Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Weekly Horoscope 08 May – 14 May 2022

Use these predictions as a general guideline for the month and remember that your current Mahadasha, Antardasha and your karmic footprint are the most important factors in getting results from the planets in transit.

If you prefer to listen to the weekly predictions on YouTube, here is the video link: https://youtu.be/setS7wCsVJE

Aries moon sign:
Professionally this week shows a lot of promise. Your hard work is going to pay off. You may come across some opportunities through you professional network or friends’ circle. Your income looks good. Your articulation and communication will attract others’ attention and will prove to be beneficial for your gains. It is a good time for investments in property. Expenditure will remain high. Some of the expenses will be for benevolent reasons; some will be for entertainment and lifestyle. Possibility of travel, even foreign travel for some of you remains there this week. Health-wise take care if you suffer from migraine, heart or high blood pressure related issues. Heat related troubles can bother you as well. This week anxiety can disturb mental peace. Try to keep your temper under check as well. Spiritually a very productive phase is going on for you. You are likely to receive spiritual guidance from someone. This week is good for single Aries moon signs who are looking for a romantic relation. Married life looks moderate. This is a good time for conception of children.

Taurus moon sign:
Jupiter and Ketu are providing a lot of support to you this week. This is a good time to fulfil your ambitions. Business and job front both are looking good. A positive change may also be there. It may come in the form of a promotion or a new professional opportunity. However, you need to avoid differences with your boss. It would be best to rely more on your own efforts than on a colleague or a friend this week. Financially large gains and earnings will come your way, but at the same time high expenditure will also be there. Loss of money in investments is also possible. This week while speaking you need to make conscious efforts to remain modest and polite. Some stressful moments can build up particularly in the married life or while communicating with the business associates. Eat fresh so you can avoid stomach related troubles. Be careful of fever or injury as well. Avoid company of people with questionable integrity and intention. If you are planning a journey, I suggest postponing it if possible. For some of you birth of a child is possible. Socially you will enjoy good times. Spiritually this is a good week.

Gemini moon sign:
Rahu is supporting you whole heartedly this week. Rahu in one hand is creating opportunities, potential for professional progress and financial gains for you; where as other planets are not really lending a supporting hand to Rahu’s efforts. Therefore if you want to succeed this week, you need to work sincerely for it. Only then something will materialise. If you are not working hard enough, there are possibilities of falling from grace at the workplace. Change in job is also possible. Regarding finances, you should weigh all sides before investing or spending. Large amount of expenses which are not really needed can happen this week. It would be best to avoid property matters this week. Possibility of long journeys remains this week too. You may feel a bit lethargic this week with muscle pain and fatigue. At home try to maintain cordiality with your spouse. Mental anxiety and stress can be there. To increase your inner strength, meditate or pray whichever works for you. Stick to the spiritual path that you have been following so far.

Cancer Moon sign:
For Cancer Moon signs Mercury is providing good results this week. Although Sun, Jupiter and Venus are placed beneficially for you, they are unable to give full results because of obstruction. This week will be good for business growth. You will get cooperation from your social and professional circle. For reaching your ambitions or a tangible professional growth you may have to wait till the next week. There are strong indications that your professional life will undergo a major change. You may take an important decision this week. With Saturn and Mars both in your 8th house, you need to be careful of mental anxiety and health both. Be careful of injuries as well. There are chances of a surgery for some of you. There are possibilities of a family outing which can bring a lot of happiness to you. If you have children, their health can cause a bit of worry. The same goes for your father’s health too. Some of you may just find out a latent talent in you.

Leo moon sign:
Leo Moon signs are getting firm support of Venus and Ketu this week. This week is good for property matters. Some of you may buy a house too. This week opens up the opportunity for meeting an attractive romantic partner. Financial situation will be moderate this week. However, huge amount of expenditure is also foreseen. So try to keep a balance in money matters. Your name and fame will go up too. Professionally it looks like you will need to work harder and have patience to get success and recognition. You may also have to deal with some kind of derogatory situation at work place or a promised promotion may get delayed. If you are in business, you may have to wait for longer for some of the deals to fructify. Try not to use any short cuts or unethical ways. Differences with the spouse and mother will be there. Marital relations will need care in particular. You need to maintain calmness in your speech. Relationship with the business partners can cause worries. Take care of chest and joint related troubles. Possibilities of long distance journey are there. Some of you may also go to foreign lands for higher studies. If possible try to avoid travel this week. Parent’s health may need attention.

Virgo moon sign:
Jupiter is supporting you wonderfully this week. There can be marriage prospects for the right people. New business partnerships can also be there and this will be beneficial. Some desire or ambition will get fulfilled. Although Saturn and Mars are well placed, they are obstructed from giving full positive results. Therefore confirmation of promotion, increment or a better new job can get delayed and some obstruction or the other can pop up. At work remain a bit watchful of your colleagues. On the positive there can be recognition or rewards from the higher authorities if it applies to you. Financially this week will be positive. You will spend close bond and good times with your family members, but try to avoid major differences with the spouse. Love matters may not be very positive this week. In the health front if you had any prior illness, you will recover well. However, problems related to digestion, circulation, reproductive system and rectum can cause worries for some of you. Be careful of accidents or injuries as well. Work related travel can be there.

