Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Effects of Rahu Ketu Transit in Aries and Libra for All Signs – 12 April 2022 to 30 October 2023

Rahu and Ketu are changing signs on 12 April 2022 as per mean node calculations. Rahu is moving to Aries and Ketu to Libra. They will be there till 30 October 2023. So long Rahu and Ketu both have been sitting very comfortably in their most potent signs. From April their energy will change. Since Rahu and Ketu are mainly associated with our Karma, this change will impact all of us. If you are going through Rahu or Ketu’s mahadasha, or born in a nakshatra through which Rahu and Ketu will be passing over during this transit, having Aquarius as your ascendant or Moon sign or if Rahu was placed in your ascendant or with Moon at the time of your birth, you are going to experience the results more intensely. Whatever houses Aries and Libra signs are occupying in your chart, those houses are going to get activated for you from April.
What kind of general energy can this transit bring for us? In very short from April transit Rahu’s energy will be aggressive, impulsive and sudden action oriented. Ketu’s energy can disrupt personal and business relationships or your dealings with others in general. For many a closure of one Karmic cycle and potential for a fresh beginning from scratch will come.
Let us now find out what will be the results of this transit for each Moon sign and ascendants. You can check from both. There is one more thing you need take into account before you move to the sign wise predictions and that is here we are discussing about two strong malefics which have great Karmic implications for us. Therefore, not everything is gentle and positive in the predictions. I have tried to mention the positives and the caution areas both for each sign, so you know what is coming your way and can take appropriate precautions as much as possible. Leave the rest to God.

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Rahu will move to your sign, your first house and Ketu will be in your 7th house. For you the 1/7 axis of your chart is getting activated. Rahu coming to your sign puts all focus on yourself, your own needs and on self-improvement. This is a very aggressive energy for you. It can also give a lot of dynamism in your life and career if you can productively utilise it. Otherwise the same energy can cause aggressive outbursts. It can also cause anxiety and confusion in mind about what path to take in life because Ketu will be in your 7th house. Rahu and Ketu both are asking you to keep a tab on your expenditure after April. Try to curtail all unnecessary expenses. Ketu in the 7th can create differences with the spouse, with the business partners and with people who you interact with in your life. In general you need to be a bit careful in your dealings with others if you want to avoid making enemies. Spouse’s health may cause concern as well if your own chart also indicates that. Professionally you will be very focused on your own career growth. There will be sudden gains in large amounts as well. Take care of your health. The problem of Rahu and Ketu are they tend to keep the diseases hidden and strike suddenly. Therefore eat well, go for regular check-ups and do your exercises too. Travel will be there. For some of you foreign travel is also possible. There may be relocation after April.

Rahu will move to your 12th house and Ketu to your 6th house in April. Ketu’s transit in the 6th is very favourable for you. This will help you with your financial stability and professional growth. You will topple all opposition and competition. Your relation with your spouse gets better than last year. An auspicious event may happen at home. However, try to avoid disputes over niggling issues with the spouse. Rahu in your 12th house indicates that your focus from your own self will shift and the next one and a half years will be a period of surrendering to the God’s wishes, yet keep doing your regular duties and preparing yourself for the time when Rahu goes to your very positive 11th house in 2023. Rahu here will increase expenses. It can prompt you to take loans, and go for litigation but it would be better if you can avoid it. Residence change of relocation will be there for many of you. Going out of the country is also a strong possibility in 2022. Your health and your spouse’s health will require attention. Rahu in your 12th can bring mental anxiety. Try to calm your mind with meditation or soothing music or yoga practices. This will be a good phase for spiritual practices if you are into it. Overall I see Rahu and Ketu giving better results than the last year because in 2021 both were placed in negative houses. This time Ketu favours you. Just note that Rahu and Ketu both indicate some diseases that may not get diagnosed easily. So be a bit alert on health front.

Your 11 / 5 axis gets activated. Rahu after a long time is coming to its best transit for you in your 11th house. After quite a few taxing years financially Rahu will open up multiple opportunities of earnings for you. Some of these earnings will be quite unexpected or will happen suddenly. There will be possibilities of gain of property and jewelleries. Try to plan your income and outflows properly because Ketu in your 5th house can create sudden gain of large amount of money and then unplanned high expenditure both. If you are in speculative investments, there can be sudden gains and loss both. Foreign travel in indicated and this will bring more opportunities of earnings. In other words it looks like a job far from your place of residence or birth country will bring good earning opportunities for you. Your ambition will be very high. Family life will be harmonious. If your close family members, particularly your spouse and child have been going through health issues, they will recover. If it applies, your child may get married as well. This year will be a very good year for socialisation. You are likely to topple competition and do very well in your profession with your self-effort and ability to work hard. Take care of your children’s health. Try to keep cordial relations with your close family members. Your interest in Mantra, meditation and other spiritual practices will increase.

