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September 2021 Horoscope for 12 Moon signs

In September 2021 some big changes are taking place in the sky. Let us find out about the slow moving planets first. The big event of September is Jupiter’s transit back to the sign of Capricorn in retrograde motion. Retrograde Saturn is placed in Capricorn. We know that Capricorn is Jupiter’s debilitation sign, but Jupiter is getting cancellation of debilitation because of Saturn. Jupiter also activates the natural Artha trikon and calms Rahu’s impact by his aspect. Rahu and Ketu are in Taurus and Scorpio respectively.

Now coming to the fast moving planets. In the first half of the month powerful Sun remains in Leo and on 17 September Sun moves to Virgo. Sun receives Jupiter’s aspect throughout the month barring a few days in the middle of the month. Mars moves to Virgo on 6th September. On the same day Venus moves out of Virgo and goes to Libra. In Libra Venus is very powerful but is also self-restrained because he is receiving Saturn’s aspect. Mars, the planet of energy, logic and action is combust the entire month, but the good part is he receives Jupiter’s aspect for most of the time. Mercury is powerfully placed in Virgo till 21 September. On 22nd September Mercury moves to Libra and joins Venus there. In Libra Mercury comes under Saturn’s aspect. Soon after Mercury enters Libra, he turns retrograde on 27 September.

In September the 2-6-10 trine i.e. the Artha triangle is highly active in the Kaalpurush chart or natural chart. You can check my video on Jupiter’s retrogression where I have discussed the results of Jupiter’s move to Capricorn. Here is the link : https://youtu.be/NVyG4fCHWFw. Overall, not a bad month; one thing to note in September’s transit is three planets Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury will be retrograde from 27th onwards. It indicates some unsettling events to take place around that time and in the next month too. Let us now find out what to expect in September for 12 moon signs.

Watch the video on September 2021 horoscope prediction: https://youtu.be/ZBoG-CjAWWM

Aries moon sign:
In the beginning of September your sign lord Mars placed in your house of children and romance. On 6th September Mars will move to Virgo in your 6th house. Jupiter is moving back to your 10th house on 14th September. Jupiter’s move back to Capricorn can cause worries related to your profession and negative thoughts in your mind. Property matters can cause tension as well. However, your big strength in September will be Mars’ and Sun’s good position in your 6th house and Jupiter’s aspect on both of them. Although Mars is combust, he is getting boost from Jupiter. If you are planning to clear any competitive examinations, you will do well, but you need to work hard for it. Income will be good in September. Change of job may happen in the second half of the month. Try to avoid differences with the seniors at workplace during the last week of the month. Venus and Saturn both indicate not so good time for your married life. Avoid conflicts at all costs. Spouse’s health may cause concern too. Children’s health may cause worry in the second half. Try to avoid differences with them as well. Your own health looks troublesome in the last week. However, if you have been suffering from an old disease, you are likely to recover in the second half.

Taurus moon sign:
Your sign lord Venus will move to the 6th house on 6 September. On 14th Jupiter is moving back to your 9th house in Capricorn which is a very good transit for you and is also the saving grace for you this month. All other planets are not really supporting Taurus moon signs in September. You can expect some improvement in the second half when Jupiter moves to your 9th house. The financial situation will also improve then. There can be long distance travel as well. In general the month indicates mental anxiety and lack of peace. It will be better to take care of health, particularly of any stomach related issues, high blood pressure and heart. Avoid property related deals and speculative investments this month. Do not let differences with the spouse escalate. Children’s matters may keep you occupied too. Try to curb expenses this month. Overall September looks a bit challenging for you. One good strategy to pass this month will be to remain calm and detached from the happenings around you. You attend to the need of the hour, but try not to react to the disturbances. Resorting to meditation and spirituality will help.

Gemini moon sign:
Your sign lord Mercury is placed in the 4th house till 22nd September and then will move to the 5th house from your Moon. On 14th Jupiter is moving back to your 8th house in Capricorn. Venus and Ketu are providing you good support to you in September. This will be a good month for socialising and creativity. You will do well in competitive examinations. Finances look good too. The first half of the month is better than the second half in the matters of professional progress and health. Your initiatives and efforts will yield good results. You will do well in studies. You may learn new skills as well. In the second half there are chances of higher competition at workplace and you need to work harder to see success or retain the job. Mother’s health will need attention. Take care of your own health too. Expenditure will go up or there may be some financial loss. Avoid arguments and differences with the close family members, spouse and spouse’s family members. Spouse’s health may cause concern. Try to avoid travel unless it is urgent.

Cancer Moon sign:
At the beginning of September Moon is placed in your 12th house. On 14th September Jupiter is moving back to the 7th house of spouse and partners, but receives obstruction in giving the full positive results. However, it is much better than Jupiter being in the 8th house. September will start with some tension and difficulties but as the days pass, the month will get better for you. The second half of the month is going to be quite good for you. There will be some amount of financial worries and family conflicts in the first half, but the second half indicates good prospects in career matters and for income. Multiple earning opportunities can open up. You will feel more confident and be successful in your work. Try to avoid misunderstandings with your colleagues. Your health will also be good. Mental worry will be there. If you are appearing in competitive exams, try to prepare well for success. Your relation with your spouse will be relatively cordial in the second half. If you are looking to get married, with Jupiter’s move chances of marriage will open up, but it may not materialise immediately. There will be elevation in your status in September.

