Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Capricorn 2022 Yearly Horoscope

In the beginning of 2022 Jupiter will be placed in your 2nd house, Saturn, your sign lord will be in your sign, Rahu will be in the 5th and Ketu in your 11th house. All of these four major planets are transiting to the next sign between mid-April and end of April and their results are also going to change for you. Let’s see how 2022 will be for you.

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Jupiter will give you very good results till April. Financial gains will be there for you. Your domestic environment will be harmonious. You will enjoy good times with your spouse. If you have loans and are thinking of repaying it to be debt free, Jupiter will support you to do so till mid-April. This is also a good time to buy properties and land. After April you may find yourself lacking a bit in enthusiasm. There may be some obstructions in your work field as well. You will have to put in more efforts to get success. Try to keep a harmonious relation with your boss and co-workers both. Avoid difference in opinions with your friends and siblings. Mental anxiety will be there. Short travels will be there for you. You may also consider getting married in 2022. For Capricorn ascendants, Jupiter will boost career growth. You may get a new job which can bring you better position and earnings. Health may cause a bit of worry. Be careful of stomach or liver related issues, however, recovery and gaining back health will also happen. Possibility of sudden injury cannot be ruled out. This year will be very productive if you are studying astrology or researching in any field. After April, Jupiter will open up opportunities for higher studies and travel related to education. Some of you may go on journeys to a place of spiritual interest. Marriage is a strong possibility for the eligible Capricorn ascendants. Your network circle will increase and they will be helpful to you too.

Capricorn moon signs are going through peak of Saturn’s Sadesati. Many of the Capricorn moon signs may be feeling quite stressed with several things not going as per your expectations. You may be feeling a bit mentally down too. Saturn briefly will move to your 2nd house between end of April and mid of July. You will feel easing of this tremendous pressure on you during those two and a half months. However after 12th July Saturn is coming back to your sign being retrograde. Capricorn moon signs need to be a bit careful about health and mental stress till third week of October. Financial situation may also cause worries. On the positive side this year will be the last year of your peak of Sadesati, so try to calm your mind with prayers, meditation etc. and keep yourself engaged in work, no matter how insignificant or unrewarding it seems now. You will find the positive results of your engagements later on if you do not give up now. Saturn demands us to work, he also demands us to be disciplined and lower our ego, and that is the reason peak of Sadesati comes as a mind numbing heavy karmic energy for us. If you are doing things that are in sync with Saturn, you will be absolutely alright in 2022, nothing to worry at all. For Capricorn ascendants Saturn on your ascendant is indicating completion of the previous karmic cycle and beginning of a new one. Many of you may have been thinking of changing your career path altogether. You can take advantage of this energy and explore new career potentials in 2022. Give your best because Saturn will produce this kind of opportunity for you only after 29 or 30 years. Take care of your spouse’s health if you are married. There may also be some kind of difference with the spouse. Try to remain polite and a bit sympathetic in your communication with others.

Rahu will add to the mental stress till April. Matters related to your children can disturb your peace of mind. However, Rahu will help in financial gains from investments or from business. Ketu is favourably placed in your 11th house. Property matters can bring gains for you. Financial gains will also be there. If it applies there may be wedding of your child. After April Rahu and Ketu will move to 4 / 10 axis for you. This indicates change in job, possibility of going away from your current place of living and foreign relocation for some of you. The job change can bring a new work with better financial prospects and more responsibility. However, at the same time you may feel dissatisfied with your work and your achievements in life. Some loss of position can be there for some of you. Take care of your mother’s health. In general try to avoid conflicts with others. Do not get in to any property related disputes or litigations. This will be a good phase for people in politics and diplomacy. Be careful of heart related or chest area related discomforts.

So overall the planets are asking you to be patient, be more active and maintain your calm in 2022. Pay more attention to be diligent in your work. Finances look alright till April, after that sometimes it may not be up to your expectations but the flow will be there. This year will be crucial for career for many of you. A change in the direction of your career is also possible. Foreign travel and relocation are strong possibilities. Do not ignore any health issues. Proactively manage your anxiety and mental stress, be it through meditation, prayers or be it through medical help





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