Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Weekly Horoscope 29 May – 04 June 2022

This week brings mental happiness for you even if you have been going through stress for some time. For career this week looks good. Your sign lord Mars sitting in the 12th house and is with Jupiter. This is not great for your health and well-being, but it is wonderful for your spiritual development. Your communication improves this week. Students will do well. For married people the difficulties in the married life or worries related to the spouse’s health can reduce. Your own appearance will be quite attractive. For some of you marriage prospects will be there. Romance and love are in the air too. Just make sure that this does not end up being just a passionate affair for some time. Monetary situation looks good. However, due to Saturn’s slowing down and stationary effect you may feel some temporary slowing down in earnings and in the matters of promotion for some time. Be careful while investing. Keep a tab on your expenses. A foreign travel can be there.

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This week the focus will remain on you. Your personality will be highly attractive. You will attract quite a few admirers. Financially this is a very good week for you. Prospects of professional elevation, high social status remain there. Income opportunities remain excellent. Some of you may plan a foreign travel. You will spend on indulgence and to enhance your bedroom pleasures. Last couple of days of May is good for relationships and achievements in work. Health may need attention this week. This week is also good for real-estate matters. Some amount of stress can be there related to your health. It is a good week for students, educators and also for people in the artistic fields, media and entertainment industry. Remain careful not to indulge in any act that can bring disrepute to you. If you are trying to conceive a baby, this week is positive for that. Your spirituality will increase. Overall it will be a productive week, try to utilise this time.

This will be a week with positivity and promises with some underlying conditions. The first good news is your sign lord is out of retrogression and combustion. Promotion, increment or a new job offer can come your way, but you need to avoid getting into a tiff with your seniors at work, or else it can backfire. You will be socially active, will enjoy good times with your friends, now here is a catch, do not blindly trust others and avoid bad company. Property matters will be positive if you are buying it away from your birth place. Good amount of money will come from investments or from shares etc. However, your expenses need to reduce; otherwise very soon you will find the savings are dwindling. Take care if you suffer from stress and anxiety. This week will be good for married people. Father’s health may need attention. Your relationship with him will also need care. Foreign relocation is possible. Some worries related to children can be there.

Change in professional life is expected this week. Depending on what dashas you are running, two entirely different things can happen. You can be elevated to a better post with better pay if you are employed. If you are in business or working independently there can be some turmoil and change in the professional area. Your network circle will be helpful to you. Your mental strength and will power will increase. Financially this would be a good week. Money will come from different sources, but avoid taking loans this week. If you have investments this would be a good time to reap the benefits. Differences with the spouse can be there. Your health can give trouble. It is a good time to seek divine blessings. Father’s health can cause some worry. Pregnant women need to be a bit careful.

This is another good week for professional success and money. New job opportunities can be there. Overall this is a good period for employed people. Your aspirations will be fulfilled. You may get help of a woman in this matter. Good time to socialise and gain respect in your social circle. Health-wise chances of fever or cuts and wounds remain there. Try to avoid differences and arguments with your close relatives. With Saturn stationary in your 7th house, it would be a good idea to maintain cordiality with your spouse and business partners. Avoid any unethical means or shortcuts in business. Your expenses can shoot up. It would be best not to invest in any venture or in speculative schemes now. Travel can be there, particularly for religious reasons. An auspicious ceremony can take place at home. It is a good week for higher education.

Your sign lord is out of combustion and retrogression, that itself is providing you with a lot of new found energy. Work related travel can be there and it will be gainful. If you are thinking of a work partner, this will be a good time for that. The employed people may find that the progress is a bit stalled this week, but there is nothing to worry, it is a temporary phase. High competition at work or in studies can be there. However, this week is good for students who are pursuing higher studies. Property matters will be positive for you. You may also buy a new property. Love relations will flourish. Marriage is possible for some of you. Father’s health will need attention. A family legacy or property can come your way if it applies to you. Be careful of diseases of the reproductive system. Avoid any unethical activities or addictions. Avoid conflicts with the spouse.

