Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Five Planet Conjunction in Capricorn : 28 February – 1 March 2022

We all know that five planets, Saturn, Venus, Mars, Mercury and Moon are coming together in the sign of Capricorn on 28 February and will be there till 1 March 2022. Jupiter and Sun are in the next sign of Aquarius. Similar multi-planet conjunctions had taken place several times in the past and particularly in the last few years. Now every time this has happened, it has created a far reaching impact not only in individual lives, but also on the larger society and the world at large. I am not getting into the discussion of what geo-political impact it can bring, if you are aware of world events, you already know the possible impact. Here I am going to discuss about how this conjunction can impact each Rashi or Moon sign, where we need to be careful about and what we need to do at personal level.

Check the video in YouTube: https://youtu.be/dvbkNecD8HI

One thing to remember here is no matter what Mahadasha and Antardasha you are going through, a multi-planet gathering is going to impact you in some way or the other and they impact not only one, but several aspects of one’s life. One more thing to understand here is Saturn is holding the key to this conjunction because all seven physical planets are sitting in Saturn’s signs, Capricorn and Aquarius. Mars is in the exalted sign, but nowhere close to the exaltation degree and also locking horns with Venus. Rahu and Ketu are equally important here because this conjunction is happening inside Rahu-Ketu axis. Rahu is the co-owner of Aquarius and Jupiter and Sun are sitting in Rahu Nakshatra Shatabhisha. This is a highly volatile, challenging and karmic energy indeed. Let us now see what to expect for each Moon sign.

Aries moon sign:
The five planet conjunction is happening in your 10th house. Professional front, your standing in the society obviously comes into the focus. Some challenging developments in career front can happen. Try not to take any major decision related to your work area during these few days. Avoid conflicts at the work place. Domestic peace and mother’s health will need attention too.

Taurus moon sign:
For you I would suggest not to rely too much on the luck factor for your progress. Hard work will bring you results. If you can avoid travel during these few days, that will be good. Try to maintain good relation with your father, mentors and siblings. Father’s and sibling’s health can cause some concern as well. Stick to the spiritual practices or tradition that you are following. Charity will help you.

Gemini moon sign:
The gathering of the planets is happening in your in your 8th house. Take utmost care of your health. Possibilities of getting injured remains too. Stay away from any kind of aggressive situation. If you have been suffering from any chronic disease or depressive tendencies, there are chances that after this conjunction you will recover from it in the coming days. Matters related to joint finances and married life will become important.

Cancer Moon sign:
The cluster of planets in your 7th house shows that marriage, relationship with your spouse, spouse’s health, matters related to partnership business will come to the forefront in these few days. New opportunities from foreign lands can come your way. Try not to let any differences in personal life go beyond control. Take care of your own health. Try to avoid travel unless it is absolutely unavoidable.

Leo moon sign:
Five planet conjunction is going to happen in your sixth house. This will prove to be excellent if you are appearing in competitive examinations. This also means you are going to have an edge over others as far as promotions, increments and bagging a new job are concerned. Your health needs care. You may feel aggressive. Keep cordiality with all important people at work and in personal life.

Virgo moon sign:
The planetary gathering is happening in your 5th house. If you have investments in shares and speculations, this will be the time to be careful. Some of you may have worries related to children. Be very careful in love relations and avoid conflict and ego clashes. Do not take any major decision during these few days wait for clarity of thoughts once planets start moving out of Capricorn after 1st March.

Libra moon sign:
The gathering of the planets is taking place in your 4th house. A lot of malefics here shows disturbances in domestic area and in mental peace. Mother’s health will need attention. You do not ignore any chest related discomfort too. Try to avoid signing any property deals during these few days. You may think of changing place too.

Scorpio moon sign
Five planet conjunction is going to take place in your 3rd house. Now for you this will mean that you will be proactive in your work. You will work hard to materialise some of your ambitions. You may travel as well. There are chances of change of residence too. Be a bit careful in your comminucation.

Sagittarius moon sign:
Five planets are gathering in your 2nd house. You need to be careful of your temper and stress level. Keep a check on the words that you speak, otherwise these can create major differences in the family bond. Finances will need some serious evaluation. Some loss of wealth cannot be ruled out as well.

Capricorn moon sign:
In February planets are clustering in your sign. The first thing to do in February is to keep a cool head. There will be some turbulence in various aspects of your life, and you need to navigate through those being calm and patient. If you are married, you need to be careful to keep peace in your married life. Do not ignore health issues. Meditate or pray to overcome mental anxiety.

Aquarius moon sign:
The clustering of five planets is happening in your 12th house. Your stress level is high. You may feel lack of sleep. Take these few days easy. Focus on prayers and meditation. Health can cause worries, so do not ignore any discomfort.

Pisces moon signs:
For Pisces this gathering of planets in your 11th house is going to bring manifold professional and income opportunities. Chances of promotion, increment or better new jobs all are indicated for you. Some differences with the friends can be felt. Avoid conflicts.


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