Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Weekly Horoscope 05 June – 11 June 2022 & Saturn Retrogression Results

The major and only event of this week is retrogression of Saturn. Although all other planets are placed in the same houses and signs as last week, this one event of retrogression of Saturn will change the outcome of your efforts, certain aspects of your life and course of action. This week in particular will be impactful. I am focusing on the results of Saturn’s retrogression in this week’s predictions. Note that these results are not just for this week, these are relevant for the entire stretch of retrogression in Aquarius till 12 July.

If you prefer to watch the video here is the link: https://youtu.be/mjvfq5a1m5Y

Link to the June Transit Analysis Video: https://youtu.be/HYSt6o0gymc

Saturn is turning retrograde in your 11th house. The first few days may not be very promising, but there after monetary gains, profit from investments, professional growth can be there. This retrogression opens up the opportunities for multiple sources of income. It is also a time to re-evaluate your ambitions, aspirations and life goal. Your social standing will increase. Take care to maintain good relation with your elder siblings and your network circle. You may let go of a few social connections who are not really serving your life’s purpose anymore or becoming obstacles in your life’s goal. Your health will need attention. Some worry related to your children will be there.
As far as rest of the planets are concerned, a journey to a far off place can take place. For some hospital visits can be there for health reasons. Spiritually this is a good week. You may feel some temporary slowing down in earnings and in professional growth for some time.

Saturn is getting retrograde in your 10th house. For Taurus ascendants it can bring unprecedented success in the professional area. For Taurus moon signs this can cause disruption in work. In any case you need to work harder. Change in career can happen as well. If certain things are not working out in your work field, this would be a good time to re-assess the pitfalls and re-strategise. Relocation is a strong possibility for many Taurus people. Some disturbances can be there in the married life. Spouse’s health can also cause concern. Mental worry will be there. Mother’s health needs attention during this phase. Avoid property matters till 12 July 2022.
As far as the other aspects of the week are concerned, a long distance travel even a foreign travel can be there. Expenses will be high.

Saturn is getting retrograde in your 9th house. Be careful with your investments. It would be better if you do not invest large amount of money in any scheme. Weigh the pros and cons of the new projects or ventures before beginning those. Father’s health can cause worry. There are possibilities of difference in ideologies with him as well. Take care of your health. A chronic disease or stomach problems can disturb you. Try to stick to the ethical path. Your traditional beliefs will be stronger. I suggest Gemini people to play everything safe.
Otherwise this will be a week will bring professional progress and possibility of conflicts in the work place. Chance of a long distance travel or foreign travel remains there for Gemini people as well. Large amount of gains can be there.

Saturn is retrograde in your 8th house. You need to take good care of your health. You may experience obstructions in your work, particularly if you are in business. A lot of sudden and unproductive expenses can happen too. Matters related to joint finances, your relation with your in-laws can come to the forefront and will need reassessment. Some kind of insecurity or fear can bother you. You need to take care of your marital relations. Actually this phase of retrogression till 12 July can prompt you to re-evaluate the sustainability of all kinds of partnerships, business or personal. For some, spouse’s health can cause worry.
Considering other planets, your religious and traditional beliefs will get stronger this week. Good amount of financial gains will be there if your work has foreign connection. Your aspirations will get fulfilled. Pregnant women should remain careful.

Saturn is retrograde in your 7th house. This will be a phase when you need to re-assess and address the issues related to your married life and business partnership. Some of you may also take a final decision in these matters. For some spouse’s health will need attention. Expect challenges in your professional field. Hard work will be needed to succeed. Relocation can happen for some of you. Your health will need care. Take care of heart related matters. Mother’s health will need attention. Your understanding with your siblings can get disturbed.
Considering other planets, this week can bring professional success and gains from career. Your social and professional status will increase. Remain a bit careful of injuries. Father’s health can cause worry.

Saturn is going retrograde in your 6th house. Well, this retrogression will increase your dominance over your competitors and enemies and you will also overcome opposition. This also means that you will come across higher competition or opposition in life. You will do very well if you are in employment. This will be a period to spread your roots firmly in your workplace. Some of you may go abroad too. Some benefit may come from family money or inherence. Health may cause a bit of worry. This will be a period to re-assess certain aspects related to your health, to plan a healthy lifestyle or some exercise plans for sustainable well-being. Take care of stomach issues. Maintain good relation with your siblings. Their health can cause worry.
When we see the placement of other planets this week, it shows a good week for higher education and long journey. There will be mixed relation with your spouse. You may get ancestral property or money. Avoid any unethical activities or addictions.