This week is moderate for work and business. New job offers may come your way. Chances of differences with the boss or the business partner can be there. Some financial gains will be there, but for better results you will need to wait. For some of you unexpected monetary gains can also be there. However, avoid speculative investments this week. Legal issues can bother you, but you will also fight it with all you might. Chances of winning in competitions or overcoming any opposition are very strong this week. Some kind of recognition from the higher ups or the government can be there. At home try to avoid conflicts with the spouse. Some mental anxiety can bother you in the first few days of the week. Be careful of fever, troubles related to the reproductive system or accidents and injuries. Issues related to children can cause stress. It will be best if you can avoid taking any important decisions this week.

Your social life flourishes this week. Progress at work can get hindered to some extent. Try to keep cordiality with the seniors at work. There may be some difficulties in business as well. Finances will need care and attention. Try to curb your expenses. Although chances of relocation or change of residence remain there, try to avoid property related matters this week. If you are travelling or going for a road trip, drive with care. Keep a check on what you are eating, eat healthy and fresh food. Mental anxiety can trouble you in the middle of the week. This week you need to be extra careful to be in good terms with your spouse. Children’s health can also cause worry. Avoid conflicts with women at work and also in the family. It can happen that even if you want to spend some time in spiritual practices, you are not able to do so for various reasons.

Another very positive week for Sagittarius. Professional progress, winning in competitions, income, and health all look well. You will get amply rewarded for your efforts in the work place. Mental happiness remains there too. This is a good week for monetary gains. Gains from investments, shares etc. can be there. Sudden expenditure can also be there. You may experience a bit of slowing down in your new venture. This is a good week for love and getting married too. Mother’s health may need attention. If you are doing any property deals this week, there may be issues coming up there. Overall keep harmonious relation with all and try not to make any new enemies. If you come across any situation where differences are building up, try to walk away from there. Calm conversation with the spouse can solve a long standing issue. A bit of lethargy can affect you.

Your sign lord Saturn is standing still in your second house this week. This week can begin to throw more family responsibility and some challenges related to finances at you. However, with your own effort and initiatives you are likely to manage these well. Work front looks good. You may feel a bit argumentative, but take care not to get into conflicts with your children, siblings, women or with the neighbours. Health can go down a little bit, more than the physical health it is the stress that can cause trouble. Some amount of restlessness can be there too. Possibility of short travels can be there. Relocation is a strong possibility for quite a few of Capricorn people. You may renovate or redecorate your home. You may enjoy an indulgent lifestyle, but be careful of extravagant spending. Mother’s health can cause worry. Be cautious on the matters regarding property and vehicles.

Saturn is in your sign creating peak of Sadesati for you and this week Saturn will be stationary there before going retrograde. You may be already feeling the mental pressure building up in you or you may be shouldering additional responsibility. High work pressure will be there. Financial matters remain good this week. Good inflow of money will be there but expenditure can also increase. Your hard work will get recognised and can bring you name and fame. Domestic matters may be a bit turbulent. Your temperament will also be quite rough. Father’s health can cause worry, alternatively there may be difference in opinion with him. Mother’s health will also need attention. Property matters can start moving this week. Relocation or change of residence is on the cards for many of you. Spiritual practices and meditation will be helpful for you.

Confidence and wisdom these two will be your assets this week. Enjoyment, recreation etc. can bring happiness for you this week. Monetary matters will be positive this week. However, many of you may experience a bit of ups and downs in the professional area and this may be caused by the colleagues or competitors. It would be better if you do not start a new venture this week. Change of residence or relocation is possible for some of you. This is a good week for love relations. Keep your temper under check. Blood pressure related issues can be there. You may make new friends. Possibility of marriage remains there. In general family matters may remain a bit volatile this week. Be careful of health and injuries. Eye related troubles can be there too. Hospital visits can take place. Expenses can also happen on buying high end clothes or jewelleries. Spiritually this is a good week.





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