Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Saturn in the 12th house of the birth chart

12th house is the house of solitude, highest spirituality, your expenses, losses and your exit from this world. It is actually not a house that we can associate with worldly matters, prosperity and gains. As per Vedic Astrology, there are not too many great benefic results of Saturn in the 12th house. One thing for sure that Saturn in the 12th house makes you an introvert. You like to spend time alone. Here Saturn can help you if you are working in a foreign country, because 12th house also signifies foreign lands. If Saturn is well placed in the 12th house, there will be gains coming from foreign countries. The source of earning may be people who are lower than your own status or a job that pays low salary. There may be an element of confidentiality or secrecy in the work too. 12th house represents secrets as well.

If you prefer to watch the video on Saturn In teh 12th House, here is the link: https://youtu.be/HKX7gkO8KMk

You can do well in business. Saturn being the ascendant lord if placed in the 12th house, it is actually not bad because he is in his own sign of Capricorn. It can make you relocate and settle in a foreign country or in a place far from your birth place. This house has the vibrations of highest level of spirituality. Therefore Saturn here in good dignity, say exalted and Jupiter is also aspecting, can actually make you a true spiritual seeker.

Saturn being the significator of Karma and also profession, it is seen that people who have this placement, can be involved in a work in charitable institutes, in spiritual retreats or monasteries, ashrams or working in a hospital, asylum, or even in jail. Profession related to law, tannery, iron, petroleum or mines is also possible. If Saturn is not in good dignity in the 12th house, and has other malefic associations, one may land up in jail or in asylums. Having high expenditure is another feature of 12th House Saturn and this expenditure will mostly be out of compulsion and on others, on your family. You may be having high expenditure on hospital bills too. Saturn in 12th house can give eye trouble. Diseases like paralysis can also occur if this placement is further influenced by malefics.

12th house is the house of marital pleasure. There a planet like Saturn which causes detachment, can hamper closeness marital relations in a big way. Saturn here can create mental anxiety also. This can disturb your good night’ sleep. 12th house is your sub-conscious mind, the unknown territory, Saturn here can make you jittery about things that you have not experienced yet. You are not too willing to explore new things, new perspectives and new lifestyle.

When we consider Saturn’s aspects from 12th house, we see that Saturn aspects the 2nd house of wealth and family, the 6th house of disease, loans and enemies and the 9th house of tradition, father and luck.
Saturn’s 3rd aspect on the second house can create trouble with finances and family both. Your early life may not have been very comfortable. You may be speaking less, to the point and your speech may also be borderline harsh. Your eyesight may be poor, 12 and second houses represent your two eyes. You may also be interested to eat food and drinks that are not permitted by your tradition. In modern day context, how much it is relevant I am not sure, but this is what is written in the ancient texts.

12th house is the house of secret enemies and 6th house is the house of known enemies. When Saturn sits here and aspects the 6th house, your enemies are destroyed. Now this means that you will have enemies, but over time you will overcome all oppositions. You will have diseases and some of them will take long to recover from, but you will recover. Stomach problems can bother you. You may be having slow growth in job, or the job may not be of very high status. You may not enjoy good relation with your maternal uncles.

Saturn’s 10th aspect on the 9th house shows possibility of a career related to law, teaching and higher education. If you are pursuing higher education you may have to spend more time and energy to complete it, but at the same time will have a lot of determination to complete it too. You can go to foreign universities for higher education, but there may face delays or obstructions in travel as well. Here your relationship with your father can be disturbed or you may have lost your father early on. Father can also face hardships in life. The significations of the 9th house can feel like a burden to you.


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