Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Aries 2022 Yearly Horoscope

All major planets are transiting to the next sign between mid-April and end of April. After April there will be a major shift in the way you have been living so far. In 2022 Jupiter will move from your 11th house to your 12th house in April, but in his own sign of Pisces. Till April you will see several professional opportunities and gains from investment. This will be a very good time for social networking. If you are in creative fields, this phase will be excellent for you. Marriage is a definite possibility for some of you. This is a good phase for reconciliation with the spouse or business partners, if this applies to you. The phase after April opens up potential for high spiritual development. Some of you may want to spend some time in solitude connecting with your inner self. Your expenses will be high after April. Since Jupiter is in his own sign, these expenses will be for benevolent causes or for productive reasons like education, creative pursuits, foreign travel etc. Some expenditure can also happen because of health reasons. Possibility of hospital visits remain as well. At the same time recovery is also promised since Jupiter is in Pisces. There will be arrival of a child for the potential Aries people, may be your own child or perhaps your grandchild. Relocation, living away from family are a possibility.

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Rahu will move to your sign and Ketu will be in your 7th house. Before April you have the possibility of sudden health issues or injuries. After April you need to keep a tab on your expenditure. Rahu and Ketu are indicating unnecessary expenses for you. Rahu in your first house will increase focus on yourself and Ketu in the 7th can create differences with the spouse if you are married. Relation with the business partners will also need care. In general you need to be a bit careful in your dealings with others if you want to avoid making enemies. Professionally you will be very focused on your own career growth. There will be sudden gains in large amounts as well. Health issues, mental worry can build up. The problem of Rahu and Ketu are they tend to keep the diseases hidden, therefore eat well, go for regular check-ups and do your exercises too. Travel will be there. For some of you foreign travel is also possible with Jupiter being in the 12th house. There may be relocation after April. Parents’ health will need attention.

2022 begins with Saturn in your 10th house. Saturn briefly goes to your 11th house for two and a half months between end of April and July and then comes back to the 10th house. Although 11th house transit of Saturn is very auspicious, you may not see any perceivable changes in such a short time because Saturn is very slow moving planet. However, possibility of professional growth, promotion remains for some of you. There may be a good news about your children. After mid-July you will experience more or less similar results as you experienced in 2021. Your health and your mother’s health will need attention. Once Saturn comes back to your 10th house it is very likely that some of you will start pursuing a very different career. This will be the final chance for you to rethink about your professional goals and reorganise things accordingly. Relocation is also indicated for you.

Health-wise it will be better to exercise some extra caution between May and mid-July. Your sign lord Mars will be retrograde in November and December. You need to be a bit more in the last two months of the year too.

So in a nutshell we can see that in 2022 all major planets are indicating the same theme for you. Your health and wellbeing take the centre stage in 2022. Do not ignore any health related discomfort. Travel and relocation can happen. Foreign travel is also a possibility. Expenditure will be high. Some unexpected earnings or sudden large amount of earnings can come your way. Parent’s health may cause concern. Spiritually 2022 will be a wonderful year for you and spirituality will help you to overcome all odds.





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