With this transit the 10 / 4 axis of your chart is getting activated. Rahu will be in your 10th house from mid-April. This indicates change in profession. This change may involve relocation, leaving the current place or country. Rahu in the 10th will bring about a new professional lifecycle for you. Some of you may consider getting into politics. Some of you will be involved in workplace politics as well. One thing to note that Ketu in the 4th house can actually force relocation or displacement from professional status. Therefore, for some of you the change in life, residence, profession etc. may not be as per your liking. However, you will come in contact with important people who will be instrumental for your professional growth. At the expense of your domestic harmony and mental peace, Rahu can take you to a new height in your career during this transit. This energy says that your focus will be on career, but personal life suffers. Your parent’s health will need attention. Try to avoid fights with the spouse. Ketu’s move to your 4th house can create difficulties in property matters. Mother’s health and happiness can be affected. Make conscious efforts to stay away from unscrupulous people since they may misguide you and cause a lot of harm to you. Do not take loans during this time. Be a bit careful if you have heart related problems.

From April the 9/3 axis of your chart gets activated. Rahu will move to your 9th house in April and Ketu in the 3rd. It is time for travel and higher education. For some of you the focus will shift to spirituality and higher knowledge. For others it can be a tendency to break away from the tradition. Short and long distance travel both can happen. There can be foreign travel as well. This is a very good transit for students. Higher education in foreign universities is a possibility for them. Rahu indicates that for professional progress the next one and a half years may not be the best time. Work and business both can be adversely affected, but Ketu in the 3rd indicates progress, particularly through acquaintances. You are likely to get your friends’ or colleagues’ help in your profession. Your skillsets will also help you to progress in work and will be financially rewarding. However, you need to be a bit careful if you are running a business, it may not be as positive as it is for employment. Stay away from all kinds of unethical activities during this time. Your finances will need utmost care. There can be sudden expenses. Stay away from speculative investments. You may have to let go of a property or they may leave the current property and relocate elsewhere.

Let us see what results Rahu and Ketu are promising for you after April. Your 8/2 axis of your chart will get activated. On 12 April Rahu will move to your 8th house and Ketu to your 2nd. Finances will be the focus of this transit for you. Your saved money, sudden gains and sudden wealth loss all are getting activated. Monetarily Rahu can bring some unexpected monetary gains for you. This can be in the form of inheritance or insurance claims or pending tax refunds, even financial help from the in-laws can be there. Now for other things this is not the best of the transits of Rahu. Health matters will come to the focus after April. Be careful of contagious diseases. Be careful of people working against you at work or in personal life. There may be some adverse results in business. Try to stay away from all kinds of unethical activities. For example, many of us do not even consider violating the traffic rules as unethical, but when Rahu comes to the 8th house, people have to pay hefty price for even the smallest of the unethical work. So it would be better to be careful. Accidents or injuries cannot be ruled out as well. Ketu in your 2nd house is asking you to curb all unnecessary expenditure. Family life, married life may come under strain. Try to be at best of your conduct with the spouse and spouse’s family. Change of residence can happen. Avoid getting entangled in litigation if possible. Mental anxiety, emotional turbulence, inclination towards addiction, gambling etc. can be there for some of you.

With the transit of Rahu and Ketu in April your 1/7 axis is getting activated. Rahu will be moving to your 7th house and Ketu in the first. After April there may be chances of foreign travel due to your profession. Sudden gain in business is also possible. Some of you may get into a new business with a partner from a very different background. Travel because of work to a different city, state of country is very much possible. If you are looking to get married, this transit of Rahu can bring marriage for you. If you are already married, your married life needs care and attention after April. Rahu in 7th in transit can bring lures outside marriage. Make sure that you are not the one who is at fault. Spouse’s health can cause concern as well. Try to avoid litigation or loans. Be a bit careful of new partnerships and do a proper background check before trusting them. Ketu moves to your first house in April. This may create indecisiveness in your mind. If you are feeling lost about anything, consult an expert in that field and go by the expert opinion. Anger and agitation can be there too. Depression is another aspect that some of you should be careful about, particularly Libra Moon signs. Do not let any depressive thoughts derail you. Ask for medical help if required. During this transit you need to curb all unnecessary expenditure to manage your finances. Avoid arguments and try to keep peace with all. Try not to take loans. Ketu can bring strong intuitive ability and spirituality in you.

