guru as well. Saturn also represents tradition amongst all other known significations.

A well placed Saturn in the 9th house is perfect for non-materialistic, educational and philosophical pursuits of life. These people like to do something for the benefit of the society. Saturn in the 9th house can make you very traditional in your views about culture and religion. You will have philosophical attitude towards life. You will have inclination towards performing benevolent and pious deeds. Vedic texts state that you will be remembered for your benevolent deeds even after your death. A well placed Saturn can give you very high education, like doctorates or Ph.Ds and you will have the perseverance to carry on with the higher education and complete it. You are a person who has a lot of patience and of calm temperament. 9th house represents law and ethics and Saturn does the same, so you are likely to have interest in law and justice. Saturn is the significator of profession. Being in the 9th house he can give you a profession as a teacher or a lawyer or even a judge. You may also hold an authoritative post in an educational or religious institute. You will have interest and understanding of astrology if you have Saturn in your 9th house.

There is also a chance that Saturn here will somehow encourage you to build a temple or a school. In some way or the other you will participate in building these. You are fond of travelling. A well placed Saturn here can most definitely give travel for educational or spiritual purposes or even foreign travel. You may not feel interested to get married if other planets also support that. There is also a possibility of marrying someone from a foreign country or foreign culture.

Now we know that Saturn is slow moving planet. When he is in the house of luck, prosperity and fortune, he can seriously slow down these aspects of your life, but at the same time there is a surety that with perseverance and hard work luck and fortune will eventually shine upon you. People who are below your social or economic status will be very lucky for you and you will get your prosperity with their help.
Saturn in the 9th house, if in good dignity, can give long life to your father, however, you may have differences with him. It also increases hardship in your father’s life. You may also have difficulty with the teachers or gurus and in accepting their point of views.

If Saturn is not really placed well or is afflicted in the 9th house, he can give quite opposite results. Either ways this placement is not great for your siblings, and friends.

Let us now see the impact of Saturn’s aspects from 9th house. Always remember, even if you have Yogakaraka Saturn, which means Saturn is your best planet in the chart, his aspects are always malefic. It is only when the aspect falls on Saturn’s own sign, it mellows down a little bit, but never becomes benefic.
Saturn aspects your 11th house of gain, earnings and friends from 9th house. You will not have too many friends who you can call your close friends. Your elder siblings may face problems in life. Materialistic gains are difficult to attain for you. Speculative investments are not likely to give benefit.

Saturn looks at your 3rd house of communication, courage, skills and siblings from here. You are likely to be a person of fewer words. Sometimes you may be speaking harsh and hurtful words too. You may not have younger siblings or there will be lack of bonding with them. Saturn can also create hindrance in learning new skills.

Lastly Saturn looks at your 6th house. Here Saturn can help in job and employment, but you will need to work really hard to progress. At almost every step you need to overcome competition or obstructions; conflict with others also increase. Your health can cause concern. Try not to borrow or lend money.



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