Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Jupiter Transits to Pisces 13 Apr 2022 – 22 Apr 2023

Jupiter the Divine Guru will be transiting to his own sign Pisces on 13 April 2022, just one day after Rahu and Ketu changes sign. Pisces is the sign of eternity, highest and purest form of spirituality. It is also the last sign of the zodiac. When Jupiter comes here in April it marks the completion of Jupiter’s journey through the entire zodiac cycle. It is a highly auspicious transit, extremely spiritual in nature. Jupiter will stay here till 22 April 2023. Even the retrogression will also happen in Pisces. Therefore this transit will bring some positivity even if Pisces sign falls in your negative houses.
Now coming to a slightly troublesome part. From the end of April till mid-July Jupiter will be hemmed between two strong malefics, Saturn in the previous sign of Aquarius, just entered and Rahu in the next sign of Aries, again just entered. However, I personally do not see a huge impact on Jupiter because degree-wise all three planets will be very far from each other and from June Saturn will be in retrograde motion. So, no huge reduction in Jupiter’s results can come during these two and a half months. I would rather be more concerned when Saturn goes back to Capricorn from 12 July and casts third aspect on Jupiter from there. In my opinion, this will affect the positivity of Jupiter to some extent. In short Jupiter in Pisces is strong, but also afflicted by Saturn throughout the stay.
Overall, this is a positive transit which will prompt selfless actions in people, interest in higher knowledge will increase. This will be a time for foreign travel, foreign relocation for many. Many will take up yoga exercises and meditation as a part of their life. There will be a lot of soul searching in people. This is a time to seek true spiritual knowledge beyond the man made boundaries of religion.

Link to the Video on Jupiter’s transit to Pisces on YouTube: https://youtu.be/lV14BWjn7uc

Let’s now find out what will be the effect of Jupiter’s transit to Pisces on all Moon signs or Moon ascendants. Note that wherever Pisces is placed in your chart, that house related matters will get activated. Along with that the houses where Jupiter’s aspect will fall from Pisces in your chart will also benefit from this transit. My predictions will cover all of these to bring out a holistic result.

On 13 April Jupiter will move from your 11th house to your 12th house. The vibration of Jupiter in your sign position is highly spiritual and creative. This phase will be excellent for your creative expressions. An expansive planet like Jupiter in the 12th house of expenses will increase your expenditure. If you are in business, there may be some finance related difficulties. Employed people will do well. Since Jupiter is in his own sign, these expenses will be for benevolent causes or for productive reasons like education, creative pursuits, foreign travel etc. Health issues and possibility of hospital visits remain as well. At the same time recovery is also promised since Jupiter is in Pisces. This is also a highly productive time for spiritual development. Some of you may want to spend some time in solitude connecting with your inner self. Relocation, living away from family, visits to the foreign countries, spending time in spiritual retreats or ashrams, all these are indicated during this transit. An auspicious event can happen at home. Saturn’s influence on Jupiter can bring some wasteful expenditure. It also indicates having a philosophical mind set, meditation etc. will help you a lot.

In April Jupiter will move to your 11th house and in his own sign of Pisces. This will be the beginning of an excellent period for you promising all round progress and success. If you are waiting for a promotion or a big professional opportunity, you are going to get it. New business partnerships can be there too. Financially this is a good time. If you have investments in shares etc. those can give good returns. Your friend’s circle will expand and they will be helpful to you. This phase will be good for your children too. You may get a baby or your children will achieve success. Possibility of romance, marriage both will be there for the right people. Your spiritual inclinations will increase. If you are serious about it this phase can bring some life changing spiritual experiences for you. You are likely to go on several short journeys and those will bring gain for you. With all these good things, we should not forget Saturn’s influence on Jupiter in this transit. Therefore it would be best to remain practical and not really fly with your ambitions.

Jupiter will move to your 10th house in April. Jupiter will be in his own sign of Pisces. This transit can initiate relocation or transfer at job for you. Foreign travel related to work can be there too. At work front you need to take care to maintain a good relation with your superiors, otherwise there can be an unfavourable change. Saturn’s influence can actually increase this chance. Money will come and go. Mother’s health can cause concern. Some issue in property matters can be there, but will also get resolved. Some amount of emotional negativity or a feeling of disappointment can be there, particularly because of Saturn’s influence. If you feel irritable, negative thoughts keep bothering you, calm your mind with meditation, music, poetry or art whatever appeals to you. Health issues can come, but you will come out of it. If there is litigation going on, it can come to a favourable end. Loans may be sanctioned in your favour.

Jupiter will be very auspiciously placed in your 9th house in his own sign of Pisces. This is a fortunate transit for you. Prosperity and luck will shine upon you. Students will do very well in this transit of Jupiter. You will get opportunities to enroll in good universities. For some of you enrolling in foreign universities will also be there. Chances of long distance travel or foreign travel are also there. Your work situation will improve, your efforts will get noticed and you may get elevation in your post. A favourable change in work front can happen too. If you are involved in publishing, writing, media, marketing etc. you will do very well. New opportunities will open up for consultants and counselors. Monetary situation improves. If you are planning for marriage, it will be fruitful. If you are planning for a baby, Jupiter is supporting that too. Your inclination towards spiritual practices and benevolent deeds will increase. With Saturn’s influence on Jupiter you will sometimes feel some obstructions popping up in your way to progress and prosperity. Father’s health may also need attention.

