Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Virgo 2022 Yearly Horoscope

2022 begins with Jupiter in your 6th house, Saturn in the 5th house, Rahu in your 9th and Ketu in the 3rd. Your sign lord Mercury will be in your 5th house in Capricorn in the beginning of the year. Mercury will also be retrograde and combust. The four major planets i.e. Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu will be transiting to the next sign between mid-April and end of April. Let us now see what 2022 has in store for you.

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Till mid-April you need to give proper attention to your health. A discontented feeling may bother you as well. Some difficulty in the workplace and with the spouse can be there too. Spouse’s health will need attention. If you have plans to start a new project or a new venture, hold on for a few months and begin after April. After April Jupiter will move to a very favourable 7th house. The first thing that improves is your business and your relationship with your spouse. Domestic peace will be there too. Marriage is a strong possibility for many eligible Virgos. There will be long distance journeys because of work. Some of you will get recognition at the workplace. Your social circle will expand and you will come in contact with several knowledgeable people. They will prove to be helpful in your career or in fulfilling your ambition. This will be a good time for property matters. Your health will be in great shape. There will be a stark improvement in your personality and presence. Virgo ascendants are going to enjoy the same good results and are likely to gain some weight.

Saturn will make a short trip to your 6th house between end of April and mid-July. This is a very positive move of Saturn, but being a slow mover he is not likely to give perceivable results during this short time. You will surely reap the positive benefits of Saturn in 2023. So for most of the year you will get results of Saturn as it has been in 2021. Saturn will help you to get technical education. Some block in romantic relations or education can happen too. Take care of children’s health. However, since Saturn will be in his own sign, children will do well in life as well. Some mental anxiety will be there in 2022 because of family issues. Virgo ascendants will be interested in spiritual practices. You will also get the benefit of your past life deeds. If you try to connect to your inner self by spiritual practices, that will be very good for you because after 2022 Saturn will not come back here for next 29 or 30 years. Try to see the positive side of the life and not focus much on what went wrong for you.

Let us now see what results Rahu and Ketu are promising in 2022 for you. Rahu will bring foreign travels, higher education at foreign universities for you till April. You will also feel quite inclined towards religious pursuits. Differences with the father, teachers or family members can be there. Father’s health may also need attention. After April Rahu will move to your 8th house. This can bring some unexpected monetary gains for you. This can be in the form of inheritance or insurance claims or pending tax refunds etc. Now for other things this is not the best of the transits of Rahu. Health matters will come to the focus after April. Be careful of contagious diseases. Be careful of people working against you at work or in personal life. There may be some adverse results in business. Try to stay away from all kinds of unethical activities. For example, many of us do not even consider violating the traffic rules as unethical, but when Rahu comes to the 8th house, people have to pay hefty price for even the smallest of the unethical work. So it would be better to be careful. Accidents or injuries cannot be ruled out as well.

Ketu will give financial gains and progress in work front till April. After that you need to be very careful with your finances. Try to curb all unnecessary expenditure. Married life may come under strain. Try to be at best of your conduct with the spouse and spouse’s family. Change of residence can happen. Avoid getting entangled in litigation if possible.

What I gather from what I discussed above, is 2022 is going to be a fairly challenging year for Virgo people after April. Do not ignore any health issues in 2022. This is more so because of Rahu and Ketu’s energy shift. Although Saturn is in your 5th house, he is in his own sign, so I do not call this bad at all. You need to be careful during Saturn’s retrogression and combustion period though. Your sign lord Mercury will also be combust and retrograde in January. So be careful of health, and what decisions you are taking particularly in January and again from July to October. However, there is no need to panic because a strong Jupiter comes as your saviour. It is quite likely that with Jupiter’s blessings you will overcome all odds in 2022.





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