Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Mars and Venus at war!

Mars and Venus are posited in Sagittarius and are at war with each other for some time now. Today they both are at 25 degrees. Mars is placed extremely comfortably in Sagittarius, fire planet in fire sign, in a friendly sign of Jupiter, and the most important factor is Mars is going towards his exaltation sign and very close to getting directional strength. So all taken into account, this is a very powerful and upbeat Mars. Mars is also placed in Purvashada nakshatra, Venus’ Nakshatra.

Venus, on the other hand, is placed in the enemy sign, i.e. Jupiter does not consider Venus to be a friend at all. Venus, a watery planet placed in a fire sign, with almost nil directional strength. The good part is Venus is in own Nakshatra of Purvashada. That gives some strength.

So overall, it is a super strong Mars and not so strong Venus at war, Mars trying to burn the soft qualities of Venus and Venus trying to put cold water on Mars’ dynamism and aggression, none of them can work up to their true potential. However, as they say for fighting couples, the wife always wins, well, something similar happens here too. Our sages, laid down rules to assess the planetary war between Mars and Venus, and then had given exceptions to those rules. The effect is, all rules understood and set aside, Venus wins the war. 🙂

The effects in real life are seen as tremendous rise in passion, be it for a noble cause or in creative pursuits or in romantic relationships or for wrong reasons. This passion can come out as actual fights taking place in relationships or unbridled sexual energy, frustration or inability to use rationale, logic and act in a headstrong manner. This creates the danger of making unwise and impulsive choices about our love life, our relationships. It can also incite power struggles and power mongering. So we need to be careful of this aspect.





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