Rahu is going to move to your 6th house and Ketu in your 12th in April activating your 6/12 axis. This is one of the best transits of Rahu. For last three years Rahu has been tormenting you. Finally you will receive the rewards of your hard work and efforts that were long due. Professionally Rahu is promising a good time in the next one and a half years. Financial stability will also be there. You can actually gain from your enemies. This may be a gain from litigation, receipt of penalty money from opponents, winning a court case or likes of that. Rahu indicates an exciting love relation with someone from a different culture or place for you. Now one request to all Scorpios that all of you do not pin your hopes high on this, it will only happen for those Scorpios whose chart is also promising the same. Rahu is also indicating profitable times for people in farming or livestock dealings, in business and trade. Just one thing you need to be careful about and that is your health. Rahu can create chronic diseases that take time to be diagnosed. Therefore, go for regular check-ups. Do not ignore stomach related troubles. Ketu’s move to your 12th house can cause problems with your and your spouse’ health. Try not to take any loans this year. Your work may demand additional hours, so it will be important for you to take proper rest so the work pressure does not adversely affect health. Foreign travel may be there for some of you. Much will depend on your personal horoscope.

Rahu moves to your 5th house and Ketu goes to your 11th house in April activating 5/11 axis. Ketu’s 11th house transit is very positive for you and Rahu in the 5th further supports the financial part of it. Ketu helps in property matters. Your ambitions will get fulfilled. You may begin a work that will give you very good returns. Investments are likely to yield positive results as well. Overall Ketu promises a peaceful and productive time starting from April. With all the positivities related to finances you should still expect both up and down after April. If you have investments in speculative schemes, shares etc. there can be unexpected gains. Do not undermine the possibility of sudden loss as well. This is a wonderful transit for creative people and for artists. Rahu in this transit can bring some worries related to your children. Children’s health, their progress in life and your relation with them, one or all may become important. Ketu can bring auspicious events like marriage for your grown up children. Rahu can bring love relation with a person who is very different from you in background and also culturally. It is also possible that this person may not be as he or she appears to be, after all Rahu is illusion and confusion. For some of you differences with the family members can develop. Take all decisions after weighing pros and cons because Rahu can make your decision making ability a bit clouded. Mental stress will be there.

After April Rahu and Ketu will move to 4 / 10 axis for you. 4/10 axis is the Karmic axis. This indicates change in job, possibility of going away from your current place of living and foreign relocation for some of you. The job change can bring a new work with better financial prospects and more responsibility. However, at the same time you may feel dissatisfied with your work and your achievements in life. Some loss of position can be there for some of you. If you are not careful some good professional opportunities can slip off your hands. Rahu and Ketu in 4/10 axis can make you relocate to a far off place. Even foreign relocation is also possible for some of you. Take care of your mother’s health. In general try to avoid conflicts with others. Do not get in to any property related disputes or litigations. This will be a good phase for people in politics and diplomacy. Be careful of heart related or chest area related discomforts. Some mental anxiety and restlessness can be there too. Take the next one and a half years as a period of Karmic cleansing for you so you can wipe the slate clean and start afresh with new vigour when Rahu moves to your 3rd house in 2023.

With Rahu and Ketu’s transit your 3/9 axis is getting activated. Rahu will move to a very favourable 3rd house in April. This will come as a big relief for you. This gives you an opportunity to work on new ideas, take new initiatives and work hard to fulfil your dreams. This also begins a financially fruitful time for you. If you are employed, you can expect increment and progress in career. If you are in business or self-employed you will register good profit during this transit. Ketu indicates that you need to be very prudent in money matters. It would be best if you can stay away from quick money making schemes. Take all financial decisions carefully. Stick to the ethical path and do not bend any rules. You will also see that the work that was stuck for whatever reason will now start moving and you will be able to complete those projects successfully. With this shift in Rahu’s energy more effort you put in, more progress you make. Rahu will also help you to overcome the negative aspects of health. If you have been facing any troubles related to your spouse or children’s health, you can expect recovery there. Ketu’s move to your 9th house creates a phase where spirituality will be on the rise in you. You will be travelling quite a bit in the next one and a half years. There can be foreign travel or long distance travel mainly because of spiritual reasons.

For Pisces 2/8 axis gets activated. You have been enjoying the positive results from Rahu for the last one and an half years. From April the energy will shift from earning to taking care of finances. Rahu in the second house will tend to increase your expenditure and reduce your savings. Be careful of the food that you are eating. Have fresh food to avoid stomach related issues. You need to be a bit careful of the words that you are speaking. Try not to be rude with others. If you are married, your spouse’s health may need attention. Stay away from any situation that can create controversies related to the opposite gender. Try not to get entangled in any litigation after April. Ketu’s move to your 8th house in April shows possibility of health problems, injuries or surgeries. Now these can happen if your dashas are indicating it as well, otherwise, you can get away with small cuts or bruises. There are possibilities of sudden expenses. Try to stick to the ethical path during this time. If you are a surgeon or associated with astrology, occult or spirituality, this phase will be good for you.


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