Libra moon sign:
For Libra this week indicates continuation of the trends of the last week, but there is silver lining as well. Moon is promising you some amount of break from the professional difficulties and mental anxiety. You will receive help from a woman in your profession. If you can reduce the differences from your side, there can be improvement in relation with your boss. A transfer is possible as well. Some of the colleagues may not have the best interest in mind for you. Your opponents can get stronger. Try to avoid legal disputes. If you have children they will do well, but their health or some issues related to them may cause concern. This week is not great for love relations. Try to avoid conflict in the married life. In spite of having all difficulties, you feel quite optimistic and emotionally stable this week.

Scorpio moon sign
Venus and Rahu are favourable for you this week. This is a good week for entertainment and romance. Success is education is also indicated. Money matters look good. Gains from speculative investments can be there. This week is good for your children too. However to get the full blown good effects of the planets you will have to wait a bit longer. This week brings a transformative effect for you. There will be change in your life, in your thoughts. Try to avoid property deals this week. Your respect will increase in your social circle. If there is a legal case going on, it may be favourable for you, however, it would be a good idea to avoid conflicts or new litigations at all costs. At work place you will have to work harder from now to get success, but if you do so you will reap the benefits with time. You may face opposition or stiff competition in work place. You also need to control your rash temperament. Keep harmony with your close relatives. Father’s health may need attention. Regarding health, you need to be careful of blood pressure, stomach or chest related troubles. Be careful of mother’s health.

Sagittarius moon sign:
Alright Sagittarius Moon signs, Mars, Venus, Saturn and Ketu all are lined up favourably for you this week; the effect being professional and financial growth. You will come out as a winner in competitions. Your efforts will be appreciated and will also bring monetary gains for you. If you take initiatives now, or launch your own venture, those will be highly fruitful in future, particularly when Saturn will come again in Aquarius in January 2023 for longer stretch. There are possibilities of buying a new vehicle. Property matters will be positive this week. You may also redecorate your home or move to a new home. You may come out of a chronic health problem. You will enjoy happy moments with your spouse and children. Parent’s health may need attention. Over all this week looks very positive for Sagittarius moon signs. Health will be alright. There can be some differences with friends though. Some amount of mental stress or grief can be there for some of you.

Capricorn moon sign:
This week Venus brings a lot of positivity for you. You will topple competition and do well in profession. Remember to give your best shot to receive the full results. Some of you may receive help from the government or the authorities if it applies to you. You will spend joyous time with friends and siblings. Music, art, and other creative work will be beneficial for you. For some of you relocation, even going to a foreign land is a strong possibility. Travel for higher studies or for religious reasons can also happen. Marriage prospects will be there for the right people. Finances may not be in great shape this week. Try to curb all unnecessary spending. Some amount of worry or mental restlessness can be there too. Try to keep a cool head and do not let your temper ruin family ties. Heart patients should take care of health. Parents’ health may also cause concern. Your mother can have mental anxiety. Work pressure remains high this week. Try to avoid property related deals this week. Drive carefully. Be a bit careful between 10th and 12th May in all matters.

Aquarius moon sign:
This week Jupiter, Venus and Rahu are giving you beneficial results. Although Mercury and Sun are also favourably placed, they have obstructions. Saturn is creating peak of Sadesati effects for you. In totality this week is excellent for financial matters. With your hard work and determination you are going to make great progress in your career. Chances of promotion and increment exist for the deserving people. Keep a tab of your expenditure. Some sudden and unwanted expenses can come up. You may also have to bear additional responsibility in the family and also in the workplace. You will enjoy good time with your family members. Your social status will increase. You may buy good clothes or jewellery. This week is good for love relations. Married people will have a mixed week. You will not only speak knowledgeably, but will also win hearts with your way of speaking. Health-wise this week will be alright, but if you have high blood pressure or heart related problems, it would be better to be a bit cautious. Try to avoid any important decisions between 12th and 14th May. If you are feeling low and left out seek support from the close friends and family members, even better from the Almighty.

Pisces moon signs:
This week Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are providing good results to you. Pisces moon signs will be quite a few positive results this week. Your income will increase. You will earn from more than one source. Professionally this week is highly productive. Property matters will also be positive this week. You will experience better health and vitality. Your sweet speech will draw people towards you and this will also help in financial gains. Some of you may buy assets like jewelleries as well. Your friends’ network will be helpful to you. Good food, fine dining, entertainment all are on the cards for you. Some of you may visit foreign countries and there will be good amount of expenditure on that account. For single people there will be chances of forming a romantic relation. Alongside all these good things you need to take care of loss of money or theft. Children’s health may cause worry or there may be some worry because of children. Some amount of mental anxiety will also be there. This is a good time for spiritual practices.





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