Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Libra 2022 Yearly Horoscope

2022 begins with Jupiter in your 5th house, Saturn in the 4th house, Rahu in your 8th and Ketu in the 2nd house. Venus, your sign lord will be in Sagittarius, your 3rd house. Venus will be retrograde and combust. The four major planets i.e. Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are transiting to the next sign between mid-April and end of April.

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Libra moon signs and ascendants particularly moon signs will enjoy a very good and prosperous time till mid-April. Professional progress, promotion will be there. Investments will yield good returns. People in creative fields and in education field will do very well. Marriage is a possibility for the eligible people. Children’s health will be good and they will prosper. Some of you may get a baby too. It is a good time for socialisation. This will also be a very good time for spiritual practices. For Libra ascendants there may be some worries related to children’s health or there may be differences with them. After mid-April Jupiter will move to the 6th house. This will not be a great time for you but the good part is he will be in his own sign. If you have been suffering from a disease or fighting court cases, there will be recovery and some solution will come. Jupiter here can give stomach or liver related issues as well. So it is better to be cautious about health. Try to avoid conflicts with others particularly with your spouse. You need to pay extra attention at work and maintain good relation with the boss. Libra ascendants can expect similar results but at the same time they will come across new professional opportunities and can go abroad as well. Your savings are likely to increase.

Saturn will make a quick round in your 5th house between end of April and mid-July. He will come back to your 4th house after that and will stay there for rest of the year. Saturn is unlikely give much result in those two and a half months. However, if you have investments in shares or stocks, you need to be careful, so you do not make loss. Avoid conflict with all, relatives, friends or spouse. Take care of health. When Saturn goes back to your 4th house he brings back the issues that you faced in 2021 and before May 2022. Property matters may get delayed. For Libra ascendants Saturn is Yogakaraka. So he is going to give better results for the Libra ascendants. If you are thinking or pursuing technical education, you will get a good chance. Property matters will get delayed but will ultimately come to you or will give gains. You will gain respect and achievements will be there for you. You will feel quite motivated to go for spiritual practices. Both Libra moon sign and ascendants need to be careful of their mother’s health. Spouse and children’s health can also cause deep concern.

Rahu will be moving to your 7th house in April. Till April you need to be careful of health issues and anxiety. There may be differences with the family members. Be careful of unscrupulous people. Sudden gain of money from inheritance or insurance may be there for you. Tax matters can create some difficuties too. After April there may be chances of foreign travel due to your profession. Sudden gain in business is also possible. Some of you may get into a new business with a partner from a very different background. Your married life needs care and attention after April. Make sure that you are not the one who is at fault. Spouse’s health can cause concern as well. Try to avoid litigation or loans. Be a bit careful of new partnerships and do a proper background check before trusting them.

Ketu moves to your first house in April. This may create indecisiveness in your mind. Anger and agitation can be there too. You need to curb all unnecessary expenditure to manage your finances. Avoid arguments and try to keep peace with all. Try not to take loans.

What I gather from this analysis is in 2022 till April you will be having comparatively good time. After April Libra people need to be careful in all respects. Do not ignore any health issues. For some of you marriage, spouse’s health, children’s health or mother’s health will need attention. Property matters will be in focus. New partnerships, be it personal or professional, can form, just be a bit careful of the intention of this new person. Foreign travel and relocation can be there too. Overall it will be better for you to take experts’ opinions before you decide to do anything new. The year 2022 will be slightly better for Libra ascendants than Libra moon signs.





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