Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Weekly Horoscope 22 May – 28 May 2022

The good part of this week is Mars has already come to Pisces so the struggles and frustrations are now comparatively less. On 23rd Venus will change sign and go to Aries after crossing Pisces-Aries Gandanta, the volatile and fiery border. Watery gentle planet Venus is not really happy in Aries, on top of that Saturn is aspecting it and Rahu is sitting there. Sun is sitting in one Venus sign and Ketu is sitting in another Venus sign. So over all Venus is severely battered. This is not a good sign for relationships, business partnerships, marriage and finances. Mercury is still retrograde and combust adding to the instability in trade and business. It also increases chances of miscommunication and lack of intelligent understanding to tackle any issues.
Let’s now see how this week will pan out for all Moon signs.
As always use these predictions as a general guideline for the week and remember that your current Mahadasha, Antardasha and your karmic footprint are the most important factors in getting results from the planets in transit.

If you prefer to watch the video on YouTube here is the link: https://youtu.be/0E1jxxT-aaE

Aries moon sign:
Professionally you will do well. If you are dealing with foreign clients or having business with foreign countries, this week will be productive for you. Some of you may also go to a foreign country. For some of you there can be a visit to hospital for check-up. Your financial situation, high expenditure and mental stress will bother you this week. Try to remain flexible with others’ views and respect those. Remain calm. Do not use harsh words with others. There can be difficult situations developing in your married life or with the business partners. Spouse’s health will also need attention. If you are thinking of getting married, it would be better to wait a bit longer, do not finalise things this week. What a wonderful time has started for spiritual fulfilment for Aries. If you are on that path, give your all to it, this combination of planets will not come back any soon. There are strong indications of visiting an ashram, monastery or a spiritual retreat.

Taurus moon sign:
Your sign lord Venus will come out of exaltation and enter Aries. I have discussed in the introduction part about Venus in Aries. In short, it is a bit challenging for your health. Professionally this week is extremely positive with Mars and Jupiter in the 11th house. For some of you a big promotion or a better new job that was stuck so long can come your way. Your professional network and friends will be helpful to you. If in business you will do well. However, work related tension will be there. Income will be good. Along with that a lot of unnecessary expenses will also happen this week. Change of place or a transfer at the workplace can take place. This is a good week for real-estate matters. However, hold on to the renovation or redecoration plans. Your passion runs high. It would be better to take care of headache, high blood pressure or heart related issues. It is a good time if you are planning for a child. Avoid conflicts. Mother’s health will need attention.

Gemini moon sign:
You have been going through a lot for last few weeks. Slowly things are turning positive for you this week. 25th onwards you will see positive results. Professional and financial both progresses will be there. Sudden gains, fulfilment of your aspirations, support from family and friends all these can happen. However, it would be better to trust your own instincts than relying on your friends. You need to be careful about loss of money or unnecessary expenditure. Home front looks a bit shaky. Avoid misunderstanding with the spouse. Mother’s health can cause worry or your relationship with your mother can come under strain because of your communication. Property matters will come to the focus this week, but be careful to read all documents and also the fine prints before signing anything. Mental anxiety, stress related problems or stomach issues can be there. Your spiritual inclinations will go up.

Cancer Moon sign:
This week shows very good potential for new better work opportunities and gain of name, fame and status. This is a good week for people working with foreign companies or clients. At the same time there will be difficulties at the workplace too. So the way out for you seems to be working hard and maintain cordiality at your work place. Try not to get into any uncomfortable situation with a woman at the work place. Avoid any major differences with your spouse too. Good monetary gains will be there from more than one source. However, do not be too ambitious with stock market investments. If you are looking for loans, it may get sanctioned this week. There may be some obstacles in the government related work. Some of you may travel abroad this week. Health will be good, but you may feel a bit low on energy on 23rd and 24th. You are anyway an emotional person; therefore take care not to let negative thoughts linger in your mind.

Leo moon sign:
This is a good week for career growth. Good time for job seekers and promotion and financial gains are also possible. Your achievements will bring you name and fame. Actually you may have already experienced some positive transformation in career. It is a very positive week for people dealing with foreign companies or clients. Your expenses will remain high. You may toy with the idea of buying a property. However, I suggest not acting on this now, wait for Mars to come out of the 8th house. Change of residence can happen too. Good week for love and romance. With Saturn in the 7th house in Aquarius some of you will get married. Your spiritual inclinations will go up. There may be visit to a religious place too. You got Mars and Jupiter in the 8th house, it would be better to be careful of injuries while travelling. Surgery is also possible if it applies to you. In general avoid all kinds of shortcuts in the path of achievement and remain a bit careful on 25th and 26th.