Leo moon sign:
Your sign lord Sun is placed in your sign in the first half of the month. In the second half he is going to be in your 2nd house in Virgo. Jupiter is moving back to the 6th house of on 14th September. Financial worries and domestic discord can create difficulties for you in the second half of September. There will be high expenditure as well. Jupiter’s move is not great for your health, happiness and your relation with your spouse, but it is good for your career and assets. Mercury and Venus are also providing good support to your finances and profession. Saturn’s placement is highly favourable for job prospects. Career-wise September will be a good month for employed people. Therefore I would call September a month of mixed outcomes. Try to keep calm and also keep your ego under check, both at work and at home. Be cautious of health issues like digestion and blood pressure related issues and injuries. Spouse’s health may cause worries.

Virgo moon sign:
September begins with powerful Mercury transiting through your own sign. On 22nd September Mercury moves to your 2nd house. Jupiter moves back to your 5th house on 14 September which is very good for you. Venus is also providing excellent support to your personal life and relationships. This is a wonderful month if you are planning to take your romantic relations to the next level and talk about marriage. Money will be spent on entertainment, fine dining and recreation. Income will also be there. Your financial position and work situation are also likely to improve particularly in the second half. There can be gains from investments and speculation. Your children will do well. You need to be a bit careful about your health and injuries in September. Try to maintain your calmness and control aggression or irritability. Try to avoid property related matters this month. Maintain good relation with your spouse. Expenses will be high and anxiety will be there too.

Libra moon sign:
September begins with your sign lord Venus being placed in your 12th house. On 6th September Venus will move to your sign. It is a very nice move for Venus, but due to receiving obstructions, the results will not be fully available. However, some amount of financial gains will be there. Jupiter is moving back to the 4th house of on 14th September. This can be a bit challenging for you. Try to avoid property related decisions. Do not get involved in lawsuits. Finances will need attention too. Curb all unnecessary expenses. Try to maintain cordiality in relation with spouse and other close relatives and friends. Your health needs care in September. Meditate to reduce mental anxiety. Try to avoid travel unless it is absolutely urgent.

Scorpio moon sign:
Your sign lord Mars is placed in your 11th house of gain from 6th September. It is a very nice transit but Mars being combust, you may face some hurdles and difficulties in income and gains. Now at the same time Jupiter is moving back to your 3rd house on 14th September and is going to aspect Mars from there. Over all this month is very positive for you and the second half looks more favourable. You will enjoy good health, success and financial gain in September. This will be the month for working hard on your initiatives. You will have an edge over your competitors in studies and at work too, but you need to work hard. There may be chances of promotion or increment. Financially this is a moderately positive month. Financial matters in the last week of the month can give you anxiety. Travel will be there for you and expenses due to travel and enjoyments will also be there. Relationship with the spouse will be good.

Sagittarius moon sign:
Your sign lord Jupiter is going back to your second house on 14th September, however, receives Vedha or obstruction. Some of the planets which are transiting through good houses for you are receiving obstructions in giving full results this month. However, Mercury supports you well and Jupiter’s aspect on the important planets will also help you. The second half of the month will give better results for you. Financial, professional worries and high expenditure can disturb your mental peace in the first half of the month. In the second half you are likely to do well in career. New career opportunities may also come. Try to avoid differences with the seniors at work. Your friends may help you. This month may be moderate for earnings from shares or speculation. Health issues will go down as well. Be careful of injuries. Your spiritual inclinations will increase in September. Overall you can expect moderate results in September.

Capricorn moon sign:
Your moon sign lord Saturn is retrograde and you are going through peak of sadesati. Jupiter is moving back to your 1st house on 14th September. The last week of the month can bring better career prospects and some unexpected monetary gain. For rest of the month Capricorn moon signs need to exercise caution in most of the matters. Try to maintain peace in home atmosphere. Be careful of injuries and accidents. Issues in the chest area can cause concern as well. Mother’s health will need attention. Do not keep your expectations too high this month. Try to resort to meditation and prayers for calming down your anxious mind.

Aquarius moon sign:
Jupiter is going back to your 12th house of expenditure, foreign connections and spirituality on 14 September. Retrograde Saturn is also placed there. Venus is providing excellent support to you this month. Property related matters will be good for you. You may purchase a property as well. You will be inclined towards benevolent work. Spirituality will be high in you as well. Some gain from the authorities will be there. Chances of travel related to places of religious interest or for education, entertainment purpose are also there. However, considering placements of other planets, I would suggest not to schedule travel this month. As far as positions of other planets are concerned, they can throw some challenges your way in September. Professional and financial worries will be there. Some set-back in the business can also be there. Curb all expenditure and do not take or give loans. Health-wise you need to be extremely careful this month. Accidents, injuries or hospitalisation can be there as well. Spouse’s health will also need attention. Try to avoid differences with the spouse and also with the co-workers and business partners. Resorting to spirituality can mitigate a lot of the issues this month.

Pisces moon signs:
Your sign lord Jupiter is moving back to your 11th house of gain on 14 September, but is receiving obstruction. Saturn this month is free of obstructions and is providing excellent support to you, opens up new opportunities and potential for earnings. Venus is indicating success and gain in property matters. Monetary situation also improves. The last week of the month is really good for money matters and financial gains. Comforts in life also increases then. The second half of the month can cause some concerns about marriage, spouse’s health and partnerships. It would be better to avoid major differences with the spouse and also with the business partners. First few days are moderate for success in competition or legal matters. Family disputes can disturb your peace in September. At work try to keep a low profile and avoid conflicts with the seniors and co-workers. New job prospects may also knock at your door. Health-wise be careful of stomach related issues. This is not the best month for travel.



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