Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

February 2022 Horoscope for Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Capricorn moon sign:

All dates are as per IST

In February planets are clustering in your sign. The first thing to do in February is to keep a cool head. There will be some turbulence in various aspects of your life, and you need to navigate through those being calm and patient. However, more prepared we are, better chances we have of coming out with flying colours. So take this prediction as a tool for preparation. As I carry on you will see where the positive aspects are lying and what would be the caution points. At workplace there will be chances of recognition provided you work diligently and do not lock horns with your seniors. Income will be there, but be careful of financial dealings. Do not invest in any schemes that look too lucrative. Stop all kinds of unnecessary expenses. Indulgence and pleasure trips can wait for better times. Your speech will be impactful, what you say may also come true, at the same time planets show a tendency to speak harshly with others. So the caution would be to be careful of what you say. Relation with the family members will need cordiality particularly in the second half. Keep cordiality with your spouse and close family members. If you are single, you will come across someone to form a romantic relationship. Take good care of your health. Do not ignore high blood pressure, headaches, eye and feet related troubles. You may experience lack of sleep as well. Try to avoid travel unless it is absolutely necessary. Meditate or pray to overcome mental anxiety.

Video link: https://youtu.be/Rw3IsLJGQYU

Aquarius moon sign:

All dates are as per IST

Your sign lord Saturn is in your 12th house and Jupiter is in your sign. Professionally this month will open up several opportunities. Business people will also do well. Your friends’ circle and professional connections will be helpful in your progress. Income opportunities will remain there too. Some of you will gain well from prior investments. At the same time high expenses will also bother you. When it comes to expenses, there are chances of high spending on health reasons and also some unwanted expenses. Your social participation and status will be high. The gathering of planets in your 12th house and Jupiter in your sign show this month you need to manage your anxiety, irritability and stress really well. Do not ignore any health issues. Mental worries can create sleeplessness. Married people will spend good time together. There are chances of getting a baby as well if you are planning for one. However, avoid unnecessary communications that can lead to arguments. Romantic relations will also flourish, but avoid communication glitch with your partner. This is a very good month for creative people who are in art, performing art and writing. Foreign travel can be there for some of you. Overall stay a bit careful on the last few days of the month. This is a highly spiritual month for Aquarius moon signs and spiritual practices will really help you to enhance the positive aspects and mitigate the negativity of the month.

Video link: https://youtu.be/Rw3IsLJGQYU

Pisces moon signs:

All dates are as per IST

Your sign lord Jupiter is placed in your 12th house. Jupiter will go combust from 19 February.
Gathering of planets in your 11th house is going to bring manifold professional and income opportunities for you in February. Last few days will be particularly gainful. Chances of promotion, increment or better new jobs all are indicated for you. Be cautious that there are chances of having disputes at the workplace too. Avoid conflicts with the boss, complete Government related work in time. Financially this is a good month. Although some hick-ups will be there, overall it is quite a positive month. You can expect good returns from your investments. If you are looking for loans, you will get it. Travel opportunities will be there and these will prove to bring gains for you. Cooperation from your friends or your professional network may be there, but it would be better not to count on them much. In the second half, be a bit careful of health troubles and some mental anxiety because of that. Some of you may also get injuries or may have small surgeries. Married life will give mixed results. Chances of forming new love relation are there. This is again a very good month for spiritual practices, if you are attached to spiritual institutions, ashrams, hospitals etc. go and serve there. I know some of you are already doing that. Spend time in meditation and solitude for inner peace.

Video link: https://youtu.be/Rw3IsLJGQYU


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