Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

February 2022 Horoscope for Aries, Taurus & Gemini

Aries Moon sign

All dates are as per Indian Standard Time

February is going to be a busy month for your career, whether you are in job or in independent profession. If you are looking for a better opportunity, this month will bring several such opportunities, particularly in the second half. Chances of promotion or increments in salary are very strong. You are easily going to win in competitions or overcome the roadblocks in the path of your success. If you are in a creative or music related career this month will be very good for you too. Your financial status improves in February. Investments will give good returns. Some of you may decide to buy a new vehicle. This month is very good for increasing your professional network. You are going to get help from them too. Your efforts in your work will get recognised, now this may be in your profession or in other areas as well, like social work or philanthropic work. If you are interested in buying property this month is good for that. Love relations will give mixed results in February. Married people will also get mixed results. Try to keep your calm and avoid conflicts to keep things smooth between you and your spouse. Spouse’s health may cause worry. Health-wise you may get down with body aches or fatigue. Do not ignore any discomfort in the chest area at all. Your children will do well and more so in the second half of the month.

Link to the Video on Aries February 2022: https://youtu.be/AMfPf-XtOT4

Taurus Moon sign

All dates are as per Indian Standard Time

The whole month barring last couple of days Venus is placed in your 8th house.
This month the focus area of your life will be your fortune and luck. Career prospects look better in the second half of the month for you. Promotions, better job, increment etc. can be expected then. In the first half try be careful of not so good colleagues and seniors. Some interruptions or obstacles may be experienced in work, but you will overcome it. Property matters remain positive for Taurus moon signs in February. Financial gains are also foreseen from property dealings. At the same time some disputes or conflicts related to property can pop up as well. Some of you may relocate or change residence. Financially you will see better times in the second half, but you need to take care of high expenses. Avoid taking loans this month. Health-wise you need to be careful in February. Do not ignore breathing troubles and mental anxiety. There are chances of minor injuries or surgery as well. This month for the suitable Taurus moon signs, there are chances of getting a good looking, very well off and dynamic partner or spouse. Try to avoid differences with your father. If you are pursuing studies, you will do well this month. Travel may be there for some of you.

Link to the Video on Taurus February 2022: https://youtu.be/AMfPf-XtOT4

Gemini Moon sign

All dates are as per Indian Standard Time

For Gemini Mercury, your sign lord, will be placed in your 8th house in February.
Because of the gathering of the planets in your 8th house, matters related to joint finances, health and married life will become important in February. This is a mixed month for you Gemini. In one hand you will experience progress in career and in financial situation, on the other, health and high expenses will create some tension for you. Your social and professional status will increase. The decisions that you take this month related to your career will be quite sound and will bring you long term gains. Your relation with your seniors will also improve. This month you may experience very high expenditure and some of these may be quite unexpected. To be on the safe side, be careful of injuries, particularly in the last few days of the month. Health wise you should not ignore any troubles this month. At home you need to be cautious to maintain good relation with your close family members, particularly with your mother and spouse. Their health may also cause concern. Having said all these caution points, I must mention that there is nothing to worry much because Jupiter will provide all round protection to you. New romantic relations are possible. Some of you may get married as well. This is a highly spiritual month for you if you are interested in spiritual practices. Father’s health will need attention.

Link to the Video on Gemini February 2022: https://youtu.be/AMfPf-XtOT4


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