Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Sagittarius 2022 Yearly Horoscope

The year 2022 begins with Jupiter, your sign lord in your 3rd house, Saturn in the 2nd house, Rahu in 6th and Ketu in your 12th house. All of these four major planets are transiting to the next sign between mid-April and end of April and you are going to experience very different results post April. We have to take into account that last couple of years have not given great results to you, but now things are going to change. Let’s see how 2022 will be for you.

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With Jupiter in your 3rd house till April you will experience some obstacles in your work. For some of you there may be change of job. You need to maintain good rapport with your colleagues and also with your superiors to keep things smooth at workplace. Try to maintain good relation with your friends and siblings. Stay away from any kind of difficult situations with your neighbours as well. In short do not get into fights with anyone. There will be chances of travel, but travel may not give the results that you are expecting. You will help others. Possibility of marriage also remains there for some of you. After April Jupiter comes to your 4th house and this can bring some worries related to profession and finance for you. There may be some road blocks in the career. Mother’s health can cause worries too. If you are not careful, your relationship with your close friends and family members may get strained. However, since Jupiter will be in his own sign, you will see reduced intensity of troubles and solution will also come quite easily. This was for Sagittarius moon signs. Sagittarius ascendants will experience much better results than Sagittarius moon signs. Relocation can be there for Sagittarius ascendants till April. If you are trying to sell your property, it will get sold. Change of residence is on the cards. If you are going for higher studies, this year will be favourable. Work wise, you will do well. Possibility of name and fame related to your work is very much there. There can be opportunities for you in a foreign country or a different city. Your interest in spirituality and religious deeds will increase. Be a bit careful of accidents and injuries after April. Your expenses will be high, but most of it will be for some useful or benevolent reasons.

Saturn will briefly move to your 3rd house between end of April and mid-July. This is a good transit of Saturn for you breaking the impact of Sadesati for Sagittarius moon signs. These two and a half months you will feel relief from the effects of Sadesati. However, Saturn comes back to your 2nd house after mid-July bringing back Sadesati and for most of the year he will be in your 2nd house only. Therefore you are likely to plan a new project, a new avenue of earning between May and July, I suggest, hold on to these plans this year. Once Saturn permanently breaks Sadesati for you and goes to your 3rd house in 2023, that will be the time to implement these ideas and these will then bring great success to you. In general Saturn in 2022 will give results like 2021. Try to avoid disputes and do not overspend. Stay away from litigation. Sagittarius ascendants will be slightly better off than the moon signs. For most of you there will be steady income. If your income is related to shares, stocks, it may see some drastic highs and lows. Travel will be there. Property mattes may create some worries or there may be delays in property matters. Injuries, health issues are possible.

Now coming to Rahu and Ketu’s results for you in 2022. Rahu will be very favourably placed in your 6th house till April. Rahu will keep on supporting you financially and in the career till April. If you are fighting a court case, the result may come in your favour. When Rahu moves to your 5th house in April, he can bring worries related to your children. Children’s health, their progress in life and your relation with them, one or all may become important. Financially you can expect both up and down after April. If you have investments in speculative schemes, shares etc. there can be unexpected gains or loss. Your decision making ability may also be a bit clouded. Rahu can bring love relation with a person who is very different from you in background and also culturally. It is also possible that this person may not be as he or she appears to be, after all Rahu is illusion and confusion.

Ketu moves to a very good position in your 11th house after April. This helps in property matters because Ketu in transit in the 11th house will give gains related to property. Your ambitions will get fulfilled. You may begin a work that will give you very good returns. Investments are likely to yield positive results as well. Overall Ketu promises a peaceful and productive year for you after April. If you have grown up children, they may get married during this time. For some of your differences with the family members can develop.

If we see all the results collectively, it looks like Sagittarius ascendants are going to have a better year than the moon signs. Since your sign lord Jupiter is coming to his own sign, that itself is a very positive notion after April. Professional life will be good after April. Promotion or increment will be there too. Financial aspect will be good. However there will be some ups and downs in investments. Property related matters will come into focus in 2022. Health will need more care between third week of February and March. Overall 2022 will be a positive year.





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