Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Scorpio 2022 Yearly Horoscope

The year 2022 begins with Jupiter in your 4th house, Saturn in the 3rd house, Rahu in 7th and Ketu in your sign. Mars will also be in your sign. All four major planets are transiting to the next sign between mid-April and end of April. After April there will be a major shift in the way you have been living so far.

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In April Jupiter will move from your 4th house to your 5th house and in his own sign of Pisces. This will be a wonderful transit for you. Last year Scorpio Moon signs may not have gotten great results from Jupiter, but Scorpio ascendants must have received good results related to finance and education after November 2021. This same trend will carry on till mid-of April 2022. After that Jupiter promises all good things for both Scorpio Moon signs and ascendants. There will be success in all you work. Promotion at work is very likely for many of you. More efforts and sincerity you put in your work, more rewards come your way. This applies for students pursuing higher studies as well. Multiple opportunities will come your way. Your creativity will be very high. If you have a career in the performing art, music theatre etc. Jupiter promises an excellent year for you. Financially your troubles will go away. Investments will give good returns. If you are looking forward to get married or have a romantic relation, this year will be good for you. If you are married and looking to have a child, 2022 will be good year for that. Overall your decision making ability will enhance. With your intellect, wisdom and right thought process you will curve path to a bright future for yourself. Trust your intuition. Socially this year will be excellent for you. Your network circle will increase.

Saturn’s transit in your 4th house for a brief two and a half months Between end of April and mid of July can create circumstances for transfer, relocation or going away from home or home country. Some professional worries will be there too. Some unwanted expenditure can happen too. This may be because of higher studies or work. For some of you there may be a situation of sadness at home. Try to avoid conflicts with people. For rest of the year Saturn is also very favourably placed in your 3rd house. New work opportunities are likely to come your way before May and again after mid-July. Again with intelligence and your ability to work hard you will rise high be it in studies or in profession. This will also be a good time for buying property or house. Travel can be there too.

Rahu is going to move to your 6th house in April. This is one of the best transits of Rahu. For last three years Rahu has been tormenting you. Finally you will receive the rewards of your hard work and efforts that were long due. Professionally Rahu is promising a good year for you. Financial stability will also be there. You can actually gain from your enemies this year. This may be a gain from litigation or receipt of penalty money from opponents or like of that. As I discussed a while ago that Jupiter is indicating a love interest or marriage for you, so does Rahu. Rahu indicates an exciting love relation with someone from a different culture or place for you. Now one request to all Scorpios that all of you do not pin your hopes high on this, it will only happen for those Scorpios whose chart is also promising the same. Both Saturn and Rahu are indicating profitable times for people in farming or livestock dealings, in business and trade. Just one thing you need to be careful about and that is your health. Rahu can create chronic diseases that take time to be diagnosed. Therefore, go for regular check-ups. Do not ignore stomach related troubles.
Ketu’s move to your 12th house can cause problems with your and your spouse’ health. Try not to take any loans this year. Your work may demand additional hours, so it will be important for you to take proper rest so the work pressure does not adversely affect health. Foreign travel may be there for some of you. Much will depend on your personal horoscope.Your sign lord Mars will be retrograde in November and December. Be a bit careful health-wise in these two months.

If sum up the results of all major planets, the year 2022 looks awesome for you. Please put in your best efforts to leverage such powerful and favourable transits in 2022. It is difficult to get good transits of all major planets. You are lucky to get it in 2022, so enjoy the good times ahead. I am feeling very happy for you!





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