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Result of Debilitated Venus in the Birth Chart

What happens if you are born with the debilitated Venus in your birth chart?

Venus gets debilitated at 27 degree of Virgo.
With debilitation Venus’ natural significations like love, serenity, purity, happiness, marriage, romantic relationships, comforts of life, wealth etc. can get hampered and there will be superficiality in these matters but these are not completely destroyed in the chart. If you have debilitated Venus in the birth chart, you need to work hard to get the benefits of Venus related matters. One thing you should notice that when Venus is debilitated, he is placed 12 signs away from Libra, which is Venus’ Mooltrikon sign and the sign of relationships and partnerships. Therefore losses of comfort from relationships or issues in the relationships are the main feature of debilitated Venus.

Video link on YouTube – Debilitated Venus in the birth chart – Results for 12 Ascendants: https://youtu.be/A0CbFwKe7H4

Video link on YouTube – Why Venus gets Debilitated in Virgo: https://youtu.be/Np7bZepR6BU

Before we judge debilitated Venus in the birth chart, it is also very important to check the Navamsha position, conjunctions, aspects of other planets and if there is any cancellation of the debilitation in the chart. If there are positive influences on the debilitated Venus, the trouble will reduce and with negative influence the trouble will increase.
It is also important to know when you can see the effects of the debilitation. As per the Vedic texts, the most of the debilitation specific impacts come in the Dashas, i.e. mainly in the Mahadasha or Antardasha or Pratyantardasha of Venus. Even if you do not get the Mahadasha in your lifetime, you are bound to get the Antardasha or Pratyantardashas and the results will come then.

Let us see in a nutshell what the traits of debilitated Venus are – too much inclination towards materialistic achievement, preoccupation with appearance, money and assets, critical, perfectionist nature, high desires, low creativity and low spirituality. Let us now check the results for all ascendants. As you go through each house, you will find that debilitated Venus is not all that bad for every ascendant, being a naturally benefic planet, the results are mixed. Let us find out.

Debilitated Venus in the first house for Virgo ascendant – Venus is the lord of 2nd and 9th house for Virgo and placed in the ascendant. It is not really good to have a debilitated planet in the ascendant for health and confidence. Venus is also the trine lord. It shows that the person will be good looking but there will be insecurities about the appearance and personality. They will try constantly to improve their looks no matter how good they actually look in real life. There can be low self-confidence and lack of spiritual inclinations. They are intelligent people, but support of luck may not come easily. Wealth generation becomes problematic. The relationship with the parental family may not be cordial. These people are sexually very active. They are also calculating in the matters of relationships, but married life is normally good. They are likely to have a good looking spouse. Association with religious activities or such people or establishments can bring loss for them.

Debilitated Venus in the 2nd house for Leo ascendant – Venus rules the 3rd and the 10th house. The lord of the profession and initiatives is debilitated here. However, it is also placed in the trine from the 10th house. This position can give successful career in audit, finance or stock market. People in oil, mining related work will also do well with debilitated Venus in the 2nd house. Any work where critical approach is required will be successful. Money matters and wealth generation becomes the primary focus of life for these people, but one has to work really hard to keep the finances afloat. The significator for wealth is debilitated in the house of wealth. Here the person may be too status oriented or materialistic in his or her approach towards life. They also like to project themselves in a larger than life manner. When they speak, there will be a touch of criticism in it. Relation with the siblings may be difficult and there will be disturbances in the family life. Relationship with the spouse also suffers.

Debilitated Venus in the 3rd house for Cancer ascendant – Venus rules the 4th and the 11th house here. They will experience lack of comforts and conveyance. These may come late in life with a lot of effort. Constructive ambitions and ability to take initiatives will be low but materialistic desires run really high for these people. They may want to fill the vacuum of inner happiness and peace through fulfilment of materialistic desires which leads to further dissatisfaction. One may not own a house. Their artistic and musical skills may not be that great. These people may not have a cordial relation with their siblings and friends. Female friends and associates may be a source of distress. Comfort from mother is also limited for them. Relationship with the father will be good. Working hard to fulfil ambition, lack of happiness and social circle are the main factors here.

Debilitated Venus in the 4th house for Gemini ascendant – Venus is the lord of 5th and 12th house for Gemini. Venus here is debilitated, but in the Kendra house, and has directional strength. Therefore Venus strives hard to overcome his weakness here. With hard work and time Venus can give professional progress and prosperity with this position. Here Venus can give property and vehicles, but some loss related to these matters will also be there. Alternatively it can be seen as the native will spend a lot of money in buying property and vehicles. It can give property in foreign lands too. One may live away from the birth place or country. One may not be able to enjoy the pure happiness and contented feeling. They will also be very uncomfortable in their own company. Debilitated Venus in the 4th house is not very good for romantic relations. These people are also not very lucky regarding children. Relationship with the mother can also cause unhappiness or the mother can experience health issues. Physical intimacy in married life also reduces. This position of Venus can turn you spiritual while fighting with the odds of the life.

