Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Rahu transits in Krittika Nakshatra : 05 Sep 2021 to 14 June 2022

As per mean node calculations Rahu will be transiting in Krittika Nakshatra on 5th October 2021.
Krittika is spread over Aries and Taurus both. The first Charan or Pada falls in Aries and three are in Taurus. Since Rahu moves in backward motion, Rahu will enter Krittika through the 4th Pada and then move up to the 2nd Pada in Taurus and then will enter the first Pada of Krittika in Aries. Rahu is going to be in the Taurus side of Krittika from 5th October 2021 to 12 April 2022. Then from 12 April 2022 to 14 June 2022 Rahu will be in the Aries side of Krittika.

If you want to hear it on the video visit my YouTube channel. Here is the link to the video: https://youtu.be/N_mO__eHHl4

Sun rules Krittika Nakshatra and Agni or the fire God is the Deity, but Krittika’s nature is Rakshas, i.e. demonic nature. The nakshatra signifies motivation for desire fulfilment. If you see the symbol of Krittika, it is a sharp blade or flame. So from all angles Krittika exudes the energy that is aggressive, combative, focused, driven by desires at the worldly level and also spiritual and divine at the higher level of existence. The word Krittika means the one that cuts. At the worldly level it can mean digging beneath the surface to find the hidden truth. On the spiritual level it can mean cutting away the negative aspects of life and purification of the soul. Krittika is the nakshatra of radical changes.

Rahu is our insatiable desire, materialistic cravings for money, assets, name, fame, beauty and what not. Rahu also deceives, and gets what he wants by all possible means. Rahu also takes us to the spiritual path. How does that happen? Rahu lures us with all sorts of materialistic lures and sees if we can control ourselves. If we cannot, Rahu will take us for a ride, but if we can, we step into the path of liberation. Rahu has this habit of exploding the significations of the place wherever he sits, be it the Rashi, the house or at the nakshatra level.

So when Rahu moves to Krittika there can be some radical transformations in our lives and these transformations will come quite suddenly, unexpectedly, may be by exposure of hidden truths or by removal of the rotting, non-functional factors from our lives. Now by the word transformation we normally fear the worst, but mind that this can be a very positive transformation as well. For example, this will be the time to forget the past emotional wounds and come out in a new avatar. Or if you have been suffering from any disease and the right diagnosis has not happened so far, this will be a time when the right diagnosis will happen and you will come out of the health troubles. With all deep changes, some amount of pain is always involved and it applies here too. For many of us sudden, sharp turn in our lives’ path will change the way we have been living so far; for some it may mean streamlining the finances, family ties and so on.

Rahu in the Taurus side of Krittika can give a boost to the creativity, performing arts and music. This means having babies for many of you as well. A lot of emphasis will be on good food, good clothes and looking good. When Rahu is in the Aries side of Krittika that will be a time when aggressive actions and big sudden changes will come.

I shall now briefly discuss the results of this transit for all birth Nakshatras. When we are discussion transits through nakshatras, it is best to see the results from the birth nakshatra. Check in which Nakshatra your birth Moon is placed; that is your birth nakshatra.

Ashwini, Magha or Mula as birth nakshatra: You are born in Ketu nakshatra and Rahu in Krittika means some challenges and obstructions in life. You need to work harder to achieve success. Financial worries and mental anxiety can be there too.

If your birth nakshatra is Bharani, Purva Phalguni or Purvashada: You are born in Venus Nakshatra. Rahu’s transit in Krittika will be very good for wealth, prosperity and happiness. Overall this is a fortunate transit for you. Try to utilise this time to best of your abilities.

If your birth nakshtra is Krittika or Uttara Phalguni or Uttarashada: You are born in Sun’s nakshatra. Rahu’s transit in Krittika means you can expect medium results. Do not ignore any health and well-being related issues. At work there may be some change waiting for you. For success rely more on your own hard work than on luck. Some anxiety or sadness may be experienced in life.

If your birth nakshatra is Rohini or Hasta or Sravana: You are born in Moon’s nakshatra. Rahu in Krittika will bring opportune time for you. Gains will be there. This will be a good phase for auspicious events and spiritual practices. Overall you can expect good results.

If your birth nakshatra is Mrigashira, Chitra or Dhanistha: You are born in Mars’ nakshatra. Rahu’s transit in Krittika is favourable for you. There will be happiness and new companionship. Dhanishtha borns may have mental anxiety and some amount of sadness may be experienced, again need to check with the promises of the dashas.

If your birth nakshatra is Ardra, Swati or Shatabhisha: You are born in Rahu’s nakshatra. This transit of Rahu signifies some kind of transformation for you. There can also be completion of a project or a work. You need to be careful about your health if your dashas are also indicating health issues. Overall it would be better not to initiate anything or take any life changing decisions till Rahu is in Krittika.

If your birth nakshatra is Punarvasu, Vishakha or Purva Bhadrapada: You are born in Jupiter’s nakshatra. Rahu’s transit in Krittika will be good for you. This is the time for achieving your goals, fulfilment of ambitions and success. Whatever you have worked on so far will start to give good results now.

If your birth nakshatra is Pushya, Anuradha or Uttara Bhadrapada: You are born in Saturn’s nakshatra. This transit of Rahu may not bring great news for you. Anuradha born people need to be a bit more careful. Overall there will be some obstacles in your work. Try not to engage in conflicts with anyone. Do not get into litigation etc. Try to pass this phase peacefully and without much expectation.

If your birth nakshatra is Aslesha, Jyestha, or Revati: You are born in Mercury’s nakshatra. Rahu in Krittika will bring overall well-being and upliftment in life. There will be prosperity and increase in fortune for you. If you have been suffering from any health issues, this phase will bring recovery for you. It will be a good time to explore your spiritual potential as well. Enjoy this transit of Rahu.






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