Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

June 2022 Astrological Predictions & Transit Analysis

The major events of June are Saturn’s retrogression in Aquarius, Rahu’s entry in Bharani nakshatra and Mars’ entry in the Mooltrikon sign of Aries.
With Mercury turning direct and also coming out of combustion is a good sign for business and trade. Another positive aspect of June is Venus’ move to the own sign of Taurus on 18th June. Here Venus will support Mercury to generate wealth through business. Good time for property matters and buying vehicles. Some positivity in the share and stock market can also be expected. Intelligent, sober communication and thoughtful actions can also help to tackle issues in life.
Saturn turning retrograde in the natural 11th house i.e. in Aquarius is actually not so bad as long as Saturn is in Aquarius. It will further enhance the income and gain potential for many. However, as always Saturn remains stationary about five days before 5th June and a couple of days after. Depending on in which house Aquarius falls for you it will be difficult to make progress on matters related to that house on these few days. This retrogression can bring your attention to your aspirations to reassess whether these are achievable or not. Issues with friends and well-wishers can be there. The equation with the larger society can change as well.
Some interesting conjunctions are taking place in June. Venus and Rahu are already together. On 14th Rahu will move to Bharani nakshatra and on 15th it will form exact conjunction with Venus. Bharani is ruled by Venus and the deity is Yama, the God of death. This nakshatra signifies creativity, strong sexual desires, obsession, death and transformation. When Rahu comes here, all these aspects will amplify. Rahu in Bharani will explode the creative side, this can also mean quite a few new conceptions will be there, be it in the form of creative, artistic ideas or a large number of unexpected pregnancies. Why unexpected? It is because Rahu is involved here. Some ground breaking research can also happen during Rahu’s stay in Bharani till 20 February 2023. Rahu in Bharani can give a huge boost to the film, entertainment and performing art industry. On the negative side we need to be careful of over-amplified self-worth, over-indulgence and passion. Ego issues can disturb relationships.
A more worrisome period starts when Mars begins to cross Gandanta and then comes to Aries on 27th. This is too much of fire, passion, anger and aggression to handle. As mars will move towards Rahu, Rahu will start fanning these aspects even more. It is difficult to channelise this highly explosive energy in a constructive way. Saturn’s aspect in Aries can further agitate Mars and aggravate the situation even more. Therefore it would be best to keep calm and react to any adverse situation in a restrained manner during the last week of the month and also going forward till mid-July.
Lastly I would like to discuss about the sign Scorpio. The natural 8th house sign Scorpio is anyway highly activated because of both Saturn and Jupiter’s joint aspect on it. From 27th June Mars will also aspect Scorpio. Although Scorpio’s sign lord will aspect it, it is after all Mars. As a general impact, injury, surgery, increase in anger and frustration can be there. Natural calamities like thunderbolt strike, earthquake or volcanic eruptions can be there as well.






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