Debilitated Venus in the 5th house for Taurus ascendant – Venus is the lord of 1st and 6th house for Taurus and is placed in the trine. This position can give education related to medical field, pharmacology, health care and healing; but initially one needs to struggle really hard to do well in education. These people are highly ambitious and will chase success. Here the lord of romance is sitting in the house of romance, but he is weak. So romantic nature and romance will be there in life but there can be a tendency towards fault-finding in the romantic partner leading to setback in romance. There can be more than one romantic interest. Debilitated Venus in the 5th house gives critical view related to creativity and art. If seen from the other side, these people can be a very successful design and film critics. Venus here can give fluctuating flow of money. This is a good position for speculative earning and a career in share trading. It is seen that with this placement of Venus comes the trouble related to children, either not able to have children or some issue with the first child. Relationship with the children can also be spoilt because of one’s over criticising nature.

Debilitated Venus in the 6th house for Aries ascendant – Venus rules the 2nd and the 7th house for Aries ascendant. Placement in the 6th house is not a good placement for Venus anyway because here Venus loses his benefic qualities. On top of that since it is debilitated the inclination will be towards immoral activities, indulgence in luxury and too much of sensuality. It has serious impact on marriage and relation with the spouse. The relationship with the spouse can go sour because there will be a tendency to find fault in the partner. This applies not only for the life partner, but also for business partners. It is better to avoid partnership business with this position of Venus. It is a hyper-critical Venus here. This is a good position for speculative wealth and finances. However, expenses will be high too. Spiritual life for these people remains underdeveloped. Eye troubles may be there.

Debilitated Venus in the 7th house for Pisces ascendant – Here Venus rules the 3rd and the 8th house. Venus is not a good planet for Pisces ascendants. Here Venus impacts all kinds of relationships negatively. It shows that the spouse will be good looking, but he or she will not be able to fulfil native’s desires. Venus being debilitated creates issues in marriage due to overly lustful nature. Materialistic greed can ruin professional partnerships as well. There will be a lot of hidden factors and ups and downs in the relationship matters with this position of Venus. Well-being of the spouse is also of concern. Argumentative nature, lack of clear communication and laziness are the other vices of this placement.

Debilitated Venus in the 8th house for Aquarius ascendant – Venus is the lord of the 4th and the 9th house for Aquarius. Normally Venus in the 8th house can give property and wealth to the native; but when Venus is debilitated in the 8th house being the Yogakaraka planet for Aquarius, it is not a good sign. This becomes challenging. There can be difficulty in the domestic life and lack of contentment. Possibility of having comfort factors in life, like house, vehicles, peace becomes difficult. Luck factor will also be lacking. There may be trouble in pursuing higher education. Mother of the native may also have ill health. Possibility of getting inheritance or money from insurance claims reduce with this placement. Spirituality gets a set back and there is indulgence in sensual pleasures and insatiable passion.

Debilitated Venus in the 9th house for Capricorn ascendant– Venus rules the 5th and the 10th house for Capricorn and is the Yogakaraka planet. House placement-wise this is a great placement no doubt about it. It can give good higher education, and prosperity. However, the debilitation of the most positive planet in the chart indicates that the native will get all the wealth, fortune and luck after some hardships. One has to earn these, it will not come easily. There is a lot of emphasis on the materialistic achievement than the spiritual one. Venus here impacts two trine houses and one most powerful Kendra house, in other words, it impacts the higher education, luck, progeny and profession. It shows that matters related to children and love relations may suffer due to the critical nature of the native. Overall this is not that bad a placement for debilitated Venus.

Debilitated Venus in the 10th house for Sagittarius ascendant – Venus rules the 6th and the 11th house for Sagittarius ascendant. Venus is not a good planet for Sagittarius ascendants. This position shows that professional success can come from work where analytical mind is required having connection with money and finance. There will be some issues related to women in the workplace and that may cause difficulty in profession. It can also show ups and downs in the career and unsteady growth path. It also indicates that females natives need to take care of their dignity and respect at workplace. As per Vedic astrology texts, when the 6th lord is strong it helps to fight diseases and enemies. In this case the 6th lord is debilitated or weak. Therefore, health issues, debts and conflicts will bother the native. There may be lack of ambition and initiatives in life. However since three of the Upachaya houses are involved here, professional growth gets better with time if adequate effort is there.

Debilitated Venus in the 11th house for Scorpio ascendant – Venus rules the 7th and the 12th house and is placed in the highest of the desire houses being debilitated. Desires and ambition run very high in these people. Marriage, wife, and marital bliss get negatively impacted here. The person is never satiated in these matters. Multiple affairs can be there. Multiple earning opportunities will be there and at the same time there may be difficulties to materialise those opportunities. If one does not work hard, these opportunities tend to slip away. Financial gain comes in abundance, particularly from speculative schemes or from such professions. With this Venus one may not be able to create a supportive social circle. One may face issues if they enter into a contract. It also indicated earnings from foreign sources and also loss of earnings because of some foreign connections or hospitalisation.

Debilitated Venus in the 12th house for Libra ascendant – Here Venus is the ascendant lord and the lord of the 8th house. As per Vedic texts, Venus does very well in the 12th house, but to get the benefits of such Venus, he should be placed well and strong; not as the ascendant lord and in the debilitated state. Again as per our ancient texts, if the 8th lord is strong and placed in the good houses like Kendras and Trines, it is good for longevity. Here Venus is not only weak but also placed in the house of loss. Therefore this is a tricky position for Venus. It indicates strong possibility of foreign travel and residing in a foreign country. These people will indulge in a lot of luxury and physical relations but there will be lack of warmth in physical relations. They will also spend huge amount of money on these matters. Marriage and cordiality with the spouse can cause concern. It also indicates ups and downs in health matters and concern for well-being. One should be careful of water related accidents too.



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