Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

February 2022 Horoscope for Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius

Libra moon sign:

All dates are as per IST

In February your sign lord Venus remains in your 3rd house except for last couple of days. Venus is with Mars.
This month will be very productive particularly for people in creative work, or in media and communication related work. You will be at your competitive best. You are definitely going to have an edge over your enemies or opponents. Job front looks good. You may be promoted to a position of authority and responsibility. This may also cause additional stress and workload for you, particularly in the second half. For some of you rewards and recognition cannot be ruled out. Your self-effort and initiatives will be the cause of your success. Socially this is a good month too. February is a month when you should take care of your domestic affairs. Take care not to let things go out of hands. Health-wise, do not ignore issues related to heart or chest area. Mental anxiety and restlessness will be there too. If you have been mulling over whether you are on the right path in life, it is likely that this month will bring much needed clarity on what you should do going forward. This possibility was there in January too, but this month will give you the final chance to decide on this. Property matters will come to the forefront in February. You may also consider investing in land and house. This month will be quite good for students, provided you focus on your studies. This is a good month for learning new skills too. This month try to maintain loving bond with your children. Love relations can blossom and can also fructify in marriage. Avoid differences with the partner. If you are in spiritual practices, February is a good month for you. There are possibilities of travel and change of residence will also happen for some of you. Mother’s health will need attention.

Video link: https://youtu.be/PnSJVs-E4pw

Scorpio moon sign:

All dates are as per IST

Your sign lord Mars is placed in your 2nd house in the beginning of the month and then will move to the 3rd house on 26th.
This month promises a lot of activity, ideation and beginning of new projects and possibility of short travels for you. February has the potential to be quite productive but stressful month for you. Professional front looks better in the first half. Promotions or new job offers may be there. However, expect some delay in the process as well. Your family members and friends are going to appreciate your achievements. In the second half be careful of colleagues and opponents. Chances of health issues remain there. Some sort of domestic disturbances can be there too. Throughout the month be very cautious of how you are interacting with others, both in personal and professional front. Avoid using harsh words and be clear with your communication. High expenditure can create stress in your personal life. Try to avoid buying luxury items in February. For some of you there are chances of relocation, going far from your current place and settling there. If property related disputes are going on, I suggest not taking any further action on that. Try to avoid differences with your romantic partner. New romance may come, but keep passion out of the equation. Married life looks neutral, with occasional differences, nothing special to mention. The trick is not to let things go out of hands.

Video link: https://youtu.be/PnSJVs-E4pw

Sagittarius moon sign:

All dates are as per IST

Your sign lord Jupiter is in your 3rd house. Jupiter will go combust from 19 February.
Family and finance related thoughts or issues can occupy your mind in February. This month can see a rise in your temper and stress building up. Be careful with your finances too. Money will come no doubt, but a lot of expenditure is also foreseen. Try to curb all unwanted expenses. Overall financial situation will improve in February, but be a bit careful after 19th. Entertainment and recreation will give you pleasure. Health can give some trouble in the first half, but you will see good recovery as the weeks pass. This month can bring ups and downs in your career. You will see progress in your career in the second half of the month. Your ability to communicate clearly and nicely will fetch earnings and gains for you. Happiness and mental peace will also prevail. You may go on a short trip to a place of religious interest. Socially you will be pretty active this month, meeting friends, making new friends and having a good time with them. You will come across more than one opportunity to meet a potential partner. Fine dining, dating, buying luxury items or jewellery all are indicated. However, it would be better to keep a check on the indulgence and passion. Some of you may get married in February. If you are married, you will experience good moments with your spouse, just avoid conflicts. The same goes for romantic relations too.

Video link: https://youtu.be/PnSJVs-E4pw


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