Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

January 2022 Horoscope for 12 Moon Signs

Over all January is indicating less volatile situation compared to December 2021. The possibility of accidents, fire related mishaps and unexpected natural calamities will be low particularly in the second half when Mars finally moves out of the natural 8th house. Relationship matters will come to the focus this month particularly in the first half because Venus is both retrograde and combust. In general the comfort level in life will go down a bit. Communication, media, trade, travel, investments, finance and business can get a setback in the second half. Makar Sankranti on 14 January is a very auspicious day. This is the day when Sun enters Capricorn and begins his journey to the northern hemisphere. Like last year this year also Sun meets Saturn when he enters Capricorn. Therefore discord with the seniors at work or the authorities, agitation, predominance of health issues etc. can be expected in the second half.

Let us now move on to the sign wise predictions. As always use these predictions as a general guideline for the month and remember that your current Mahadasha, Antardasha and your karmic footprint are the most important factors in getting results from the planets in transit.

Aries moon sign:
The New Year starts with your sign lord Mars placed in 8th house. The good news is Mars is now moving far apart from Ketu. You still need to be a bit careful of unexpected health issues or injuries till the middle of the month. The first half of the month can also bring mental anxiety and financial worries. The second half looks much promising for you for your career and finances. You will get success after overcoming competition. You will need to work hard but your work will draw attention of your seniors and other people and this can also bring recognition for you. For some of you promotion or pay hike is possible. If you are in business, you are likely do very well in the first half. With Mercury’s retrogression and combustion, the second half looks a bit wobbly for business gains. You will gain respect of your family and friends. Your health gets better in the second half, however, some niggling body ache can bother you. Relationship with your spouse remains neutral in the second half, but care will be required for spouse’s health. For some of you the first half of the month may decide the future of your current relationship. It would be better to avoid any controversial discussions this month. Try to be very clear on your communication.

Taurus moon sign:
The whole month Venus is placed in your 8th house. It promises gains from property and financial prosperity. The catch is Venus is retrograde and combust both. Therefore property matters will come up, but it may not yield desired results. If you are in love and are thinking of a firm commitment, I would suggest waiting for the next month. Do take care of your health in January. This month may bring health issues, mental anxiety or possibilities of injuries for you. Your competitors or enemies may try to disturb you. Finances need careful handling because there are chances of high expenditure and some loss as well. If you are married financial instability can cause misunderstandings with the spouse. Take care of your relation with the elders of the family particularly your father. Property matters can cause tension and some loss may also happen. This month is not great for fulfilment of desires or ambitions. Restlessness of mind can be there. Calm approach and patience can help you in January. If you resort to spirituality to calm your mind that will also help you a lot

Gemini moon sign:
Mercury, your sign lord, will be placed in your 8th house in January. In the second half of the month Mercury gets retrograde and combust both. Mercury is also conjunct Saturn. Professionally this month will require more efforts to succeed. Try to be in good books of your seniors and maintain cordiality with the colleagues at work. Be careful of stomach related troubles. With Sun and Saturn both in the 8th, injuries or surgeries cannot be ruled out. Financially some challenges will be there. Professionally and financially some positivity will be there in the first half, but the second half may create challenges for you. However, with Jupiter’s blessings you are likely to overcome the struggles and negative aspects of the month. Just try to maintain stability in life. Some of you even get promotions or increments. There are chances of travel for higher studies or religious reasons. Possibility of enrolling for foreign universities or courses is also there. If you are appearing in competitive examinations, you are likely to do very well. If you are planning to get married, there are possibilities for that too, but I suggest waiting for Venus to get direct and plan it next month.

Cancer Moon sign:
Your sign lord Moon is placed in the 6th house on the first day of January. In January the first half of the month will bring opportunities for social networking and building some important connections. Work area look good, if you are working hard, you will reap the benefits of it. If there is a legal case going on, there will be relief for you. However, do not get tangled in a new litigation. This month is also very good for winning in competitions or competitive examinations. Money will come and go this month. Child’s health may cause worries in the first half of the month. Stress and tension can bother you. Try to remain calm so you do not end up hurting the important relations of your life. The area of life that will need care and attention is marital harmony and spouse’s health. The same caution goes for business partnerships also. With Jupiter in the 8th some unexpected turns may be there in the business. Saturn sitting in the 7th is also not really helping you in this area. There can be big differences with the business partners. If you have been suffering from any health issues, there will be relief for you in January. Be a bit careful in the second half though. There may be travel for you this month.

Leo moon sign:
Your sign lord Sun is placed in your 5th house in the beginning of the month and will move to the 6th in the middle of the month. Mental stress, children’s health and tension in career can bother you in the first half. But with several other planets supporting you, there is nothing to worry. You are likely to do well in your profession. Success and progress will be there too. Just avoid difference in opinions with the seniors at workplace. If you are in business, there may be new opportunities or new projects coming your way. Financially this month looks moderately good, or should I say cautiously good. You need to be a slightly careful of investing in shares, stocks etc. Your relation with your spouse may be a bit difficult in the first half of the month. Your social life will be more active in the second half of the month. However, throughout the month be careful of your communication. I you are in romantic relationship, lay a bit low this month, do not let any trouble crop up. Try to avoid travel in January. If you have any health issues you will recover, but at the same time chances of falling sick is also there. Take care of your child’s health.

