Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Analysis and Impact of May 2022 Planetary Transits

Today I am discussing about transits of May 2022 as per Vedic Astrology.

After the major changes of April, May seems to be a way less busy month. The month begins with Sun in exaltation and just came out of the eclipse. This is the energy of rediscovering one’s true identity. It shows coming out of the shadow and reclaiming prominence. Predominance of ego and the thought ‘my way is the right way’ get a huge boost here. However, Saturn aspects the Sun, so clash of ego and conflicts remain there till the mid of the month. When Sun goes to Taurus in the middle of the month it is not a great place for Sun, but here Sun is out of Rahu and Saturn’s influence. It gives a much calmer energy. The focus is on wealth generation and pomp and show. However, stubbornness in attitude is something that can cause problems during this time. It also means less immunity. So take a note of that.

Link to the YouTube video: https://youtu.be/ukTDZOBoLH4

All dates are as per Indian Standard Time

Jupiter is greatly placed in Pisces, but is being influenced by Venus, Mars and Sun. This alters Jupiter’s results as well. The conjunction of two Gurus, i.e. Venus and Jupiter remains there till 23 May. Both are benevolent planets, both are powerfully placed to give happiness, optimism and spiritual growth. However, as I mentioned in my April prediction, there will be strong differences of ideologies.
Till the time Mars remains with Saturn unrest and volatility will be there. Natural calamities will also be there. When Mars joins Jupiter in Pisces from 17th May the energy becomes calmer and expressed more at the emotional level. Do not forget that Mars will still be in Saturn’s Nakshatra. Therefore Mars in Uttara Bhadrapada alongside Jupiter can also increase staunch traditional beliefs. However, for true spiritual practitioners, this is a wonderful conjunction.

Saturn is powerfully placed in Aquarius. Although Saturn is with Mars, the good part is Mars is moving away and this helps to reduce the turbulence and bring out the positive results of Saturn’s transit to Aquarius.

Venus moves to Aries on 23 May, joins Rahu there and comes under Saturn’s aspect. Whenever Venus transits to Aries, it brings out the obsessive side of people with regards to love, passion, luxury and wealth. Rahu will add fuel to it and Saturn will increase hardships. I shall be a bit worried for stability and loyalty in relationships and marriages. Ketu being in Libra is also not helping the relationship matters. By the way, Ketu in Libra does not always mean that your relationships are going to be cut off, it can happen for some, but the other aspect is streamlining the personal and business relationships and the expectations from these. The unnecessary clutter and fluff goes away and a workable understanding can be chalked out.

Mercury again goes retrograde and combust in Taurus. This as usual impacts the communication, business, travel and of course the media.

In the middle of the month Lunar eclipse takes place in Libra. It is a total lunar eclipse, taking place in the North and South Americas and in the western parts of Africa. It is not visible in India.





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