Saturn is turning retrograde in your 5th house. It would be best if you can avoid fresh investments during this time. I would suggest not taking any important decisions in the first week of the retrogression. Matters related to your children can cause concern. You also need to avoid conflicts in married life. Students will need to put more efforts in studies, but they will do well. Some correction will be required from your side to productively manage your finances and your education. You may not be your usual jovial and cheerful self during this retrogression. Overall this will give average results for you.
Considering other planets it shows that challenges of the last week will continue this week as well. Some professional growth can be expected. Keep cordiality with the spouse and do not indulge in relations outside marriage.

Saturn going retrograde in your 4th house can disturb your domestic peace. It would be best not to take any decision related to property or construction of a house. Try not to buy vehicles in the first week of this retrogression period. Mother’s health can cause concern. This retrograde Saturn can also prompt you to relocate. In the professional area transfers can be there. Do not ignore any health issues during this retrogression. You may feel a bit sluggish. Saturn going retrograde in the 4th house will nudge you to take a look at your domestic situation, whether you need to make any adjustments there for better sustainability.
The other aspects of the week will be progress in education or in a work related to creativity and education. Gains in investment will be there. Avoid conflicts with the spouse at all costs.

Saturn is going retrograde in your 3rd house. The first few days of the week will pose some hurdles related to your venture. You may not feel like taking initiatives. However thereafter you will see marked improvement in the areas of life where your own initiatives are required. If you enrol for any self-improvement courses, that will be good too. Travel will be good for you. This is a good week for your job search. Monetary inflow will be there. This retrogression period till 12 July will give you opportunities to relook at your initiatives and your future plans. It is a good time to evaluate if you would like to turn your skills or hobbies into your profession.
Considering other planets, it is a highly creative phase for Sagittarius people. Money from speculative investments can come. Just take care to remain in good terms with your spouse, siblings and neighbours. Sagittarius ascendants can go ahead with property deals, but the moon signs should not.

Saturn is going retrograde in your 2nd house. For Capricorn Moon signs this shows that Saturn is preparing to come back to your sign and create peak of Sadesati again in July. Therefore expect some challenges on the way. For the ascendants it is bringing the attention to your family matters and financial situation. Be very careful while investing money. The Moon sign and the ascendant both need to be careful of health. Matters related to joint finances will also get highlighted. Marriage and relationship with the in-laws will need some care.
For other results of the week, money and family matters can cause worries. Change of residence or relocation is a strong possibility. Many of you will go for home renovation. Children’s health can cause concern.

First coming to the results of Saturn’s retrogression; Saturn is turning retrograde in your sign. For Moon signs it is preparing to leave the peak phase for some time. For the ascendants it is a matter of the ascendant lord being retrograde in the ascendant. Well, both ways, be careful of your health and well-being. Confidence will be there but do not take any decision out of overconfidence. You may experience some obstacles or additional responsibility in your professional area. If married, this period will be challenging. Spouse’s health can also cause worry. Overall, the period till 12 July will be a phase to re-evaluate your life and health in general and take some corrective steps.
Considering other planets, financial situation looks good for you. The week will be spent in entertaining guests at home. Some sudden event can disturb peace.

Saturn’s retrogression is taking place in your 12th house. This is not that great for Pisces ascendants, but for Pisces Moon signs it is not that bad because Saturn is retreating from the Sadesati position. So Pisces Moon signs will feel a bit lighter emotionally. In general both for ascendants and for the Moon signs this retrogression will bring financial worries. People in employment need to have fewer expectations in the job front. Some hidden competitors or enemies can become more active. Health worries can be there. Chances of hospitalisation also remains. Overall this retrogression in Aquarius gives you a chance to rethink about your expenditure, your mental and physical health situation and realign your steps to gain a balance. Father’s health may need attention.
When other planets are taken into account, this week shows chances of residence change. Monetary situation looks good. Some extravaganza remains this week too. Eat healthy to remain fit. Spiritually you are going through a positive phase.


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