Virgo moon sign:
For the employed people this week will be positive particularly if your work has foreign connection, there will be gains and you will do well. There can be differences with the business partners. Journey on account of work and profession can take place. This week it is possible that what you want to do may face some obstacle or the other. Property related matters will come up and there will be conflicts or delay in these matters. For some of you possibility of marriage remains there. For married people married life will give mixed results. If you can control your temper and aggression, things will be alright. Health will need care and mental anxiety can be there too. In general try to remain polite, clear and truthful in your communication. Otherwise there may be some loss of respect. Avoid 27th and 28th for any auspicious work and remain careful on the health front. It would be a good idea to steer clear of addictive habits.

Libra moon sign:
Financial gains and professional achievements are foreseen this week. Winning in competitive examinations, having an edge over your professional rivals, possibility of winning in legal matters, all these are possible. This week you need to take care of your health and your relationship with your spouse. Troubles related to fever or piles or reproductive system are possible. Mars will help you to recover fast from the health issues, but when it comes to your spouse and marriage, you need to exercise caution. Try to avoid conflicts with others, both at home and in the work place. At work the decisions of the higher authorities may not go in your favour. For some of you a transfer is possible. Foreign travel is also possible, but the experience may not be as desired. Some worries related to your children can be there.

Scorpio moon sign:
This week Scorpio moon signs need to take all decisions carefully and maintain good relation with your spouse. A family dispute cannot be ruled out. Work may not progress as desired. Change of place due to work or change of residence is also possible. Aches and pains in the body can bother you. Do not let unnecessary stress build up this week and try to remain calm. If you have children, their health can cause worry. If you are planning for have a baby, it is a good time for that. Chances of travel are there. Take extra care if you are driving during the journey. Over all you are going through a phase of change and this week the wind of change is strong. Job related changes will be positive and will bring money and better status.

Sagittarius moon sign:
For Sagittarius Moon signs this week will be good. You will feel quite cheerful. Professionally this is another positive week. New job or a job that gives higher status can come your way. Be in good terms with your colleagues at the work place. It is also important that you pay proper attention to the small details. You may start your new venture or a new project. Your earning potential improves. Mother’s health will need care this week. Property matters can bring worries. Change of residence can happen as well. If you are planning to buy new vehicles, the first two days will be good for that. This week opportunities for enjoyment, entertainment and having fun time will be ample, just take care not to overdo things because that may bring trouble. Love relations can be quite passionate. Sudden gains and loss also through speculation can be there. Although there will be stress, your health remains good. Heart and blood pressure related matters need some attention though. Drive carefully.

Capricorn moon sign:
This is a good week for your career and professional growth. Although challenges are there, or you have been feeling a bit cut off from the social and professional circle, you will overcome those and forge ahead. Business people will also gain profits. A bit of extra effort will bring achievements for you. Clarity about certain issues will come. You may feel like buying a new car or refurbishing your home. Before you decide anything ask yourself if it is absolutely required now; if not, wait for the better time. Financially this week will bring positivity. Travel for education or for religious reasons can happen this week. Some of you may get married. Health-wise you will find that a chronic disease has come under control. Be cautious of your interactions with your close family members. Do not say things that can cause disputes. Some restlessness will be felt this week.

Aquarius moon sign:
Jupiter keeps supporting your finances, so no worries at that front. Joining a new job with a much better pay and post of possible this week. Business people need to work harder. Try to avoid property deals and buying vehicles this week. Domestic disturbance can increase and that can cause mental stress and unhappiness. You should also be careful not to use harsh words while speaking with others. Relocation or change of residence is a possibility. Mother’s health can cause trouble. Try to avoid differences with her too. Be careful of people who do not have the best interest in mind for you. Take care of your own health. I suggest keeping things a bit grounded this week. Your spiritual inclinations will help you.

Pisces moon sign:
This week will bring opportunities for spending time with the family or having a get together. There are chances of getting into conflicts in such events as well. Inflow of money will be there. Possibility of increment or promotion remains there in the work place. You will overcome all oppositions and progress in career. It would be important to keep cordiality with your colleagues in the work place and also with your spouse. Some concern from the authorities or the government can create stress. Be careful of health troubles on 23rd and 24th. Keep your blood pressure and temper under check. Expenditure because of health reasons and for buying luxury items are indicated. You may buy some assets, gadgets or ornaments this week. Foreign travel or relocation is on the cards for some of you. Overall this is an average week.





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