Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Aquarius 2022 Yearly Horoscope

2022 begins with Jupiter in your sign, Saturn, your sign lord will be in your 12th house, Rahu will be in the 4th and Ketu in your 10th house. All of these four major planets are transiting to the next sign between mid-April and end of April and their results are also going to change for you. Let’s see how 2022 will be for you.

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Jupiter is placed in your sign in the beginning of the year. Till April Jupiter may not give great results for Aquarius moon signs, but once he comes to your second house in his own sign of Pisces in April a financially rewarding phase begins for you. Professional elevation will be there. April onwards will be good time for buying property too. If you are planning to pay off some of your loans and debts, utilise this phase for that. Home life looks happy and harmonious. Your married life will be a happy one too. If you are married, there will be chances of getting a baby. Socially you will enjoy a good phase. Overall Jupiter promises a very good phase for you after April. The mental anxiety or negativity that you have been going through till April, will go and you will feel quite energised. Aquarius ascendants will enjoy good results of Jupiter throughout the year. Be careful of some health issues. If you have been suffering from any previous health issues, you will recover well.

Saturn will be placed in your 12th house for most of the year. Between end of April and mid of July Saturn will come to your sign creating peak of Sadesati for Aquarius Moon signs. During this time you need to be a bit careful of your own health and mental stress. One thing to note here is the fact that Saturn is a very slow moving planet and gives results equally slowly. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will get to experience the full Sadesati effect in these two and a half months. Therefore, expect that in 2022 you are going to experience the similar results that you did in 2021 from Saturn. In general this year will be very good for spirituality for you. There will be chances of going abroad too. Take care of your health. There may be issues with the knees and the feet. For some of you possibility of hospitalisation cannot be ruled out. Expenses will be there and some of the expenses will happen to help underprivileged people as well. Try to reduce unnecessary expenses. Some lasting change in your profession may be there. It is also possible that you wish to change the path of your career as well.

Rahu till April can make you relocate, can give mental anxiety and also health issues. Rahu will move to a very favourable 3rd house in April. It is more so because Rahu’s transit in the 3rd house comes after the results of heavy Karmic cleansing of 4th house placement along with Ketu being in the 10th. Therefore the year 2022 after April gives you an opportunity to etch new deeds on a clean slate. Utilise this phase positively. This begins a very positive and financially fruitful time for you. If you are employed, you can expect increment and progress in career. If you are in business or self-employed you will register good profit in 2022. You will also see that the work that was stuck for whatever reason will now start moving and you will be able to complete those projects successfully. In 2021 no matter how much effort you gave, work was still getting obstructed, now with this shift in Rahu’s energy more effort you put in, more progress you make. Rahu will also help you to overcome the negative aspects of health. If you have been facing any troubles related to your spouse or children’s health, you can expect recovery there.

Ketu till April can create professional dissatisfaction or lack of opportunities for you. Once Ketu moves to your 9th house in April, it creates a phase where spirituality will be on the rise in you. There can be foreign travel or long distance travel mainly because of spiritual reasons. Some of you may be inclined to invest quite recklessly in speculative schemes, but it would be better if you can stay away from it. Take all financial decisions carefully. Stick to the ethical path and do not bend any rules.

Let us now take a stock of what is in store for you in a nutshell. If we consider Saturn, he will be placed in the 12th house as he had been in 2021 and the results will also be more or less similar to that of 2021, but this year Jupiter and Rahu are blessing you with full grace promising wealth, prosperity and name and fame. Overall 2022 will be a very fruitful year for you in terms of profession, finances and domestic harmony. A couple of things that need attention are your health and expenditure. Jupiter and Rahu are promising abundance and Saturn and Ketu are quite happy to drain out some of it. So take care of your finances.





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