Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

July 2022 Astrology Predictions & Transit Analysis

July begins on a highly auspicious note. 1st July is the day of Shree Jagannath’s Rath yatra in Puri. 2nd July is also a special day. On 2nd July six planets are in their own signs, in full dignity; Moon in Cancer, Mars in Aries, Venus in Taurus, Mercury in Gemini, Jupiter in Pisces and Saturn in Aquarius retrograde, all forming a sequence. This sequence is formed from middle of June and now Moon in Cancer and Mercury in Gemini give it the final definition. These planets are creating multiple auspicious yogas in transit. In general it is a very positive energy. All the signs are going to benefit from this in some area of life of the other. Moon will move out of Cancer the next day but other planets in this sequence will yield same results till the middle of this month.

All dates are as per Indian Standard Time

If you wish to watch the video on July 2022 Astrology predictions, here is the link : https://youtu.be/eCYydSZt9A4 . Do SUBSCRIBE to my channel and like the video.

The next big impact transit is Saturn’s sign change in retrograde motion. On 12th July Saturn will move back to Capricorn. This one move of Saturn is creating a domino effect for several planets. I shall discuss this in a minute. Let’s first see what will be the Sadesati effects. Sadesati will temporarily end for Pisces Moon signs. Aquarius will get relief from the peak phase and also can feel a bit relieved from the extreme mental stress and additional responsibility on their shoulders. For Capricorn peak of Sadesati is coming back to you while Saturn is retrograde. You need to be a bit careful. Sagittarius moon signs are going to experience the last bite of Sadesati.

In general Saturn’s move back to Capricorn is a highly Karma oriented energy. Anything initiated in the last two and a half years and anything left in that pursuit, will get the last chance for completion. You may do some rearrangement in the work front; you may re-evaluate what is working for you and what is not and take a final decision based on that. This need not be in the work front only; it will depend on where Capricorn is falling in your chart as per your ascendant and Moon sign.

Saturn’s move back to Capricorn will have two big impacts; one, Saturn’s aspect from Mars-Rahu conjunction will be removed. Mars is inching closer to Rahu every day and more and more volatility is being created. So long Saturn was creating frustration but at the same time was restricting full blowing up of this explosive energy, now there is no check and no benefic aspect on them as well. Secondly, Saturn from Capricorn will start aspecting Jupiter in Pisces. So long some sense and wisdom was prevailing, now the wisdom, optimism and benevolence will get restricted. On top of that Jupiter is going to get retrograde at the fag end of the month. So overall it is a very difficult energy which can go out of control and create great turbulence in everyone’s life. Natural disasters are also going to increase. Some of those may have devastating impacts as well.

On 16 July Mars will enter Bharani nakshatra and on the same day Sun will enter Cancer forming opposition with Saturn. After 16th as July progresses, things are likely get more and more difficult. Mercury remains combust the entire month barring a few days in the beginning. This impacts intelligent decision making, trade and business. All I can say, it is important to retain some logical thinking, avoid all kinds of provocations and remain calm.

13 July is another auspicious day in July it is the day of Guru Purnima. People who have their spiritual gurus, they know what to do on this day. However, in general it would be a good idea to pray to both the planetary Gurus, Dev Guru Brihaspati or Jupiter and also Daitya Guru Shukracharya or Venus for knowledge, wisdom, positivity and benevolence. Guru’s blessings are very important for all of us. May God bless us all!


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