In April Jupiter will move to your 8th house, which is not very auspicious. On top of this Saturn will also be aspecting Jupiter in the 8th house. Therefore it is time to exercise caution related to health and finances. The good part is Jupiter will be in his own sign of Pisces, so there can be sudden gains from inheritance, insurance, gambling, lottery etc. At work you need to put in extra effort to see success. Chances of unexpected and unproductive travel and unexpected high expenses both can be there for you. Try to manage your mental stress and anxiety. It would be best to avoid court cases, conflicts and arguments. Try to maintain cordiality with close friends, spouse and spouse’s family. If you are in research field or in astrology, occult, insurance etc. you will do well. If you are serious about spiritual practices, this will be a time when deep secrets of spirituality will get revealed to you; otherwise you may see a dip in your faith in the Almighty.

From 13th April Jupiter will move to a very favourable 7th house. The first thing that improves is your business and your relationship with your spouse. New business partnerships may come your way. There will be long distance journeys because of work. Some of you will get recognition at the workplace. Your social circle will expand and you will come in contact with several knowledgeable people. They will prove to be helpful in your career or in fulfilling your ambition. This will be a good time for property matters. Marriage is a strong possibility for many eligible Virgos. If there is marital discord going on for long, you need to be a bit careful because Saturn’s aspect will also be there on Jupiter. Your health will be in great shape. There will be a stark improvement in your personality and presence.

In April Jupiter will move to the 6th house. This will not be a great time for you. Opposition, trouble from the enemies can be there. Take good care of health. Jupiter here can give stomach or liver related issues as well. So it is better to be cautious about health. However, the good part is Jupiter will be in his own sign and this means solution to these problems will also come. If you have been fighting court cases, you can expect relief. Try to avoid conflicts with others particularly with your spouse. You need to pay extra attention at work and maintain good relation with the boss. You will come across new professional opportunities and can go abroad as well. Money will accumulate but high expenditure will also be there. Health of elders in the family may need attention. Saturn’s influence on the transit Jupiter in your 6th house indicates you need to be more disciplined regarding your health and daily routine to alleviate the adverse effects of this transit.

In April Jupiter will move to your 5th house and in his own sign of Pisces. This will be a wonderful transit for you. Jupiter promises all good things for you. There will be success in all you work. Promotion is very likely for many of you. This applies for students pursuing higher studies as well. Multiple opportunities will come your way. Your creativity will be very high. If you have a career in the performing art, music theatre etc. Jupiter promises an excellent phase for you. Financially your troubles will go away. Investments will give good returns. This transit can bring marriage, and children for the right people. With your intellect, wisdom and right decision making ability you will curve path to a bright future for yourself. Saturn’s influence on Jupiter indicates you need to put in additional efforts and sincerity in your work and then the rewards will come your way. It will actually help to put some structure on this highly creative Jupiter and bring out more productivity. Trust your intuition. It is a very good time for spirituality for you. Your social network will increase.

From 13 April Jupiter comes to your 4th house and will remain under Saturn’s influence all the time. This transit can bring some worries related to profession and finance for you. There may be some road blocks in the career. Mother’s health can cause worries too. If you are not careful, your relationship with your close friends and family members may get strained. However, since Jupiter will be in his own sign, you will see reduced intensity of troubles and solution will also come quite easily. Relocation or change of residence can be there. If you are trying to sell your property, it will get sold. You may also buy a property. Work wise, you will do well. Possibility of name and fame related to your work is very much there. There can be opportunities for you in a foreign country or a different city. Your interest in spirituality and religious deeds will increase. Be a bit careful of accidents and injuries. Your expenses will be high, but most of it will be for some useful or benevolent reasons. Take care of health of the elders in the family.

Jupiter moves to your 3rd house in April. After April you may find yourself lacking a bit in enthusiasm. There may be some obstructions in your work field as well. Saturn’s influence also indicates the same. You will have to put in more efforts to get success. Try to keep a harmonious relation with your boss and co-workers both. Some of you may get a new job which can bring you better position and earnings. Avoid difference in opinions with your friends and siblings. Mental anxiety will be there. Short travels will be there for you. Health may cause a bit of worry. However, recovery and gaining back health will also happen. This year will be very productive if you are an author. For students Jupiter will open up opportunities for higher studies and travel related to education. Some of you may go on journeys to a place of spiritual interest. Marriage is a strong possibility for the eligible Capricorn moon signs. Your network circle will increase and they will be helpful to you too.

For Aquarius Jupiter will move to your second house in April. This indicates that a financially rewarding phase will begin for you. Your savings will be high. Professional elevation will be there. It will be a good phase for buying property too. If you are planning to pay off some of your loans and debts, utilise this phase for that. Home life looks happy and harmonious. Your married life will be a happy one too. If you are married, there will be chances having new member in the family. Socially you will enjoy good status. What you speak will have a positive impact on others. You will come across as a knowledgeable person. Overall Jupiter promises a very good phase for you after April. The mental anxiety or negativity that you have been going through till April, will go and you will feel quite energised. If you have been suffering from any previous health issues, you will recover well. With Saturn’s aspect on the Jupiter you will need to work harder to maintain the family happiness and wealth that Jupiter is promising in this transit.

Once Jupiter moves to your sign in April, Pisces moon signs will get moderate results. Normally when Jupiter goes over the birth Moon, it creates difficulties in life and lack of mental happiness. Saturn’s influence further increases these traits. However, since Jupiter will be in his own sign, the intensity of the results will not be that negative. You may have mental anxiety, professional and financial worries, but at the same time, the solution to these problems will also come to you. This will be a good year for the students. So is for people who want to pursue higher studies. Enrolment in good universities is a strong possibility. Possibility of marriage will be there. The married couples who are trying for a baby, their wish will come true. If you are in teaching or anyway related to the education industry, this is a good year. There are chances of relocation or going abroad too. Your religious and spiritual inclinations are going to increase.


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