Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Retrograde Saturn Moves Back to Capricorn – July to Oct 2022

Saturn is moving back to Capricorn on 12th July 2022 for the one last time and will be there in retrograde motion till 23rd Oct 2022. On 23rd Saturn will turn direct. During the entire transit Saturn will remain in Dhanishtha nakshatra. From 29th August Saturn will go to Leo navamsha. Then difficulties related to the attributes of the houses where Capricorn and Aquarius are falling can arise.

These predictions are as per your Moon signs. The impact of Sade sati, Ashtama shani, Kantak shani all these are judged from the Saturn’s transit from the Moon sign, not from your ascendant. So, if you are following Vedic astrology, it would be a good idea to get used to the sidereal Moon signs.

If you prefer to watch the video on Saturn’s retrograde move back to Capricorn, here is the link: https://youtu.be/3ZCbnoIq_7Y

To know the detail general impact of Saturn’s retrogression in Capricorn watch my July 2022 Monthly transit analysis video: https://youtu.be/eCYydSZt9A4

For Aries Saturn is moving back to your 10th house. This will be your final chance to evaluate what is working for your profession and what is not. Make an assessment; bring the required changes and move on. Be prepared to manage more work. Your responsibility will increase. 29th August onwards when Saturn goes in the Leo navamsha, you may face some difficulties related to work. Do not get into any trouble with your seniors. Otherwise loss of position can be there. Spouse’s health, mother’s health can cause worry. Maintain good relation with both. Expenses will be high. Heart related issues or a feeling of lack of mental peace can be there. Relocation is possible.

For Taurus Saturn is going back to your 9th house. This transit will bring back job opportunities for you. Your luck factor will get a boost. If you are making any long term plans, or travel, check the pros and cons carefully. However, for some of you travel even foreign travel will happen for religious reasons or for educational purposes. This will be a phase when you will not get expected returns on your investments. Father’s and siblings’ health can cause concern, or there can be differences with them too. Take care of health, do not ignore stomach issues.

Saturn will go back to the 8th house for Gemini Moon signs starting Ashtama Shani again. Take utmost care of your health. Chances of injury or accidents remain. Some professional changes will also be there for you. If you suffer from addiction, anxiety or depression related issues, this phase can bring it back for the one last time before you come out of it completely. This phase can actually bring a deep transformation in your life which will last for the next thirty years. This is a very good time for spiritual practices that involves occult or tantra. Practicing meditation will help you. Stay away from illegal financial activities, speculative investments and addictions.

Saturn is coming back to your 7th house on 12th July. This gives you relief from the current Ashtama Shani’s impact. However, when back in the 7th house, Saturn will give you the final chance to review your partnerships, personal or professional. If marital troubles or conflicts with the business partners are going on for long, this phase can bring separation. For others spouse’s health will cause concern. It would be best not to get into a new partnership during this time. Be careful of your own health too. Mother’s health can also cause worry. Work related travel can be there. If possible keep long travel after 23rd October.

Saturn is returning to your 6th house. Overall this is a good transit. This is giving you a final chance to utilise the next six months for professional progress, be it in the business or in the job. You will overcome all oppositions, all kinds of competition. However, after 29th August, you will see unwelcome changes in the professional life. Health may also create concern. You may then need to review your plans about your work and health. Enemies may become active then. Relationship with your spouse’s family will need care; alternatively they may face some difficulties. Siblings’ health can cause worry too.

Saturn is moving back to your 5th house. If you are in creative fields or in writing you may face some kind of reversal in work. Try to avoid investing in speculative schemes or in shares and stocks. Prior investments also may not give desired returns. Some issues related to your children can bother you, their education or their health, or it may also be the case that you have difference in opinion with them. If you are a student, you will need to work harder to focus on studies. Marital relation, business partnership or spouse’s health can cause worry. Romantic relations can also be difficult. Savings can erode. Take all financial decisions carefully.

Saturn is returning to your 4th house for the next six months. For you finances and property related matters will need attention. Mental anxiety related to these matters can bother you. Try to avoid court cases. You may feel emotionally a bit overwhelmed as well. Some of you may consider changing residence or even relocation can happen. There will be changes in the professional life. There can be transfers, or a change of job that will require relocation. Some of you who are residing abroad, may come back home. Mother’s health will need care. Take care of your own health too. Be extra careful of safety while travelling.

Saturn is coming back to your 3rd house. This is going to give you the final opportunity to review your plans about your initiatives, your ventures. Utilise this time to make all necessary changes because when Saturn goes direct in October and goes out of Capricorn in January 2023, there will be no chance of looking back. However, also be careful of being over-zealous or over-enthusiastic about your plans. If you are born with a retrograde Saturn in your chart and your dashas are supporting, you will get a professional boost or a new job during this time. Travel is a strong possibility. Parents’ health and if you have children, their health can cause worry. Try to curb wasteful expenses.

Saturn’s move back to your 2nd house on 12th July will bring back the third phase of Sadesati for you. It can cause restlessness in your thoughts. Family and finance related issues can bother you. In the career front you may find some of the previous issues are resurfacing. Both professionally and family-wise you will need to bear additional responsibility during this phase. Try not to be too direct in your speech. Mother’s health may need attention. Relocation can happen for some you. If you can cut down on your expenses and manage finances more prudently, this transit will bring good savings for you. Maintain cordiality with friends and close family members.

For Capricorn Moon signs this retrograde transit of Saturn will bring back the peak of Sadesati. You have experienced temporary relief since May 2022. Now you need to take care of your health and mental anxiety. The same or similar issues that were bothering you before May 2022, can resurface now. Your spouse’s health will need attention. Some of you will see change in job. It is important not to procrastinate, to avoid conflicts and rely completely on God for mitigation of any trouble. If you are a hardworking person, has been leading a life of righteousness or already on the spiritual path, you do not need to worry at all, rather you will get rewarded for your efforts.

Saturn is retrograding back to your 12th house. Aquarius Moon signs will get temporary relief from peak of Sadesati. Saturn retrograde in his own sign but in the 12th house can bring mixed results. Some of you may relocate to a foreign land or to a different state or city. People, whose profession has foreign connection, will also do well. Health wise all look good till the end of August, thereafter you need to be a bit careful. Hospitalisation cannot be ruled out as well. For spiritual people, this is a highly productive time.

Saturn is moving back to your 11th house. You are getting relief from Sadesati effects. This will bring back the prosperity and positivity in your life. Large amount of financial gains are foreseen for some of you. If a promotion or a new better job was not happening so long, it will happen now. An auspicious event can happen. Health-wise remain a bit careful. Children’s health or some issue related children can cause worry.






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