Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Pisces 2022 Yearly horoscope

The year 2022 begins with Jupiter, your sign lord in your 12th house, Saturn in the 11th house, Rahu in 3rd and Ketu in your 9th house. Between mid-April and end of April all of these four major planets will be transiting to the next sign. With this change in signs, their results are also going to change for you. Let’s now find out how 2022 will bring for you.

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Jupiter’s placement in the 12th house in the beginning of the year prompts you to spend more. You probably have been feeling like spending on charity or other benevolent work after November 2021. This trend will carry on till April. You will also go on a long distance journey. Most of the expenses and the journeys are going to happen because of religious purposes, spiritual development or for educational reasons, i.e for higher education. Foreign travel is also indicated for some of you. You are going to feel an inner call to connect with your inner self or spend time in solitude. This is also going to help you in gaining mental peace. For some of you hospital visits can be there. You may consider buying a new vehicle. Just one word of caution, try not to behave in a negative way with others. Jupiter here can bring out the inner devil temporarily. Sudden gain of money may be there too. Once Jupiter moves to your sign, Pisces moon signs will get moderate results, but for Pisces ascendants it will be an onset of a very good phase. Normally when Jupiter goes over the birth Moon, it does not produce positive results. However, since Jupiter will be in his own sign, the results will not be that negative at all. The moon signs may have mental anxiety, professional and financial worries, but at the same time, the solution to these problems will also come to you. This will be a good year for the students. Overall it will be a very good phase for the Pisces ascendants. Luck is going to support you in all your endeavours. Possibility of marriage will be there. The married couples who are trying for a baby, their wish will come true. If you are in teaching or anyway related to the education industry, this is a good year. So is for people who want to pursue higher studies. Enrolment in good universities is a strong possibility. There are chances of going abroad too. Your religious and spiritual inclinations are going to increase.

2022 starts with Saturn in the 11th house for you. Saturn will briefly come to your 12th house between end of April and mid-July. This will for a brief time create Sadesati for Pisces moon signs. Be a bit careful of health issues during this phase. Foreign travel can happen and a good amount of expenditure is also possible. The good part is in July Saturn is moving back to your 11th house. This has some good and some not so good implications. For some of you unexpected gains can be there. For some unexpected loss can also be there, particularly if you are dealing with shares, stocks and other speculative investments. There are strong possibilities of promotion at work or a better job opportunity. Note one thing that most of the results will be like it has been in the year 2021. You will start getting the typical positive results associated with the 11th house transit of Saturn related to finance, marriage, profession, help from your friends etc. once Saturn goes direct in October.

Rahu, till April, will extend very good support in all matters of life. Harder you work, more progress is promised for you. Promotions, increments are strong possibilities. In mid-April Rahu will move to your 2nd house. Rahu in the second house will tend to increase your expenditure and reduce your savings. Be careful of the food that you are eating. Have fresh food to avoid stomach related issues. You need to be a bot careful of the words that you are speaking. Do not be rude with others. If you are married, your spouse’s health may need attention. Stay away from any situation that can bring you disrepute related to opposite gender. Try not to get entangled in any litigation after April.

Till April Ketu continues to keep your spiritual vibes high till April. For some of your going abroad is also possible. Ketu in your 8th house after April shows possibility of health problems, injuries or surgeries. Now these can happen if you dashas are indicating it as well, otherwise, you can get away with small cuts or bruises. There are possibilities of sudden expenses. Try to stick to the ethical path during this time. If you are associated with astrology, occult or spirituality, this phase will be good for you.

So the main takeaway for Pisces being the year 2022 is going to be a year that brings optimism, hope and a feeling of happiness for you. Saturn is also blessing you for most of the year. Planets move in the sky and they produce their results, some being positive, some not so positive, but if the sign lord is strong, the year tends to go well. For you Pisces, this is the scenario in 2022. So overall a good year, a lot of potential, luck supports, good for education, travel, spirituality, what else can you ask for! Just take care of your expenses and health to some extent.





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