Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Weekly Horoscope : 01 Apr – 07 Apr 2022

Use these predictions as a general guideline for the month and remember that your current Mahadasha, Antardasha and your karmic footprint are the most important factors in getting results from the planets in transit.

View Weekly Horoscope 01 May – 07 May 2022 on YouTube: https://youtu.be/D2NNvl88lSE

Know the overall impact of planetary transits of May 2022 on YouTube: https://youtu.be/ukTDZOBoLH4

Aries moon sign:
Job, business and finance wise this week is looking particularly good. Professional elevation, promotion can be there for you. Your speech and communication skills will be helpful for your progress. Financial gains will come your way. At the same time high expenditure will be there. Regarding property matters, it will be best if you do not take any decisions this week. Your friends circle will be helpful. It is a good week for students. Travel is also indicated for you. An auspicious event may take place at home. Your children will do well. Health will be moderate in general but if your have blood pressure, heart or migraine related troubles, please do not ignore any discomfort. Married life can give mixed results. Spouse’s health can cause concern. If you remain calm, this week will be positive for you.

Taurus moon sign:
Professional change is possible this week. This change can bring promotion, financial gains and social status for you. However, you need to keep cordial relations with your superiors at work. If there are differences with the spouse, you will get a chance this week to sort it out. High expenses will also be there and it can destabilise your finances. Mental stress can be there because of profession and financial matters. Several health issues can bother you this week. Chances of getting injured are there in this week. Try to calm your anxiety and sleep well. Avoid journeys if possible. It is a good week for your children. Mother’s health and property matters can cause concern.

Gemini moon sign:
Professionally this week will be a bit challenging. Some unfavourable change or some obstruction may be there in your path of success, but with hard work you will be able to succeed. Property deals may not yield positive results this week. Muscular pains or body aches can bother you. Unexpected financial gains can be there. However, unproductive travel and expenses will also be there. Try to calm your mental anxiety. Maintain harmonious relation with your spouse. If you are following a spiritual path, it is good time for you. Otherwise also it would be best to adhere to your traditional beliefs and not deviate from the path. Take care of your children.

Cancer Moon sign:
For Cancer Moon signs this week will be mixed. The well placed planets are unable to give good results because of obstruction. With Saturn and Mars both in the 8th house the main concern is health and well-being. Injury or surgery cannot be ruled out as well. However, you will recover well. Professionally this is a good week particularly if you are working in foreign companies or with foreign clients. There may be more than one source of gains for you. You will receive some support from your friends and relatives. However, do not expect much from the friends. Parent’s health can cause worry. Possibility of travel is there, but be cautious during travel.

Leo moon sign:
Leo Moon signs can expect promotions or increment at work if you are employed. Business trips can be fruitful. However, business partners can cause trouble and some sudden issue in business can pop up. You also need to safeguard against false accusations at the workplace. Take care of your finances. Try to curb all additional expenses. Property matters will be positive this week. If you have trouble related to chest area, stomach, knees or spine you should be cautious. Home front looks a bit disturbed. Avoid arguments and conflicts to keep harmony and peace. You may also come in touch with an attractive woman if you are a male. Travel is possible. Patience and caution will be required in almost all areas of life this week.

Virgo moon sign:
You will get happiness from your spouse and children’s company. However, remain careful of differences with the spouse. Your social life will be very active this week. For some of you marriage proposals will be there. Business persons can form a new beneficial partnership. It is good time for financial gains. In other areas of life some issue or the other can disrupt your peace this week. Matters related to the government work, tax etc. can suddenly come up. Father’s health or your differences with him can be a cause of concern. Be a bit careful of your opponents and competitors at work. Although there are chances of health problems, injury or surgery, you are going to get better very soon.

Libra moon sign:
For Libra this week may turn out to be a bit challenging. At work disputes with the seniors can be there. A transfer may be there, or you may also relocate to a different place for work. Financial matters need to be handled with care. Children’s health may cause some worry. Try to maintain cordiality with your spouse. If you are feeling overly stressed, try to calm you mind to be able to think with clarity. Be careful on 2nd and 3rd May, do not get into any arguments and try not to take any important decisions on these two days. If possible avoid long distance travel by car. I suggest letting this week pass without expecting too much.

Scorpio moon sign:
There will be some potential for good income and gain of social status. This week will be filled with entertainment. Work area is a somewhat stressful this week. Work harder to achieve success and also to be in the good books of the seniors. It would be better to postpone property deals for a better phase of time in future. Parents’ health can cause concern. Your own health will improve but be a bit careful of discomforts in the chest area and mental anxiety. Avoid any important decisions or getting into conflicts between 4th and 6th May. There are chances of meeting someone special, but you may need to wait for some time to express your feelings for this person.

Sagittarius moon sign:
Domestic happiness and good relation with the spouse is seen in this week for you. You will enjoy financial gains and achievements at work. There will be progress in all areas. The initiatives you take now will be fruitful in future. Your social presence and enjoyments will increase. Property matters will be positive. Health remains fine. If you are a student, you will do very well in studies. For some of you change of residence can be there. Mother’s health can cause concern. Some amount of mental agony and repentance for some action may be there.

Capricorn moon sign:
There can be change of job for you. There may be travel away from home, even relocation to a foreign land because of the new work. Short trips to the place of spiritual interest can be there too. This week your creativity and prosperity will increase. Rise in social status will also be there. Financially this week high income and high expenditure both will be there. You may also feel a bit stressful and irritable. Restlessness can be felt too. Try not to sound harsh while speaking with others, particularly with a woman. Some differences with the mother can be there or mother’s health can cause concern. This is a good week for your siblings. For some of you there can be marriage.

Aquarius moon sign:
Financial prosperity will be there for you. Social recognition, good times with the family members all are indicated this week. Fine dining, entertainment and comfort will be there for you. Some of you may form a new love relation. Career matters will need attention for some. There can be promotion for the deserving people too. Stomach and chest area related problems can disturb you this week. An injury or a surgery can take place too. Keep control over your emotions as well. You may feel a bit overwhelmed with a new responsibility in life. Spouse’s health can cause worry.

Pisces moon signs:
Pisces moon signs need to take care this week. Some amount of mental anxiety will be there. Financial matters will need care. Curb all unnecessary expenses. Do not take or give loans. Professionally there can be hurdles. This is a good time for higher education. Health matters can cause worry to you. Do not ignore any issues related to your eyes, feet and stomach. Mental stress and anxiety can cause disturbances in sleep. Try to avoid travel this week. Marriage proposals can come for some of you. Spiritually this is a good week.





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