Virgo moon sign:
Your sign lord Mercury stays in your 5th house in January. From the mid-month Mercury goes combust and retrograde both. In January, Virgo moon signs need to be careful of their interactions in the work place and also at home. Avoid altercations or your tendency to prove a point. Work related stress will be there. Additional workload can also bother you. However, for some of you chances of increment and professional elevation also remains there. This will depend on the relevant planets’ strength in your own chart. This month you need to take financial decisions carefully. Chances of loans and debts are high. This month property matters will come to the forefront for you. You may want to go for renovation of home, redecoration etc. You may also decide to buy a vehicle. However, considering Venus’s condition in your fourth house, it would be better to wait for some more time for these activities. Try to maintain understanding and cordiality with your spouse. Be vigilant of any health issues related to heart and stomach. Deal with your children with empathy. Try to understand their point of view. Children’s health needs attention too.

Libra moon sign:
In January your sign lord Venus remains retrograde for the entire month and also combust in the first half of the month. However, placement-wise Venus is well placed in your third house. Considering all planets January looks like a month when you have to pay attention to your health. In the first half, some of you will get news of increment or promotion at work place. Your work pressure is likely get a bit overwhelming in the second half of the month. Mental stress can build up as well. Do not let this pressure and temper damage your important relationships, both in profession and in personal life. Financially this month will be neutral with some promises of gains. Stay away from family conflicts and misunderstandings with the spouse. If you are considering investing in property or buying a vehicle, wait for a better time. However, you can go ahead with the selection and discussions. You need to pay attention to the fine prints and read all documents before signing in the second half of the month. Take care of your communication and the words you speak. Avoid travel in January. It looks like this month you are going to get clarity on how you should go ahead in life and what you need to do to get there.

Scorpio moon sign:
Your sign lord Mars is placed in your sign in the beginning of the month and then will move to the second house. Scorpio moon signs need to be very careful of health in January, particularly in the first half. Some improvement may be expected in the second half. There will be ups and downs in the career. You may get some good news in the second half of the month regarding career and finances. Try to reduce your expenses. You are likely to make new friends, but all of them may not have the best interest in mind for you, so be careful of people with malicious intent. Some old competitors or enemies may also resurface in this month. It will be important to keep your cool in January and also be careful in your communication. Try to remain polite even when the situation provokes you to react. Married life or spouse’s health needs attention. Do not take any important decisions this month. Overall this month is challenging for you. Keep your calm and resort to meditation, prayers for peace of mind. When the energies are hostile, it is better to lay low and let the month pass.

Sagittarius moon sign:
Your sign lord Jupiter is in your 3rd house. Some challenges related to work and finance remains in January. There will be moderate income. You need to be very careful in your communication this month. It is possible that you would mean well, but the words may not come out as you intended and this can cause misunderstandings with important relations. At work, try to keep your cool and avoid differences with your seniors. For some of you there will be profits in the business. You may feel a rise of irritability in you. Headache, blood pressure and eye related problems can bother you. There can be excessive expenses. Evaluate your financial situation carefully before you indulge in any expensive purchases or spending. Try to maintain good relation with your spouse. Maintain cordiality with relatives and friends as well. If you see any situation is building up where you may get into conflicts with others, just stay out of it. For some of you marriage proposals may come, but I suggest waiting for Venus to get direct and not to commit anything this month. If possible, avoid travel. This is a good month for spiritual practices.

Capricorn moon sign:
In January Mercury, Sun and Saturn will be in your sign. That is quite a bit of heavy energy on you and this can give rise to mental stress and temper issues. Although you would want to enjoy a pleasurable and comfortable time, in reality it may not be possible. Money matters will need careful handling. Although income will be there, it may not be up to your expectations. Weigh pros and cons before you decide to invest your money, be it in shares, stocks or in property. Heavy expenditure is indicated for you, so I suggest curbing all unnecessary expenses. Health will need care. Do not ignore, fever, headaches, or eye related problems. Be careful of injuries and accidents this month. Mental anxiety can disturb you sleep. Avoid all kinds of arguments with your spouse. Try to remain calm as much as possible. Time is not favourable for travel even though possibilities are there. It may not meet your expectations and can cause a lot of monetary wastage. Try to stay away from people with malicious intent. Among all these stressful energies, there is a silver lining of receiving some kind of rewards or recognition for your work or for your contribution to the society. Some of the married people can expect birth of a child.

Aquarius moon sign:
Your sign lord Saturn is in your 12th house and Jupiter is in your sign. In the first half of the month you may get the news of promotion at work or a pay rise. Overall January is a good month for your professional progress. Just take care to bridge the differences with your seniors. Business people will also do well. Income will be good. You are likely to gain good returns from your previous investments as well. At the same time your expenses will also rise high. Put a hold on the property matters and home renovation this month. In the domestic front avoid all differences with the spouse. The second half will be better for peace in domestic life. In general you may have a feeling of dissatisfaction or lack of inner happiness. Health will remain alright however, the second half can bring mental tension, and health issues. Your children will do well in life. Your social life will be more active in the second half of the month, now this does not need to be in person interactions, but connecting with others will be there. This is a nice month for spirituality, it is for all, but more applicable to you.

Pisces moon signs:
Your sign lord Jupiter is placed in your 12th house. Considering other planets January looks pretty good for your professional progress and achievements. Promotions are on the cards for some of you. New professional opportunities will also be there. Financial prospects are very positive. Your expenses will also be high mainly on medical reasons or on charity or any other good deeds. Avoid investing money in the second half of the month. Some of the good promises may decline or get obstructed in the second half. Government related dealings can take your time this month. If you are looking for loans, the second half can be useful for that. Married people need to be extra-careful this month. Avoid disputes with your spouse to maintain harmony in married life, otherwise this can prove to be a difficult month in this matter. Travel may be there particularly in the first half. January is a good month for meditation, prayers and connecting with your inner self.





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